A Companion for the Count

A Companion for the Count: A Regency Romance (Clairvoir Castle Romances Book 2) by [Sally Britton]

About the Book:

Title: A Companion for the Count
Series: Clairvoir Castle Romances Book 2
Author: Sally Britton
Publisher: Pink Citrus Books
Release Date: 
May 2, 2021
Genre: Regency Romance

Miss Emma Arlen’s position as a companion never included distracting her mistress’s suitors, but when a handsome Italian ambassador arrives determined to find an English bride, Emma happily takes up the cause.

Emma Arlen has spent a decade as a member of the duke’s family, in the position of companion to his daughter and ward to the duke himself. She would do anything to show her support to the ducal family for their love and kindness. When Lady Elinor begs Emma to distract a most determined Sicilian suitor, she agrees at once. How hard can it be to keep one man entertained for a few weeks?

Luca, the Conte di Atella, left his home in the newly formed Kingdom of the Two Sicilies under the direct orders of King Ferdinand I. Luca’s duty as ambassador to England includes everything from negotiating better trade agreements to strengthening the bonds between the two nations. If possible, by marrying a lady of high birth. When he optimistically sets his sights on Lady Elinor, Miss Arlen consistently disrupts his plans. The more time that passes, the more he realizes he does not mind at all.

Continually in the conte’s company, Emma recognizes in him a spirit of adventure and nobility like she has never witnessed before. When the time comes for him to go, will she be able to part with him and keep her heart intact?

Book Review:

The 2nd book in the Castle Clairvoir romances, A Companion for the Count is a sweet regency romance perfect for spring! Emma has grown up alongside the Duke of Montfort’s family as his ward and companion to Lady Josephine, his daughter. She is loyal to the family and loves being with them, yet feels slightly apart from them. The arrival of an Italian ambassador who she and Lady Josephine are to help welcome, brings new uncertainties to her life. 

This was so cute! J had the opportunity to read the 1st book, Mr. Gardiner and the Governess, so I was so excited for this story! Emma seemed so kind and intelligent. I was just waiting for her book! It was just as good as I hoped!  Emma is intelligent, thoughtful, and observant. I really liked her and think that I would love to have her as a friend. Luca was also very sweet. He was so serious and intentional. I loved seeing both of their perspectives, especially of each other! They both found the other so compelling. It was lovely to see them grow comfortable with one another. I thought that it was also lovely to see how they complemented each other. They were both very intelligent and educated, aware of politics. Emma was really able to help Luca with her knowledge and lightheartedness. He brought her companionship, with care and intelligent conversation. They could talk to each other and truly understand each other. Both of them had insecurities that they had to overcome in their love story. 

I also loved seeing characters from the last book and some set up for the next book! It was so cool to see life at Clairvoir from a different perspective. I thought that it was also cool to see into another country through Luca. I would definitely recommend this book to those looking for a sweet clean regency romance. It was super cute and you should definitely also read Mr. Gardiner and the Governess, the first book.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Let It Be Me

About the Book:

Let It Be Me (Misty River Romance, A Book #2) by [Becky Wade]

Title: Let It Be Me
Series: Misty River Romance, A Book #2
Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers 
Release Date: 
May 4, 2021
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

The one woman he wants is the one he cannot have.

Former foster kid Sebastian Grant has leveraged his intelligence and hard work to become a pediatric heart surgeon. But not even his career success can erase the void he’s tried so hard to fill. Then he meets high school teacher Leah Montgomery and his fast-spinning world comes to a sudden stop. He falls hard, only to make a devastating discovery–Leah is the woman his best friend set his heart on months before.

Leah’s a math prodigy who’s only ever had one big dream–to earn her PhD. Raising her little brother put that dream on hold. Now that her brother will soon be college bound, she’s not going to let anything stand in her way. Especially romance . . . which is far less dependable than algebra.

When Leah receives surprising results from the DNA test she submitted to a genealogy site, she solicits Sebastian’s help. Together, they comb through hospital records to uncover the secrets of her history. The more powerfully they’re drawn to each other, the more strongly Sebastian must resist, and the more Leah must admit that some things in life–like love–can’t be explained with numbers.

Book Review:

Oh my goodness! This book completely exceeded my expectations. I read it in about a day and I couldn’t put it down. I really shouldn’t have started it before I got something done because I didn’t get anything done. Let It Be Me is the second book in Becky Wade’s Misty River Romance series. I loved the characters and the whole book. 

Sebastian had me from the beginning, he was such a kind guy. He truly cared for the children who were brought under his care. He is a pediatric heart surgeon. I really enjoyed reading about his history and his life. I felt so bad for him and I don’t know what else to say, but I loved him. I also really enjoyed his relationship with Ben, Sebastian’s best friend, and Ben’s family. Sebastian had to learn to forgive God for his past and to see how blessed he was. 

Leah was so cool, she was a math prodigy. However, she was also down to earth. She had wanted to pursue a PhD in mathematics, but she put her dream on hold to raise her brother. I liked how she cared for her brother and her growth as a character. She tried too hard to control her life, but she had to learn that God was ultimately in control. I loved the way she thought and how direct she was. 

Leah and Sebastian were brought together when Leah receives interesting news when she was tracking her ancestry. They work together to find the answers to Leah’s past, but as they spend time together they start to fall for each other. Sebastian liked Leah from the beginning, but because of his best friend’s feelings he steps to the side. However, the more time he spends with Leah the more he falls for her. Leah wasn’t looking for love, but as Sebastian helps her she finds herself wishing for more with the handsome doctor. 

I liked the progression of Leah and Sebastian’s relationship. I didn’t feel like it was forced. And I was relatively happy with the decisions that the characters made. I wanted them to find their happy endings, but I also understood their feelings. I really enjoyed seeing Ben, Sebastian’s best friend, and his family interacting with Sebatian. Leah’s brother was also a lot of fun. 

I couldn’t put Let It Be Me down! I read it so quickly, and I would definitely recommend it! There were so many twists and turns. And it was so interesting to read about Leah’s past and the results of her tests. I can’t wait for the next book and I am so excited to see who it is about!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

About the Author:


During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins.  These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending.  She’s been a fan of all things romantic ever since.

Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas.  It was during her years abroad that Becky’s passion for reading turned into a passion for writing.  She published three historical romances for the general market, put her career on hold for many years to care for her kids, and eventually returned to writing sheerly for the love of it.  She’s delighted to be penning warm, wry, and heartwarming contemporary romances for the Christian market.  She’s the Christy and Carol award winning author of My Stubborn Heart, the Porter Family series, the Bradford Sisters series, and the Misty River Romance series.

These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, power-walking her neighborhood, carting her kids around town, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband.

Website: www.beckywade.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorbeckywade

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/beckywadewriter

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Isabelle and Alexander

About the Book:

Title: Isabelle and Alexander
Series: Proper Romance Victorian
Author: Rebecca Anderson
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Release Date: 
May 4, 2021
Genre: Historical Romance

Manchester, 1850

Isabelle Rackham knows she will not marry for love. Though arranged marriages have fallen out of fashion, hers has been settled for some time to combine the upper-middle-class wealth of her father’s coal mines with Alexander Osgood’s prospering Northern country textile mills. Though not a man prone to romantic gestures, Alexander is well-known as an eligible bachelor. His good looks have turned more than one head, so Isabelle is content to think of herself as Alexander’s wife.

However, her marriage is not what she expected. Northern England is nothing like her home farther west in the lake country. Cold, dreary, and dark, the soot from the textile mills creates a gray hue that seems to cling to everything in the city of Manchester. Alexander is distant and aloof, preferring to spend his time at the mill rather than with her at home. Their few conversations are brief, polite, and lacking any emotion, leaving Isabelle lonely and desperately homesick.

Sensing his wife’s unhappiness, Alexander suggests a trip to his country estate. Isabelle hopes this will be an opportunity to get to know her new husband without the distractions of his business. But the change of scenery doesn’t bring them any closer. While riding together on horses, Alexander is thrown from his and becomes paralyzed. Tragedy or destiny? The help and care that Alexander now needs is Isabelle’s opportunity to forge a connection and create a deep and romantic love where nothing else could.

Book Review:

This was so cute! I read the description and I knew that I wanted to read it. Isabelle and Alexander was just as good as I had hoped. Isabelle and Alexander is written by Rebecca Anderson and is published by Shadow Mountain Publishing. I read Isabelle and Alexander in one day, staying up way later then I should have. 

Isabelle and Alexander are married through an arranged marriage. Isabelle never expected to marry for love, but she is happy with the man her father has chosen for her. However, marriage isn’t what she expected it to be. Life in Northern England is not what she expected and her husband spends much of his time working at his textile mills. Seeing that Isabelle is unhappy, Alexander suggests a trip to his country estate. At the estate, Isabelle finds herself growing closer to her husband, but while riding horses together, Alexander is thrown from his and becomes paralyzed. Isabelle is now given the task of caring for her husband, but is this Isabelle’s opportunity to forge a connection and create a deep and romantic love where nothing else could?

I found Isabelle so strong and amazing. She was thrust into a situation that no one would ever want to be in. Although she and Alexander didn’t have a love match at the beginning, she still cared for help and wanted to be the best wife she could. She had to learn what it meant to be Alexander’s wife and the best way to help him as he was recovering. As she spent more time with him, she grew to love his mill just as he did. She learned that her husband was an honorable hard working man

Alexander was a bit of a piece of work. He did have a horrible accident, but I felt as if he could have been kinder to Isabelle. I would have loved to read from his perspective. However, I did like him and I felt as if he just didn’t quite know how to express his feelings. He did care for Isabelle; he just didn’t know how to tell her. Alexander had to figure out what it meant to love his wife, and how to live with the ramifications of his accident. 

This was a wonderful book that followed the love story of a couple as they figured out how to live after a horrible accident. I was intrigued from the beginning and the characters were quite fun. I really liked Mrs. Burns and Doctor Kelley, but Doctor Fredericks and Nurse Margaret got on my nerves. I would definitely recommend this book! Isabelle and Alexander is a clean Regency romance

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

The Nature of a Lady

About the Book:

The Nature of a Lady (The Secrets of the Isles Book #1) by [Roseanna M. White]

Title: The Nature of a Lady
Series: The Secrets of the Isles Book #1
Author: Roseanna M White
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers 
Release Date: 
May 4, 2021
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Lady Elizabeth “Libby” Sinclair, with her love of microscopes and nature, isn’t favored in society. She flees to the beautiful Isles of Scilly for the summer and stumbles into the dangerous secrets left behind by her holiday cottage’s former occupant, also named Elizabeth, who mysteriously vanished. 

Oliver Tremayne–gentleman and clergyman–is determined to discover what happened to his sister, and he’s happy to accept the help of the girl now living in what should have been Beth’s summer cottage . . . especially when he realizes it’s the curious young lady he met briefly two years ago, who shares his love of botany and biology. But the hunt for his sister involves far more than nature walks, and he can’t quite believe all the secrets Beth had been keeping from him.

As Libby and Oliver work together, they find ancient legends, pirate wrecks, betrayal, and the most mysterious phenomenon of all: love.

Purchase links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Christian Book | Roseanna’s Shop

Book Review:

Happy sigh, this was such a good book! I have been loving Roseanna M White’s books, and this book was no different. The Nature of a Lady is the first book in Roseanna M White’s new series The Secrets of the Isles. This was such a cute book with lovable characters. I loved the story line, and I couldn’t put it down. 

Lady Elizabeth Sincalir, Libby, didn’t fit in with society or those around her. She loved microscopes and science, and she greatly disliked going out into society. She flees to the Isles of Scilly and finds a dangerous mystery left behind by a girl named Elizabeth who mysteriously vanished. Oliver Tremayne, gentleman and clergyman, is determined to find his sister. He’s happy to accept the help of the girl who is now living in the cottage that Beth his sister lived in. As he spends time with Libby, he remembers when he first met her two years ago, a girl who loved botany and science as much as he did. But the hunt for his sister is more daunting than he could have imagined. 

I loved Libby, she was a lovely person and yet she was also on the edge of society. I think one of the reasons I liked Libby was because she was so relatable. She didn’t quite fit in and that made it hard for her. However, going to the Isles, it was like she found herself. It was super sweet to read about Libby finding her wings. She learned to find her place in life and accept herself. But she also had to learn what it meant to have a Creator who didn’t make mistakes. A Creator that loved her for who she was. 

Oliver was such a good guy, you couldn’t help but like him. He greatly cared for those around him and he felt the responsibility of leading his family well. Sigh, I just really liked him and I wanted him to be happy. It was super cute to read about him with Libby, I feel like he fell for her from the beginning. However, Oliver was also struggling with finding his place. He was looking for the person who completed him. He was weary, and Libby completed him

  Wow, the story line was amazing! I didn’t know what was going to happen or what was going on. I ended up staying up late to finish it, it was that good! Oliver and Libby were surrounded by the mystery of where Beth went and the secrets she was chasing. As they spent time together, they started to fall for each other. But will the secret’s Beth is hiding keep them apart? And will their love survive their different stations?

I loved the characters and the hints of other books! I am eagerly waiting for the next books. I need to know what happens next. But don’t worry this does have HEA. I have to say that this was another winner, I am excited to see what comes next in this series! The Nature of a Lady was a wonderful book and I would totally recommend it! The Nature of a Lady is a clean, historical romance with hints of a mystery. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

About the Author

Roseanna M. White is a bestselling, Christy Award nominated author who has long claimed that words are the air she breathes. When not writing fiction, she’s homeschooling her two kids, editing, designing book covers, and pretending her house will clean itself. Roseanna is the author of a slew of historical novels that span several continents and thousands of years. Spies and war and mayhem always seem to find their way into her books…to offset her real life, which is blessedly ordinary. You can learn more about her and her stories at www.RoseannaMWhite.com.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Website

World’s Worst Boyfriend

About the Book:

World's Worst Boyfriend: A Romantic Comedy Adventure (Fake It Book 3) by [Carina  Taylor]

Title: World’s Worst Boyfriend
Series: Fake it #3
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date:   
March 31, 2021
Genre: Clean Rom-Com

Fletcher is the “World’s Worst Boyfriend” and I have the trophy to prove it—along with the consolation gift card I’ve already spent.

Entering him into the anonymous contest was cathartic and eye opening. It’s obvious I need to end this farce of a relationship… so, I do.

Too bad I’m still comparing every man I meet to Fletcher.
Too bad I can’t get him out of my mind—or my house, for that matter, with the way he’s always stopping by to ‘fix’ something.
And it’s especially too bad that I’m learning not everything is as it seems, and that maybe, just maybe, Fletcher had a good reason for his actions. (Although, there is no justification for the moldy laundry.)

What’s a girl to do? He says he’ll explain everything soon. But am I ready to face that explanation? What if he’s really not the worst—what if I am?

Book Review:

The 3rd book in Carina Taylor’s Faking It series, The World’s Worst Boyfriend is funny, sweet, and so much fun! It is a perfect spring-time read, a light-hearted, feel-good book! Fletcher is the world’s worst boyfriend, Saidy has the trophy to prove it. Although she is tired of Fletcher’s canceling plans and vague excuses, she finds herself conflicted. Fletcher seems to be intent on winning her back, although he still seems to be hiding something. 

This was super fun! Saidy was such an entertaining character! I definitely felt bad for her as Fletcher flaked on different events on her. She had no idea what was wrong with him! However, I thought it was really cute when they were together. They enjoyed each other’s company and appreciated each other. Even though they had to learn more about one another, there were definitely some secrets that needed to be revealed, they learned to love one another as they are. 

Poor Fletcher! He had to keep his secrets to protect Saidy, but it was very strenuous on their relationship. He truly loved Saidy though, he wanted to protect her and take care of her. I thought that he was really sweet, even though he could be a bit overprotective. I loved watching the progression of Saidy’s uncovering upon Fletcher’s world.. It was funny and well-paced. I also liked seeing Saidy’s growth in learning how to decide who she allowed to influence her life. She had to examine and evaluate her relationships, instead of just listening to everything/everyone around her. 

Overall, this was a cute clean rom-com, for fans of funny feel-good books! This is probably a teens and up book, with some language and innuendos. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Hope Between the Pages


Title: Hope Between the Pages
Series: Doors to the Past
Author: Pepper Basham
Publisher: Barbour Fiction
Release Date: 
April 1st , 2021
Genre: Historical Christian

Uncover the Story Behind a One-Hundred-Year-Old Love Letter

Visit historic American landmarks through the Doors to the Past series. History and today collide in stories full of mystery, intrigue, faith, and romance.

Clara Blackwell helps her mother manage a struggling one-hundred-year old family bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina, but the discovery of a forgotten letter opens a mystery of a long-lost romance and undiscovered inheritance which could save its future. Forced to step outside of her predictable world, Clara embarks on an adventure with only the name Oliver as a hint of the man’s identity in her great-great-grandmother’s letter. From the nearby grand estate of the Vanderbilts, to a hamlet in Derbyshire, England, Clara seeks to uncover truth about family and love that may lead to her own unexpected romance.

Click here to get your copy!

Book Review:

This was such a complex book and yet I found myself drawn in immediately. I don’t usually read books of this nature with the time splits, but I found it so very interesting. I wasn’t sure how this book would turn out, but it was really good. I had heard great things about Pepper Basham’s writing, so I knew that it would be a good book. Hope Between the Pages is written by Pepper Basham and it is the third book in the multiple author series, Doors to the Past.

It was so interesting to read where the two stories in the book were interconnecting. I really liked how the book was set up. It was easy to follow, and I kept on wanting to turn the pages. Clara and Sadie were such interesting characters, their lives were connected and yet they were years apart.
Sadie was a servant girl who never expected to travel or make a difference in the world. But one surprising visitor changes everything and before she knows it her whole life has been changed. It had seemed like she had found her happiness, but life had a way of disrupting things. Clara was struggling to keep the family bookstore afloat, but when she is unable to find the deed to the bookstore, things go from bad to worse. She finds herself searching for answers regarding her great-grandmother Sadie and Sadie’s story that brought about the bookstore. 

I liked how Sadie and Clara were so similar and yet they were their own persons. They had a lot going around them and at times looked like the world was stacked against them. But they overcame, they pushed on. I really liked both Clara and Sadie’s stories, I wanted to see what would happen and I was shocked by the evil of those around them. 

This was such a great book! I would totally recommend it. It was different then I had expected and yet it was really good. I really enjoyed reading about Sadie as she tried to find her place in life and about Clara as she searched for the bookstore’s deed. I wanted them both to find their happy ending. All in all this was a wonderful book! Hope Between the Pages is a clean, Christian, historical fiction. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


About the Author

Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor with southern Appalachian flair. Both her historical and contemporary novels have garnered recognition in the Grace Awards, Inspys, and ACFW Carol Awards. Her historical romance, The Thorn Healer, was a finalist in the 2018 RT Awards. Her historical romance novels, My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge and The Red Ribbon, and her contemporary novels, the Mitchell’s Crossroads and Pleasant Gap series, showcase her Appalachian heritage, as well as her love for humor and family. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of five great kids, a speech-language pathologist to about fifty more, and a lover of chocolate, jazz, hats, and Jesus.

More from Pepper

Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King

Appalachia is known for having a high illiteracy rate. A place of beautiful scenery and rugged landscapes, the people of the mountains developed stories through oral storytelling much more than “book learning”.  As a young girl growing up in this world, I loved hearing my granny share tales from up to five generations ago, filling in the narrative gaps between a birth date and a death date on a tombstone – giving flesh and breath to the stone-etched names.

It’s no surprise then, with a heart cultivated from rich oral stories, I fell in love with reading. Books became that “portable magic” that took me places my little Appalachian community couldn’t provide. I fell in love with the Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew. Wept through the end of Bridge to Terabithia and Old Yeller. Traveled to the plains with Sarah Plain and Tall and fell in love with horses with The Black Stallion. But when I was in seventh grade, I read my very first “British” novel, The Secret Garden. In that one introduction, my world expanded into mysterious English manor houses and British classics. Before long, I’d consumed Jane Eyre, Austen’s classics, some Dickens, Dracula, Frankenstein…and the list goes on! And then…I found Tolkien and Lewis – and the ‘real’ world swelled into OTHER worlds.

I’m grateful for true stories of book-loving pioneers traveling into the world of Appalachia to provide books and literacy training to “my people”, because I know some of those books made their way to my tiny elementary school library…and not only brought me the chance to discover stories, but to write them too!

Isn’t it amazing how books can do that?

In Hope Between the Pages, I wanted to bring the same awe and discovery I felt as a child (and continue to feel as an adult reader) to the story of two people whose words had seemed small. Stories stretched their worlds, but the stories also gave them wonderful imaginations and positive perspectives. It’s still amazing to me that ink-and-paper words can make such a lasting impact on hearts and minds. They can lead us to dream, teach us new things, encourage our hearts, help us to think outside the box, swell our imaginations, broaden our horizons, and encourage our hope.

Books are not a replacement for real adventures and relationships, but they certainly provide a beautiful “door” into other lives and worlds that we may never have a chance to experience in real life. Sadie, my historical heroine, and Clara, my contemporary heroine, both have kept close to home but traveled greatly through books…and BOTH are given the opportunity to reach beyond the bindings to discover real-life adventures. I’d like to think that their love for stories helped them have the courage to step away from the page and into their own tales even more prepared than they would have been without stories.

What are some of your favorite books you read as a child? Did any of them influence you to become a more avid reader?

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Awaken (The Kingdom Chronicles Book 7) by [Camille Peters]

Title: Awaken
Series: The Kingdom Chronicles #7
Author: Camille Peters
Publisher: Rosewood Publications
Release Date:   
April 21, 2021
Genre: Fairytale Retelling

Princess Reve of Malvagaria has no idea who she truly is. Hidden away in a cottage in the mountains, she believes she’s a peasant girl named Primrose, a reality frequently challenged by confusing snippets of forgotten royal memories. For there’s a darkness inside her head, one that is slowly claiming her identity memory by memory.

Everything changes when Reve encounters a rugged hunter, a man who offers her a hopeful future despite her blank, forgotten past. However, their blossoming love soon becomes tainted not only as the curse afflicting Reve’s mind grows worse, but as she recalls memories she’d do anything to leave behind—memories of sadness, guilt, the sharp prick of a spindle…

The more of her past Reve recovers, the more she wants to forget. She soon wonders if remembering may come at too high a price, for reclaiming her stolen memories could cost her not only all she’s become, but the man she loves.

Book Review:

Wow! I am continually amazed by each book that Camille Peters writes, they keep on getting better and better! Awaken is the 7th book in Camille Peters Kingdom Chronicles series and we get to read about Princess Reve of Malvageria, Drake and Briar’s sister. The characters, the story, the adventure, it was perfect!!

Princess Reve of Malvegeria doesn’t know who she is. Her memories are gone and she truly believes that she is a peasant girl, named Primroses. But as her memories start to seep in, she learns that she is not who she thought she was. However, when she encounters a rugged hunter, he offers her a hope for a future. But Reve’s past won’t stay hidden forever, what will they do when Reve starts to remember more while losing onto the memories that she holds dear?

Reve was such a complex character. She was struggling to figure out who she was. Her memories were fighting against her. I loved Reve. She was super sweet, and I liked how she wanted to be a better person. She didn’t remember much, but she knew that she wanted to be someone who was kind. Reve had to learn to face her past and learn from the mistakes that she had made.

Okay, when I saw who the hunter was, I squealed, I was so happy! I loved Archer and I so wanted him to find his happy ending. Archer was an awesome character. He was kind of gruff and shy, but I loved him. He was jaded about those in power because of what had happened to his sister. I loved reading about Archer interacting with Reve. He was so kind and awkward. However, he needed to learn how to get over his prejudices if he wanted a hope of a future with Reve. 

Archer and Reve were super cute together! He helped her when her memories fought against her. And she helped him learn to love and helped him step out of his comfort zone. I loved the progression of their relationship and reading about them falling in love. I also enjoyed seeing the side characters, Reve’s “Aunts’ ‘ were super funny and I loved their personalities!

Awaken was simply amazing! I loved everything about it! I would definitely recommend it! Awaken is a clean fairytale retelling so I would recommend it to those 13 and up. I can not wait for the next book, please write fast!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Promises at Pyramid Rock

About the Book:

Promises at Pyramid Rock: A Sweet, Best Friends, Military Romance (Kailua Marines Book 2) by [Jess Mastorakos]

Title: Promises at Pyramid Rock
Series: Kailua Marines #2
Author: Jess Mastorakos
Release Date:  
April 28, 2021
Genre: Clean Contemporary

Will this Marine risk everything for a chance to leave the friend zone? 

John “Mac” McCarthy is secretly in love with his best friend, Ana. It all started on the playground when she kicked him down the slide because he was too scared to take the plunge. But they haven’t lived in the same town since they were kids, so it’s been easy to keep their relationship platonic. 

The only person Ana Vincent can count on is her long-distance best friend, Mac. He knows her better than anyone. When he suggests she finally get her own place instead of hunting for yet another roommate, that’s exactly what she does. And boy is he in for a surprise when he finds out where she’s bought a house. 

Mac has always told himself their physical distance was the only thing keeping him from admitting his true feelings. He doesn’t think she feels the same way.  How will he keep his secret with her right under his nose again?

Book Review:

Christmas Like This

About the Book:

Christmas Like This: A Romantic Comedy (A Love Like This Book 2) by [Carina Taylor]

Title: Christmas Lik This
Series: A Love Like This Book #2
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date: 
November 14, 2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy


I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. 
Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.
After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?
We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not.

Book Review:

Christmas Like This is a sweet, Christmas novella part of the A Love Like This series! All of these books are stand-alone, but they are all set in the same world and you get a few cameos. Christmas Like This is about Marla and Trey, Kylie’s coworkers. I try my hardest to summarize plots in my own words, but I loved Ms. Taylor’s blurb of the book. So this time I’m going to cheat and put it in my review.

I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.

After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?

We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not. 

As you can tell this is an enemy to lovers’ romance. The conflict was definitely instigated by Trey, and he had definitely had a good reason for his behavior. But I loved how when he explained to Marla he recognized that it didn’t excuse his actions. He gave his reason, but he really stepped up to apologize. Marla’s reason for her side was very heartbreaking. She had experienced a huge loss in her life, and it was sweet to watch Trey come alongside her. Even when she tried to push him away, he refused to leave her.

While Marla and Trey reconciled, they never lost that fun flirty banter! It was so funny, and I loved reading their exchanges. One of my favorite things about Ms. Taylor’s book is the humor, and I was so happy to see that element even in a novella. Even though it was a novella, I felt like the pace was really nice. I was able to connect with the characters and the romance was believable even though it was fast. And it was cute how their boss was shipping them all along. As always this is a clean romance, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a smile and a laugh.

One She Never Expected


One She Never Expected (Finding Home Book 3) by [K. Leah]

Title: One She Never Expected
Series: Finding Home #3
Author: K. Leah
Release Date:
April 22, 2021
Genre: Clean Christian Romance

Will Piper see the perfect guy when he’s standing right in front of her?

Piper is discouraged when she realizes the career she’s always wanted isn’t quite what she dreamed. She’s at a crossroads, and her future rests on what she decides to do next. There’s no room for distractions.

Nolan came home to work for his dad after his big city career took a nosedive. Now, he’s realized small town life isn’t so bad. When a quirky blonde catches his eye, he’s surprised to find the girl he once knew is all grown up. Too bad he’s the last thing on her mind.

Piper can’t see what’s right in front of her. Nolan doesn’t know how to capture her attention. Can he bridge the gap before they miss their chance?

Book Review:

This was so cute!! I loved the storyline and the characters! I was super excited to read this book. One She Never Expected is the third book in K. Leah’s Finding Home series. I loved Piper in the second book, When I Found You! She was such a fun character and I have been eagerly waiting to read about Piper’s happily ever after.

Piper has been waiting for the man who would finally win her heart, but she never seems to fall for the right one. And then Nolan comes along and manages to change everything. Nolan and Piper will have to figure how to work through their new relationship even when life gets busy. 

Piper was so much fun, and she was such an interesting character. She was smart, but she was also the youngest child and she felt it. Piper was just trying to find her place in life, she didn’t know where God was leading her and she was really struggling. However, throughout the book, she learned to trust God and go to him for guidance. It was fun to read about her maturing and falling in love with Nolan. 

Nolan was such a nice guy, I liked him from the beginning. He fell for Piper first, and he quietly pursued her. But he wasn’t creepy about it. He was also trying to find his place in life. He wanted to listen to God’s leading. He was trying to win Piper’s heart, but he was also trying to figure out what to do with his life. I liked reading about him falling in love. And I just generally liked how he was a nice guy. But when job opportunities open up for him, what will he choose?

Piper and Nolan were super cute together. He was such a steady man, he stood by Piper. I really liked how Nolan tried to make decisions with Piper, and how he went to God for help. Although life got busy, they still tried to listen to God and talk with each other. I loved the progression of their relationship and seeing their families. It was so fun to see old characters again! It was also cool to meet new characters, Elle was hilarious! 

One She Never Expected was a great book! I really enjoyed reading about Piper and Nolan. The story was super interesting and I couldn’t put the book down. I would definitely recommend it! One She Never Expected is a clean, Christian, contemporary romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.