Author Interview with Laurie Lucking – Traitor Blog Tour


Title: Traitor
Series: Tales of the Mystics #2
Author: Laurie Lucking
Publisher: Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing LLC
Release Date: 
April 27, 2021
Genre: YA Fantasy

Princess Penelope has finally found a way to redeem her past mistakes—if only it didn’t require betraying her new fiancé.
Princess Penelope has been the object of gossip and ridicule ever since she returned home in disgrace following her failed engagement to the Crown Prince of Imperia. When her father offers a new start in a country far across the sea, she has no choice but to accept. Even if it means another betrothal, this time to a total stranger.
Penelope arrives in Delunia determined to avoid bringing further shame upon her family.
But her devoted, caring fiancé makes it harder to guard her heart than she anticipated, and
rumors of dark magic haunt her with memories she’d rather keep buried far beneath her
pristine exterior.
When a poverty-stricken village outside the palace gates looks to her as their hope for a
brighter future, Penelope embraces the opportunity to make amends for her
transgressions. But in order to help, she must manipulate her new fiancé, putting her
reputation on the line once more. And her heart. Can Penelope rise above the failures of her past, or will she forever be branded a traitor?

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Riella! I so appreciate the opportunity to share a
bit about myself and Traitor. 🙂

  1. What first made you start writing?

    I’ve loved books ever since my earliest memories. My active imagination devised plots for
    every form of play, from the sandbox to American Girl dolls. I enjoyed writing stories
    (complete with dreadful illustrations!) until about mid-grade school, when sadly I let a few
    class assignments convince me I was a bad writer.
    The stories never left my head, but I didn’t bother to write anything down until much more
    recently. When I left my job as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom back in 2012, I
    desperately needed a project to occupy my mind while I spent precious but long days at
    home with my newborn. Eventually, I summoned the courage to start typing one of my
    favorite daydreamed stories, and I fell in love all over again!
  2. What genre would you categorize your books and what made you choose that?

    I would categorize my books as young adult fantasy, or to be super-specific: young adult
    Christian fairy tale fantasy. Ha, what a mouthful! I write for young adults because that’s still
    my favorite genre to read, and growing up those were the books that had the greatest
    impact on my life. As a pre-teen or teenager, if I found a book that really resonated with me
    I read it again and again, living in that storyworld as much as possible. Now I hope to
    provide that kind of home-away-from-home for my readers!
    To be honest, I didn’t originally intend to write a Christian series. But the main character in
    Common (Tales of the Mystics, Book One) had a faith element to her journey I couldn’t
    ignore, and when my worldbuilding led me to mystics who channel power from God (or the
    Luminate, as He’s called in my fantasy world), I decided to embrace it!
    As for fantasy, I love adding at least a few fantastical elements to every story. It allows me
    to stretch my creativity and makes for plots with higher stakes and less predictability. I use
    fairy tales as my primary inspiration because they’re so timeless and beloved, and it’s so
    fun to see how putting new twists on a familiar tale can add layers of meaning and
    complexity. Plus, fairy tales lend themselves so well to clean romance with happily-ever-
    after endings!
  3. What are some of your steps to creating a fictional world?

    I don’t spend much time worldbuilding before I start writing, so my fictional worlds come
    into being organically as the stories fall into place. Usually I just add new countries,
    traditions, historical events, etc. as they’re needed while I’m writing, then go back and tighten the elements of my storyworld while editing. But I definitely have a strong sense for the feel of my setting before I get started! For Common, I envisioned a medieval-esque fairy tale kingdom with prim manners and tight social constraints that the main characters would have to work around. Traitor starts out there as well, but then I had fun creating a contrasting country for Princess Penelope’s new home filled with vibrancy and commotion that challenged her to grow beyond her comfort zone.
  4. How did you choose the title Traitor?

    I have to give my editor credit for that one! I originally had a different story planned for Book Two (which will now be Book Three instead!), but my editor suggested I write a book centering on Princess Penelope since the epilogue of Common hints at her journey to a faraway country for a new engagement. She proposed the title Traitor, and I loved it! Each title in my series is one word that describes a misconception the main character has about herself. So Traitor not only has an intriguing ring to it, but it also encapsulates Princess Penelope’s inner struggle as she strives to redeem her past mistakes while stumbling along the way.
  5. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

    The hardest part of writing Traitor was finding the creative energy to move forward during some challenging life situations. Writing provides such an exciting outlet when I’m caught up in my fantasy world and the lives of my characters, but I find it very draining. Shortly after Common released, our family experienced a loss that sent me reeling for months. For a while it was hard to imagine ever pouring myself into a story again when my heart felt so broken and my mind so numb. Then I became pregnant with our third child, and I was overjoyed but exhausted in an entirely different way. It took a lot of strength and prayer to rebuild to a point where I could funnel energy and passion back into my writing.
  6. Was it easier or harder to write this book as opposed to the 1st one?

    They were each challenging in their own ways! Common practically wrote itself at times because I was so engaged in the story and characters and had more downtime to write. But because I was still so new to the craft, it needed tons of rewrites and edits at every step along the way. Traitor’s first draft was much harder to complete since I didn’t feel as close to the story at the beginning and didn’t have as many aspects of the plot fleshed out in my mind. But although I still have a lot to learn, thankfully the editing for Traitor was much more straightforward and my later drafts didn’t need nearly as many revisions!
  7. Did you always plan to write Penelope’s story?

    I didn’t! As I mentioned above, I originally planned to write a different story, tentatively titled Scarred, as the second book in my Tales of the Mystics series. The idea for Traitor was inspired by my editor, and I’ll admit my first inclination was to dismiss it. Scarred was already halfway written, and I wasn’t sure I could connect enough with Penelope to write an entire book about her. But the idea stuck with me, and soon I had the outline of a plot. I’m grateful for my editor’s brilliant idea and that I took the time to pursue it for so many reasons. Princess Penelope’s story had so much for me to learn, as both a writer and as a flawed person longing for forgiveness and redemption. And this addition to the series balances the rest of the books out really well, adding a layer of depth I couldn’t have achieved if I’d jumped straight into the next story. Now I’m working on completing Scarred as Tales of the Mystics, Book Three!
  8. Which was your favorite character? Is it the one you most related to?

    Interestingly, my favorite character in Traitor is probably the one who’s the least like me! Princess Dionne, the younger sister of Penelope’s new fiancé, took me by surprise as I was writing because I expected her to be a very minor character. But her bluntness and sense of humor made me curious to explore her personality more, and I enjoyed giving her opportunities to interact with Penelope both as a friend and as someone who wasn’t afraid to voice harsh truths. I think the fact that I’m her opposite—a shy peacemaker—is what made her my favorite character, because I got to explore what it would be like to react to situations so differently than what I’m used to with only fictional consequences. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy Princess Dionne and the rest of the cast of Traitor! I’m so grateful to my readers for sticking with me during this long writing process—I did my best to make the story worth the wait! Thanks again for inviting me to visit today!


Laurie Lucking loves hoarding books, singing at the top of her lungs, playing games that
don’t involve too much strategy, and spending time with her husband and three energetic
kids. A recovering attorney, she now spends her days as a stay-at-home mom and has
discovered writing young adult romantic fantasy is way more fun than drafting contracts.
Her fairy tale–inspired stories combine the excitement of discovering new worlds with the
timeless enchantment of falling in love. Find out more about Laurie and her writing
adventures at


Awaken (The Kingdom Chronicles Book 7) by [Camille Peters]

Title: Awaken
Series: The Kingdom Chronicles #7
Author: Camille Peters
Publisher: Rosewood Publications
Release Date:   
April 21, 2021
Genre: Fairytale Retelling

Princess Reve of Malvagaria has no idea who she truly is. Hidden away in a cottage in the mountains, she believes she’s a peasant girl named Primrose, a reality frequently challenged by confusing snippets of forgotten royal memories. For there’s a darkness inside her head, one that is slowly claiming her identity memory by memory.

Everything changes when Reve encounters a rugged hunter, a man who offers her a hopeful future despite her blank, forgotten past. However, their blossoming love soon becomes tainted not only as the curse afflicting Reve’s mind grows worse, but as she recalls memories she’d do anything to leave behind—memories of sadness, guilt, the sharp prick of a spindle…

The more of her past Reve recovers, the more she wants to forget. She soon wonders if remembering may come at too high a price, for reclaiming her stolen memories could cost her not only all she’s become, but the man she loves.

Book Review:

Wow! I am continually amazed by each book that Camille Peters writes, they keep on getting better and better! Awaken is the 7th book in Camille Peters Kingdom Chronicles series and we get to read about Princess Reve of Malvageria, Drake and Briar’s sister. The characters, the story, the adventure, it was perfect!!

Princess Reve of Malvegeria doesn’t know who she is. Her memories are gone and she truly believes that she is a peasant girl, named Primroses. But as her memories start to seep in, she learns that she is not who she thought she was. However, when she encounters a rugged hunter, he offers her a hope for a future. But Reve’s past won’t stay hidden forever, what will they do when Reve starts to remember more while losing onto the memories that she holds dear?

Reve was such a complex character. She was struggling to figure out who she was. Her memories were fighting against her. I loved Reve. She was super sweet, and I liked how she wanted to be a better person. She didn’t remember much, but she knew that she wanted to be someone who was kind. Reve had to learn to face her past and learn from the mistakes that she had made.

Okay, when I saw who the hunter was, I squealed, I was so happy! I loved Archer and I so wanted him to find his happy ending. Archer was an awesome character. He was kind of gruff and shy, but I loved him. He was jaded about those in power because of what had happened to his sister. I loved reading about Archer interacting with Reve. He was so kind and awkward. However, he needed to learn how to get over his prejudices if he wanted a hope of a future with Reve. 

Archer and Reve were super cute together! He helped her when her memories fought against her. And she helped him learn to love and helped him step out of his comfort zone. I loved the progression of their relationship and reading about them falling in love. I also enjoyed seeing the side characters, Reve’s “Aunts’ ‘ were super funny and I loved their personalities!

Awaken was simply amazing! I loved everything about it! I would definitely recommend it! Awaken is a clean fairytale retelling so I would recommend it to those 13 and up. I can not wait for the next book, please write fast!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Promises at Pyramid Rock

About the Book:

Promises at Pyramid Rock: A Sweet, Best Friends, Military Romance (Kailua Marines Book 2) by [Jess Mastorakos]

Title: Promises at Pyramid Rock
Series: Kailua Marines #2
Author: Jess Mastorakos
Release Date:  
April 28, 2021
Genre: Clean Contemporary

Will this Marine risk everything for a chance to leave the friend zone? 

John “Mac” McCarthy is secretly in love with his best friend, Ana. It all started on the playground when she kicked him down the slide because he was too scared to take the plunge. But they haven’t lived in the same town since they were kids, so it’s been easy to keep their relationship platonic. 

The only person Ana Vincent can count on is her long-distance best friend, Mac. He knows her better than anyone. When he suggests she finally get her own place instead of hunting for yet another roommate, that’s exactly what she does. And boy is he in for a surprise when he finds out where she’s bought a house. 

Mac has always told himself their physical distance was the only thing keeping him from admitting his true feelings. He doesn’t think she feels the same way.  How will he keep his secret with her right under his nose again?

Book Review:

Christmas Like This

About the Book:

Christmas Like This: A Romantic Comedy (A Love Like This Book 2) by [Carina Taylor]

Title: Christmas Lik This
Series: A Love Like This Book #2
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date: 
November 14, 2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy


I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. 
Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.
After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?
We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not.

Book Review:

Christmas Like This is a sweet, Christmas novella part of the A Love Like This series! All of these books are stand-alone, but they are all set in the same world and you get a few cameos. Christmas Like This is about Marla and Trey, Kylie’s coworkers. I try my hardest to summarize plots in my own words, but I loved Ms. Taylor’s blurb of the book. So this time I’m going to cheat and put it in my review.

I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.

After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?

We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not. 

As you can tell this is an enemy to lovers’ romance. The conflict was definitely instigated by Trey, and he had definitely had a good reason for his behavior. But I loved how when he explained to Marla he recognized that it didn’t excuse his actions. He gave his reason, but he really stepped up to apologize. Marla’s reason for her side was very heartbreaking. She had experienced a huge loss in her life, and it was sweet to watch Trey come alongside her. Even when she tried to push him away, he refused to leave her.

While Marla and Trey reconciled, they never lost that fun flirty banter! It was so funny, and I loved reading their exchanges. One of my favorite things about Ms. Taylor’s book is the humor, and I was so happy to see that element even in a novella. Even though it was a novella, I felt like the pace was really nice. I was able to connect with the characters and the romance was believable even though it was fast. And it was cute how their boss was shipping them all along. As always this is a clean romance, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a smile and a laugh.

One She Never Expected


One She Never Expected (Finding Home Book 3) by [K. Leah]

Title: One She Never Expected
Series: Finding Home #3
Author: K. Leah
Release Date:
April 22, 2021
Genre: Clean Christian Romance

Will Piper see the perfect guy when he’s standing right in front of her?

Piper is discouraged when she realizes the career she’s always wanted isn’t quite what she dreamed. She’s at a crossroads, and her future rests on what she decides to do next. There’s no room for distractions.

Nolan came home to work for his dad after his big city career took a nosedive. Now, he’s realized small town life isn’t so bad. When a quirky blonde catches his eye, he’s surprised to find the girl he once knew is all grown up. Too bad he’s the last thing on her mind.

Piper can’t see what’s right in front of her. Nolan doesn’t know how to capture her attention. Can he bridge the gap before they miss their chance?

Book Review:

This was so cute!! I loved the storyline and the characters! I was super excited to read this book. One She Never Expected is the third book in K. Leah’s Finding Home series. I loved Piper in the second book, When I Found You! She was such a fun character and I have been eagerly waiting to read about Piper’s happily ever after.

Piper has been waiting for the man who would finally win her heart, but she never seems to fall for the right one. And then Nolan comes along and manages to change everything. Nolan and Piper will have to figure how to work through their new relationship even when life gets busy. 

Piper was so much fun, and she was such an interesting character. She was smart, but she was also the youngest child and she felt it. Piper was just trying to find her place in life, she didn’t know where God was leading her and she was really struggling. However, throughout the book, she learned to trust God and go to him for guidance. It was fun to read about her maturing and falling in love with Nolan. 

Nolan was such a nice guy, I liked him from the beginning. He fell for Piper first, and he quietly pursued her. But he wasn’t creepy about it. He was also trying to find his place in life. He wanted to listen to God’s leading. He was trying to win Piper’s heart, but he was also trying to figure out what to do with his life. I liked reading about him falling in love. And I just generally liked how he was a nice guy. But when job opportunities open up for him, what will he choose?

Piper and Nolan were super cute together. He was such a steady man, he stood by Piper. I really liked how Nolan tried to make decisions with Piper, and how he went to God for help. Although life got busy, they still tried to listen to God and talk with each other. I loved the progression of their relationship and seeing their families. It was so fun to see old characters again! It was also cool to meet new characters, Elle was hilarious! 

One She Never Expected was a great book! I really enjoyed reading about Piper and Nolan. The story was super interesting and I couldn’t put the book down. I would definitely recommend it! One She Never Expected is a clean, Christian, contemporary romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Matchmaker’s Best Friend

About the Book:

Matchmaker's Best Friend: Elnora Island (Independence Islands Book 9) by [Kari Trumbo]

Title: Matchmaker’s Best Friend
Series: Independence Islands Book #9
Author: Kari Trumbo
Publisher: Celebrate Lit Publishing 
Release Date: 
March 30, 2021
Genre: Clean Contemporary Christian Romance

“You’re just like a brother to me. I don’t like you in that way.”

When they dated ten years ago as teens, it almost destroyed their friendship. So Pen Reese did the only logical thing.  She lied about how she felt—and still feels—about him.

She’s still paying for that lie.

A brilliant plan to set Mike and a friend up and get over him has one problem.

It’s breaking her heart.

When Pen pushed him away, Mike Gaines assumed she just didn’t understand his faith. People like her persnickety aunt even claim he’s part of a cult—ridiculous, but it’s true. Still, if she wants him to play the part of a big brother, fine. At least he can stay close this way.

At first, Pen’s attempt to set him up with one of her close friends hurts. But what if it’s the perfect opportunity to show her what she’s missing if she sees him with someone else?

In this friends-to-more-meets-second-chance romance, The Matchmaker’s Best Friend continues the Elnora Island romances of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.
The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Click here to get your copy!

Book Review:

This was a sweet and cute book! I read it in one day. Matchmaker’s Best Friend is the 9th book in the multiple author series, Independence Islands. Pen Reese and Mike Gaines were best friends who were both on the verge on wanting more. However their relationship hits a bump when Pen tries to set up Mike with one of her friends. Will their relationship survive? Will it be able to grow to something more?

I really liked Pen and Mike. They were such sweet friends, there were times where I wanted to shake them though because they were tiptoeing around each other and their feelings. I enjoyed reading about them realizing their feelings for each other, it was also fun to read about their relationship. They were such good friends, and it was a miracle that they hadn’t realized how much they meant to each other before. 

I liked the progression of the story, it felt a little fast but I think it worked well because they had been friends for so long. Pen and Mike were already in love with each other, they just needed the push to finally take the leap. I did feel bad for Jen though because Pen had been trying to push her and Mike together. I am really excited to read Jen’s books!

I think that this is a great book! It was a cute and fast read, I would recommend it to those 13 and up. Matchmaker’s Best Friend is a clean, contemporary Christian romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

About the Author

Where western meets happily ever after.

Kari writes swoony heroes and places that become characters with detail and heart.
Her favorite place to write about is the place her heart lives, (even if she doesn’t) South Dakota.

Kari loves reading, listening to contemporary Christian music, singing when no one’s listening, and curling up near the wood stove when winter hits. She makes her home in central Minnesota, land of frigid toes and mosquitoes the size of compact cars, with her husband of over twenty years. They have two daughters, two sons, one cat, and one hungry wood stove.

More from Kari

Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Especially in sparkly, stacked espadrilles and pink power suit. Don’t let Pen Reese’s pink façade fool you, she’s a businesswoman to the core, with a heart of gold. She has built a party planning business from the ground up, and she’s about to create another.

Pen is one of those characters that I could just see CLEARLY as I was writing. She is about ninety percent Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and ten percent a close personal friend. I heard her voice in my head. I could hear her talking as I wrote the book. Her personality was perfect for the energetic party planner.

I’m sure if I put a character description up without context or clarity many people wouldn’t want to read the book, they would write Pen off as shallow. But she’s not. She’s heartbroken.

Do you still remember your first love? Maybe you still care for them? Pen fell hard for her first love and no matter how professional she is or how many lavish weddings she plans, she can’t forget the one wedding she’ll never get to create. Her own.

Pen things that if Mike falls for someone else, goes off and gets married, she’ll finally be able to move on. So, she sets a plan in motion. That’s when her world completely falls apart and you see the tender parts of Pen that she doesn’t show to just anybody.

She is a very complex character and I hope she touches you like she touched me.

I hope you enjoy Pen’s tale of matchmaking gone wrong.

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To celebrate her tour, Kari is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

Keeping the Cowboy

Keeping the Cowboy: A Contemporary Christian Romance (Blackwater Ranch Book 5) by [Mandi Blake]

Title: Keeping the Cowboy
Series: Blackwater Ranch #5
Author: Mandi Blake
Release Date: 
April 17, 2021
Genre: Clean Christian Romance

When her dreams become a reality, will she be able to leave the family she’s come to love?

Jade Smith has always dreamed of teaching abroad. While she waits for her chance, she takes a nannying position at Blackwater Ranch. It’s supposed to be temporary, but she soon learns that this devoted single dad and his boisterous five-year-old won’t be easy to leave when the time comes.

Aaron Harding was wrecked when his ex bailed on him and their son, leaving him to raise Levi alone. He’s in no hurry for either of them to fall in love again. It just isn’t worth the risk. But as he watches the way Jade cares for his son, he starts to wonder if a happy, two-parent family is finally within their reach.

When the opportunity of a lifetime leaves Jade with an impossible decision to make, will she choose to follow the dreams of her past or to make this man and his son her future?

Keeping the Cowboy is the fifth book in the Blackwater Ranch series, but the books can be read in any order. 

Book Review:

I am loving the whole Blackwater Ranch series, and I was super excited to read Keeping the Cowboy! Aaron deserved his happy ending, and it was super sweet to read about Levi. Aaron was the first son married, and yet he was the son who was all alone. He was trying to raise his son as best as he could, and so he decided to hire a nanny/teacher for his son so that Levi could thrive. Jade came to Blackwater ranch expecting to teach Levi, but not expecting to fall in love. However, what will she do when her dream job calls, will she go or will she stay?

Aaron was struggling. He was trying to care for his son as best he knew, but he felt overwhelmed. I really liked Aaron and it was fun to get to know more about him. He was such a sweet guy. He truly cared for his family and his son, Levi. He had troubles trusting that Jade would stay, but he learned to lean on God. Jade was not his ex wife, and he needed to learn to remember that and not let his past define him. 

Jade was also a sweet character, and she sounded like such a fun teacher! I liked how she connected with Levi from the beginning, and how she fell in love with Aaron. She had been searching for something her whole life, and she was struggling to find the path that God wanted her to walk. She had to learn to trust God’s leading and what it meant to love someone. 

I really liked how Jade and Aaron balanced each other out. I also loved reading about them with Levi. I could tell that they loved and cared for Levi. However, they had to learn to trust each other as they built their new relationship. I enjoyed reading about their relationship. They really balanced each other. Jade was book smart while Aaron was more hands on. And where Aaron was steady, Jade was more energetic. This book was super sweet, and it didn’t feel rushed. Levi was super fun and it was adorable to read more about him. 

Keeping the Cowboy was a great book! I really like seeing the family aspects of this book, and getting to see old characters. I would definitely recommend it and I am super excited for Hunter’s book! Keeping the Cowboy is a clean, sweet Christian book.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

About the Book:

Title: Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History 
Series: Little Leaders #1
Author: Vashti Harrison
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Illustrated edition
Release Date: 
December 5, 2017
Genre: Children’s American History

An important book for all ages, Little Leaders educates and inspires as it relates true stories of forty trailblazing black women in American history. Illuminating text paired with irresistible illustrations bring to life both iconic and lesser-known female figures of Black history such as abolitionist Sojourner Truth, pilot Bessie Coleman, chemist Alice Ball, politician Shirley Chisholm, mathematician Katherine Johnson, poet Maya Angelou, and filmmaker Julie Dash.

Book Review:

An adorable book that tells the stories of some amazing women in Black history, Little Leaders is perfect for all readers looking to learn a little in a fun format. I always love finding books with beautiful illustrations and Ms. Harrison has some amazing ones! She combines them with short biographies highlighting some of their achievements in simple language that allows even children to clearly understand.

I appreciated how Ms. Harrison found such a diverse group. There were some more known figures and others who I had never heard of.. There were ladies from fields of art, science, literature, and athletics. They are from the far past to the present. Yet, all are inspiring and they are women to admire. Her artwork is also so cute! I love the attention to detail she put into each one, considering their history and story to incorporate.

This is definitely a great book for any child’s library! The biographies are probably about a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level, but can be read to and explained to anyone! I would definitely suggest getting it in hardback or paperback, it is just not the same in e-book format!

Until Vienna


Until Vienna by [Heather B. Moore]

Title: Until Vienna
Series: Romance on the Orient Express #3
Author: Heather B. Moore
Publisher: Covenant Communications 
Release Date: 
April 1, 2021
Genre: Historical Romance

Georgina Ballard has been disappointed in love more than a few times, a fact that she is uncomfortably aware of amid her sister’s wedding preparations. When her elderly aunt Rowena bids Gigi to accompany her on an art tour across Europe, Gigi hesitates but eventually resigns herself to the train journey alongside a group of aged art connoisseurs, if only to mollify her aunt.

Once aboard the Orient Express, Gigi is pleased to discover that not everyone on the tour is in their twilight years: Clyde Haskins, an energetic young art professor from the University of London, will serve as the group’s tour guide. Clyde is equally intrigued that a young lady has joined the tour, and Aunt Rowena and her friends immediately set out to play matchmaker. Clyde and Gigi both find humor in Aunt Rowena’s antics despite knowing that each is determined to keep their heart carefully guarded. Yet, the enchantment of their European exploration weaves an undeniable spell between them. When their journey ends, can their holiday love story endure the obstacles of real life?

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Book Review:

I have been really enjoying the series from Covenant communications and this book was no different. Until Vienna is the third book in Romance on the Orient Express series. It is so cool how different authors are writing different books and to see the parallels that hold the story together and yet the differences. 

I liked Gigi and Clyde from the beginning. They were so much fun and I liked how they became friends first. They had a sweet relationship and I really enjoyed reading about their love for each other grow. Gigi had wanted to get married before, but failed relationships have made her realize the fact that she is not meant to marry. 

Gigi’s aunt and her friends were hilarious! I loved them and their relationship, they were kind of shameless but so sweet. Gigi and Clyde were pushed together by Gigi’s Aunt while on the Orient Express but when Gigi and her Aunt are forced to leave early will their relationship still grow? Gigi cared for her Aunt and I loved how she was willing to sacrifice in order to care for her Aunt. 

I would definitely recommend this sweet, clean romance! I loved the characters and the story line. There were parts where I wanted to shake Gigi, but she grew on me. Until Vienna was a great addition to the series and I can’t wait for the next book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.


Neighbors Like That


Neighbors Like That: A Romantic Comedy (A Love Like This Book 1) by [Carina Taylor]

Title: Neighbors Like That
Series: A Love Like This Book #1
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date: 
September 30, 2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy


He started our war–I intend to finish it.

Buying a house in the suburbs was supposed to be low stress: my own little haven to decorate and landscape exactly how I want. Instead I find myself locking my garbage can to keep pests out–pests that are six-foot-one, green-eyed, and far too good looking.
My trespassing neighbor is rude and entitled. It isn’t long before war is declared and I find myself stooping to immature pranks.
When trouble lands at my door, my unlikely neighbor starts knocking on my heart. Was I ready to answer?


I will win no matter what it takes.

I moved to this neighborhood for a fresh start. The one thing I’m not looking for is a relationship, so when I mistakenly assume my neighbor is hitting on me, I lash out at her.
I didn’t mean to start the war, but now she taunts me from across the street. Our harmless pranks have become the highlight of my day. I should stay away–but I can’t. I want to spend more time with her.
When a stalker begins sending Kylie a series of notes, I’m only too willing to help protect her.
Maybe I’m looking for a relationship after all.

Book Review:

If you’re looking for a funny, romantic, and clean romance, then you will love Neighbors Like That. I am always looking for clean romance, but a lot of them are very serious. That’s why I love to find clean romantic comedies, and Neighbors Like That perfectly satisfied my itch. It is the first one in the A Love Like This series, and it tells the story of Kylie and Hagen.

Kylie is normally a very sweet and non confrontational person, but Hagen manages to push all of her buttons. Not only does he insult her when she tries to do the neighborly thing and bring him cookies, but he’s also rude and entitled. Their prank war starts before she even realizes it. Hagen did not mean to offend his pretty neighbor, but he lashes out when she thinks that he’s hitting on her. Their harmless pranks are the highlight of his day, but everything changes when he realizes that a stalker is after her. Hagen’s determined to protect her even if she doesn’t always want his help.

Hagen is such a sweet character, and he does not at all want a relationship for very good reasons. He’s just broken up with a very manipulative ex, and he doesn’t have the time or the energy to be in a relationship. And while he loved pranking Kylie, he never took it too far. He’s also one hundred percent willing to help Kylie when she needs him. 

Kylie was also such a sweetheart. She had some trouble standing up for herself, but she also had a lot of crazy in her. And that definitely came out in her prank wars. The crazy is definitely hereditary which you get to see when you meet the rest of her cousins. They are hilarious, and I love all of the insane antics they get into. This book is also very clean in the romance and the violence section. But, there is a stalker storyline which is a little different from the normal lighthearted rom coms. Otherwise though it is super clean and a very funny and romantic read.