A Study in Charlotte

About the Book:

Title: A Study in Charlotte
Author: Brittany Cavallaro
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date:
January 3, 2017
Genre: YA Mystery

The first book in a witty, suspenseful new series about a brilliant new crime-solving duo: the teen descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This clever page-turner will appeal to fans of Maureen Johnson and Ally Carter.

Jamie Watson has always been intrigued by Charlotte Holmes; after all, their great-great-great-grandfathers are one of the most infamous pairs in history. But the Holmes family has always been odd, and Charlotte is no exception. She’s inherited Sherlock’s volatility and some of his vices—and when Jamie and Charlotte end up at the same Connecticut boarding school, Charlotte makes it clear she’s not looking for friends.

But when a student they both have a history with dies under suspicious circumstances, ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance. Danger is mounting and nowhere is safe—and the only people they can trust are each other.

Book Review:

An exciting and compelling twist on the tales of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Jamie Watson has just started in England and he is intrigued by Charlotte Holmes. He has grown up hearing the stories of their ancestors and can not help wondering about Charlotte whose brilliance is matched by her inscrutableness. However, when a murder occurs with Jamie and Charlotte right in the middle of it, they are thrown into the chase. As they search for clues and dive into the mystery, there are more secrets than anyone realizes. 

I really enjoyed this book! Jamie was the narrator, like in the original Holmes books. He is a great narrator and it is cool to see everything through his eyes. However, there were times that he could start thinking less with his head and more with his emotions. In many ways, he was the heart of the story. Charlotte was very analytical. She had been taught, essentially from birth, how to deduce, uncover, and manipulate. She had been taught to be a Holmes. She knew how to fake almost anything and hid so much. It was so cool to see their contrast and their friendship grow.

The mystery was so surprising too! I had no idea what was going to happen or how everything would work out until the reveal. I do not normally read mystery, but I really enjoyed this one! This book is a YA novel and it definitely has some parts that are meant for older teens. There is language, discussions around rape, drugs, and some violence. I would personally suggest this book to older teens, 16 and up.

The Promised Prince


The Promised Prince: A YA Dystopian Romance by [Kortney Keisel]

Title: The Promised Prince
Kortney Keisel
Release Date:
January 12, 2021
Genre: YA Dystopian Fiction

Perfect for fans of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Be swept into a world of political intrigue, forbidden love, and royal romance.

He’s promised to another. She’s promised to forget him.

Eighteen-year-old Renna Degray is hopeful about love and her future after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger. Until she discovers who the mysterious man is—the Prince of Albion, betrothed to Renna’s stepsister. Now Renna must try to keep her feelings for the prince in check. But he’s not making it easy. The prince is charming, funny, and impossible not to fall for.  

Trev has no room for mistakes. He must marry the princess of New Hope and secure the marriage alliance along with his future as king. The safety of his kingdom depends on it. Duty and honor never bothered Trev before, but love has a way of changing everything.

In this post-Desolation world, the Council of Essentials controls everything, including the prince. Is love more than a negotiation?

Is love essential?

Book Review:

Wow! This book was amazing, and breathtaking. The Promised Prince is Kortney Keisel’s debut novel and it was simply stunning! The cover is beautiful and I adored the characters. Renna Degray is hopeful about love and the future after she encounters a handsome stranger, but then she discovers that the handsome stranger is none other than the Prince of Albion, betrothed to Renna’s stepsister. Trev has no room for mistakes, he must marry the princess of New Hope. His kingdom depends on him, but love has a way of changing things. 

The Promised Prince was a lovely book! Renna was such a fun main character and I loved her quirks. She was kind and sweet, she didn’t let others tell her what to do. I really liked reading about her and her fun adventures. She was herself and she strove to be that way no matter what. I thought that it was really nice how Seran, her stepsister and Renna got along and how they still cared for each other. 

Trev was such a sweetheart, he was kind and he really cared for his people. I thought that he was so honorable. I found his relationship with Drake sweet and funny. They were like brothers and I really enjoyed reading about them together. I liked Trev a lot, he was just trying his best and I felt so bad for him as he tried to make the right decisions. 

I loved the characters, they felt real. I really liked Drake, Trev’s bodyguard. He was a great character. It was so sweet to read about Renna and Trev as they tried to do the right thing and care for the people around them. This was such a thrilling book, I wanted Renna and Trev to end up together but I didn’t know how it would happen. Trev and Renna had to figure out how to work past the expectations of others. They also had to figure out if they were willing to risk everything to be together. The ending was amazing. I know that I keep on saying amazing, but this book was just incredible. 

It took me a little while to get into it, but once I started reading I was hooked. The Promised Prince was an incredible debut novel and I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Keisel writes.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Georgana’s Secret

About the Book:

Title: Georgana’s Secret
Author: Arlem Hawks
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Release Date:
January 12, 2021
Genre: Clean and Wholesome Romance


A Regency romance on the high seas. Two hearts yearning to find a safe harbor, and possibly, a lasting love.

As a young girl, Georgana Woodall dreamed of beautiful dresses, fancy balls, and falling in love. However, when her mother dies, she cannot face a future under the guardianship of her abusive grandmother and instead chooses to join her father on his ship disguised as his cabin boy, “George.”

Lieutenant Dominic Peyton has no time in his life for love, not with his dedication to His Majesty’s Royal Navy claiming his full attention. While trying to adjust to a new crew, he strives to be an exemplary officer and leader. When he sees the captain’s cabin boy being harassed by the crew, he immediately puts a stop to it and takes the “boy” under his wing. After discovering a number of clues, Dominic deduces that George is really a woman. Knowing that revealing the cabin boy’s secret would put her in serious danger from the rowdy crew, Dominic keeps silent and hides his growing affection for her.

Georgana is quickly losing her heart to Dominic’s compassion and care but is convinced nothing can come of her affection. She cannot continue to live her life on the sea, and having already missed too many seasons in London, her chances of being welcomed back into polite society and finding a suitable husband are quickly slipping away.

Georgana’s Secret is about two hearts yearning to find a safe harbor, and possibly, a lasting love.

Book Review:

This was a great book! It had a daring hero and an amazing heroine. Georgana’s Secret is the first book I have read written by Arlem Hawke and I am so glad that I took the chance on it. I had seen it on social media and I knew I had to read it! (Side note: I love the cover!)

Georgana’s Secret is about Georgana Woodall as she hides on her father’s naval ship pretending to be a boy, George Taylor. All Georgana wants is freedom, freedom from her past and her secret. Lieutenant Dominic Peyton is married to the Navy, he loves his job and he is determined to prove himself to his new captain. Along the way, he meets the captain’s cabin boy and he takes the boy under his wing, little does he know that the captain’s cabin boy is none other than Georgana, a girl disguised as a boy. 

I liked Georgana, but I also felt bad for her. She was trying to be content in the world that she was living in, but it was hard. She wanted more than to pretend to be a boy, but she also knew that returning home would make things hard. Georgang was so strong, she took the teasing and harassment from other crew without complaining. I also liked how kind she was even to those who are unkind to her. I adored reading about her relationship with Dominic, he was so kind.

Dominic was a great hero! He was a lovely character and I really liked him. He was someone who worked hard, but he also treated others with respect. He was a sweet character who loved his mom and was willing to sacrifice things for her. I loved reading about him as he started to fall for Georgana (once he knew she was a girl). It was really cute!

This book was enchanting, I could not put it down. It was such a great book! I really enjoyed it! The story was riveting and I didn’t know how it was going to end. Georgana and Dominic were at different places in their life and there was the matter with Georgagn’s dad being the captain. Dominic loved the navy, while Georgana couldn’t wait to get back on land. I didn’t know how they were going to end up together. 

 I am now hooked on Ms. Hawks books, I can’t wait to read more of what she has written. You need to read Georgana’s Secret, I would definitely recommend it! I loved the characters. I give this book five stars!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

The Thief of Blackfriars Lane


The Thief of Blackfriars Lane by [Michelle Griep]

Title: The Thief of Blackfriars Lane
Author: Michelle Griep
Publisher: Barbour Books
Release Date:
January 1, 2021
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

There’s Often a Fine Line Between a Criminal and a Saint
Constable Jackson Forge intends to make the world safer, or at least the streets of Victorian London. But that’s Kit Turner’s domain, a swindler who runs a crew that acquires money the old-fashioned way—conning the rich to give to the poor. When a local cab driver goes missing, Jackson is tasked with finding the man, and the only way to do that is by enlisting Kit’s help. If Jackson doesn’t find the cabby, he’ll be fired. If Kit doesn’t help Jackson, he’ll arrest her for thievery. Yet neither of them realize those are the least of their problems.

Book Review:

The Thief at Blackfriars Lane was such a fun book. It’s about a rookie constable and a swindler that have to learn to work together to solve a missing persons case, and it’s set in 1800s London! Jackson Forge is a new constable who has a lot to prove. He is desperate to prove himself and save London from the criminals threatening it. And maybe to help redeem his own past. Kit Turner is not a thief, but no matter what she says no one will believe that. She’s learned to not trust anyone, not Jackson and especially not God. When they are thrown together, to help solve a missing person cases sparks fly. But they will have to work together if they want to solve and get out of this case alive.

This is actually my first book by Ms. Griep, and I really enjoyed the action packed and romantic tale. There were so many twists and turns, and the mystery just kept up until the very end of the book. The depictions of them going into the darker parts of London were exciting and exhilarating without being too scary. And there was another very important shock at the end of the book that I did not expect at all!

Additionally, the slow burn romance and friendship were adorable. Jackson had to learn how to trust that he has not failed and God is still working things out for good. And Kit definitely helped him realize that where he helped her see that she could only rely on God. I also loved how even in the 1800s of London, Jackson appreciated Kit’s strength and determination. It was sweet to see them banter and learn how to work together. The romance was super clean which is nice because those are hard to find.

I also enjoyed the spiritual side of things. It’s one of the hardest things to let go and trust that God will do His work. Kit and Jackson had to learn that. No matter how hard they tried ultimately, they could only trust that God would do His work. I think that it was well woven through the book, so it fit with the plot as well. I would have loved if Ms. Griep had made sure that Kit understood the fact that she could only truly trust God not even Jackson. But, it was still a lovely character growth that was wonderful to read about. I would definitely recommend this romantic, exciting, and encouraging book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.



Title: Nicole
Series: Sewing in SoCal
Author: Sarah Monzon
Publisher: Radiant Publications
Release Date:
November 29, 2020
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Who has time to date when she’s trying to raise a miniature human by herself AND save the planet from its irresponsible inhabitants? Not to mention my winning personality (snort) and my curves-have-curves figure (eyeroll) don’t exactly attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately, none of these reasons have stopped my best friends and SoCal sewing sisters from taking on the archaic role of matchmakers, and they’re not beneath a little bribery if that’s what it takes to get my cooperation. Let’s just say everyone has their weak spot, and donations to my favourite charities is mine.If I were to consider a romantic relationship, my dream guy certainly wouldn’t be immature, everything-is-a-game Dr. Drew Bauer. The man raises my body temperature faster than global warming does the Earth’s! But life seems determined to keep throwing us together, especially now that one of my SoCal sewing sisters is engaged to his best friend, in which case there can only be one of two outcomes:1. I kill him in a fit of annoyance.2. My common sense escapes me, and I fall in love with him.Honestly, I’m not sure which would be worse.

Book Review:

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like this book because I hadn’t read any of Ms. Monzon’s books but I ended up loving it. Nicole is the third book in Sarah Monzon’s Sewing in SoCal series. Nicole is just trying to juggle raising her daughter and saving the earth from irresponsible inhabitants, she doesn’t have time to date. Not to mention the her winning personality and the fact that her curves have curves that deosn’t exactly attract the opposite sex. She wouldn’t ever consider Dr. Drew Bauer as her dream guy, but life seems determined to throw them together. The more time Nicole spends with Drew, she finds her common sense escaping her and starts to fall in love. 

This was a funny and sweet book. Nicole was hilarious and I loved her outspoken behavior. She was kind, but she didn’t beat around the bush. She was really passionate about saving the earth and taking care of the planet. However, she was also vulnerable and she was just trying to do her best raising her daughter, Sam. She wasn’t looking for love, but the more time she spends with Drew she finds herself falling for him. She knew that she didn’t measure up to people’s standard, and she didn’t care but some days it was harder than others. 

Drew was a sweetheart, however, he hid it behind humor and jokes. He liked Nicole from the start and enjoyed pushing her bottoms. But before Drew knew it he was head over heels for not only Nicole but also her daughter. He loved them like his own and he wanted to care for them. I really liked Drew and it was fun to read about his family. His past wasn’t all sunshine and flowers, but he had learned to overcome the trials thrown at him

Drew and Nicole were a cute couple. But they did have to work through their differences. Nicole had to figure out how to trust Drew and learn that he was not like her ex husband. Drew needed to fight for Nicole and learn how to best help Nicole as she raises her daughter. I loved their relationship and the development that it went through. Nicole’s friends were super fun and now I want to read the other books. I also adored Sam, Nicole’s daughter. 

Nicole was a great book! And I really enjoyed it! Nicoel is a clean rom-com, that had hints of faith. I would definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait to see what else comes in the series! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

Court of Swans


Title: Court of Swans
Series: Dericott Tale #1
Author: Melanie Dickerson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date:
January 5, 2021
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Where there is wealth and power, there’s always someone willing to do anything to take it.

England, 1381: Delia’s idyllic life as daughter of an earl is shattered when her father dies and his wife accuses Delia’s seven brothers of treason and murder. The youngest is only ten years old, but this doesn’t stop the guards from hauling them off to the Tower of London. There they await a grim fate, as child-king Richard II is executing anyone who poses a threat to his throne. Delia is their only hope for pardon and freedom.

Sir Geoffrey did not expect his first assignment as captain of the guard to be the arrest of boys so young. He dutifully imprisons the brothers, but he can’t ignore the sense, rooted in personal experience, that injustice and treachery are at work.

Determined to rescue her brothers, Delia secures a position as a seamstress for the queen. Her quest is all but impossible as the executions continue. Sir Geoffrey offers to be her ally, but should she trust him in a court where everyone has an agenda?

Book Review:

I have enjoyed all of Melanie Dickerson Hagenheim family series and I was so excited to see that she had a new series coming out. Court of Swans is the first book in her new series, A Dericott Tale, and it was a great start! Court of Swans is a retelling of The Six Swans which is one of my favorite fairytales. Dalia is the daughter of an earl and she lives a quiet life with her father, her stepmother, and her brothers. However, her whole life changes when her father dies and her brothers are convicted of treason, even the youngest one of whom is only 10 years old. 

Dalia was a strong heroine, but she also had her own faults. I liked her and thought that she was so brave as she went to go after her brothers. However, I thought at times she was a bit naive. Overall, she was a good heroine for the book and I really enjoyed reading about her as she grew. She learned who she could trust and she learned to forgive. Life was not easy, but God was still in control.

Sir Geoffrey was a great hero! I really liked him, even from the beginning. He was kind and he was honorable. Although he captured Dalia’s brothers, he didn’t agree with the charges and he wanted to right the wrong. It was sweet to see him try to help Dalia. He had to figure out what it would mean for him to help Dalia because he wanted to honor the king but he also wanted to do what was right. 

Court of Swans was a really good book. I liked how Ms. Dickerson was able to weave a new look at this fairy tale, however, I think that re-creating this fairy without magic is very hard. I mean in The Six Swans, the boys turn into swans which you can’t do without magic. I did, however, enjoy the characters and the pace of the book. I think that she did a great job at making it different, yet still keeping true to the fairytale. I was so worried as Dalia and Geoffrey worked to free Dalia’s brothers from the accusations against them. I was intrigued to see how it would end, and I really liked the ending. I did not see so many twists that were coming, and I loved the suspense as Dalia tried to save her brothers.

I would definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the series! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

His Accidental Bride


His Accidental Bride by [Carolyn Twede Frank]

Title: His Accidental Bride
Author: Carolyn Twede Frank
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Release Date:
January 4, 2021
Genre: Historical Romance

Dorothy Bednar is living a life she despises. Forced to work as a double-dealing saloon girl, Dorothy has finally had enough. The next train out of town is her ticket to freedom, and Dorothy jumps aboard without a thought for where she’s going—until she meets a kind woman aboard the train. Her fellow passenger was originally traveling to Colorado to marry a man she’d never met, but her cold feet offer Dorothy the perfect opportunity to set up roots somewhere new. Dorothy soon finds herself posing as the mail-order bride—after all, marrying a stranger can’t be worse than what she left behind.

Young Colorado lawyer Ronald Smith is astonished when he spies the lovely woman who comes to greet him—the woman who is to be his wife. Dorothy is beyond Ronald’s wildest dreams, a kindhearted partner eager to be a homemaker and mother. To Dorothy, Ronald is the most gentlemanly man she’s ever met—a man who makes her feel safe and cherished. What begins as a deception soon deepens into true love, but too soon, Dorothy’s secret past threatens the beautiful life she’s built—a life that feels truer than anything she’s ever known.

Book Review:

His Accidental Bride by Carolyn Twede Frank was a sweet historical romance book that I am glad that I took the chance on! Dorothy Bednar is living a life that she despises. She is forced to work as a double-dealing saloon girl, but she has had enough. She hops on a train and meets a kind woman who was traveling to Colorado to be a mail order bride. However when the woman gets cold feet, Dorothy finds herself posting as the mail-order bride, anything was better than the life she left behind. Young Coloradoan Ronald Smith is smitten when he spies the lovely woman who is to be his wife. Dorothy is beyond his wildest dreams, a kindhearted partner eager to be homemaker and mother. Ronald is everything Dorothy could have wanted, a man who makes her feel safe and cherished. Although their relationship stars in deception, it soon deepens into true love. But Dorothy’s secret past comes up to haunt her and threaten the beautiful life she’s built.

I felt so bad for Dorothy, she was forced into a life that she didn’t choose. However I thought that she was so strong. She tried so hard to start a life for herself, something that was better than the life she had previously lived. She was smart and kind, it was fun to see her interact with Ronald. Ronald treated her like a lady. She thought that he was such a sweet guy. But Dorothy had to learn to stand up to her brother and fight for the future she wanted. Will she get the courage to tell Ronald the truth about her past or will she lose everything?

Ronald was such a sweet guy. He was kind of awkward, but he was really kind. I really liked him and I loved reading about him with Dorothy. He was such a nice guy and he really wanted to get Dorothy to like him. He started to fall for Dorothy from the beginning, but he also wanted to protect his heart. I wanted him to accept Dorothy immediately but everything ended up working out. I also loved his relationships with the townspeople, especially Logan. 

Dorothy and Ronald were a cute couple, I really wanted them to find their happy ending. I adored Logan, the boy Ronald basically took in. Logan was such a fun character and he really liked both Dorothy and Ronald. I was interested in this book and I really enjoyed it! I think the pace was great and I had to keep on reading to see how Dorothy and Ronald were going to end up together. I thought that the ending was a bit more abrupt, but otherwise I really liked it. 

His Accidental Bride was a great book. I loved the characters! I would definitely recommend it! It is a clean sweet historical romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

The Off Limits Rule


The Off Limits Rule: A Romantic Comedy (It Happened in Nashville Book 1) by [Sarah Adams]

Title: The Off Limits Rule
Series: It Happened in Nashville Book 1
Author: Sarah Adams
Release Date:
January 4, 2021
Genre: Rom-com

I have found rock bottom. It’s here, moving in with my older brother because I’m too broke to afford to live on my own. It’s okay though, because we’ve always been close and I think I’m going to have fun living with him again.

That is until I meet Cooper…

Turns out, my brother has very strong opinions on the idea of me dating his best friend and is dead set against it. According to him, Cooper is everything I should stay away from: flirtatious, adventurous, non-committal, and freaking hot. (I added that last part because I feel like you need the whole picture.) My brother is right—I should stay away from Cooper James and his pretty blue eyes. He’s the opposite of what I need right now.

Nah—who am I kidding? I’m going for it.

The Off Limits Rule is a closed door romance, perfect for readers who love lots of sizzle but no explicit content.

Book Review:

Once again, Sarah Adams has written a fun, hilarious story that I flew through! Sarah Adams is a relatively new author to me, but I have loved every one of her books that I have read (which are most of them)!  The Off Limits Rule is the first in her new series It Happened in Nashville. Lucy has just moved in with her brother, because she can’t afford to live on her own. She is feeling like she is at rock bottom, though she is close to her brother and hopeful about living with him. Then she meets her brother’s best friend, Cooper. But Drew, Lucy’s brother, is quite against her dating Cooper, who he considers flirtatious, adventurous, non-committal and completely wrong for her. Lucy understands, she probably should stay away from the incredibly attractive Cooper with his pretty blue eyes, but will she actually?

Lucy was so fun! She had very little filter and was so relatable-y awkward. I loved hearing her thoughts, they were so funny! Her family was also super sweet! Lucy’s son, Levi, was super cute and she obviously adored him. It was really interesting to see how she tried to balance being a mother and the effects of it, with being a young woman. Like many, she had insecurities about herself, especially her looks after having Levi. She was discovering more about herself as a person and finding her adventurous side.

Cooper was also super fun. It was so sweet how he and Lucy were drawn together and how they clicked. He had to face some of the perceptions that she and Drew had about him, after he had come to Nashville for a new start. Cooper was ready for a family and he wanted Lucy and Levi. It was so cute how quickly they meshed. I thought it was sweet how he wanted to have Drew see his intentions clearly, considering how close Drew and Lucy were. Though it was a bit frustrating at times, he had good intentions. I loved watching Lucy and Cooper’s relationship progress. They were so cute, as they became friends and the care they had for each other. It felt really smooth and there were so many funny interactions!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It is a feel-good rom-com, perfect to make you smile and laugh! It is a little more mature than her others, I think she described it as PG-13, there are some innuendos, some cursing. I would recommend it for older teens and up. 4 ½ stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ ! BTW, I also loved meeting Jessie and Drew who will be getting their own story!! I am super excited for that too! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

A Cowboy for Keeps


A Cowboy for Keeps (Colorado Cowboys Book #1) by [Jody Hedlund]

Title: A Cowboy for Keeps
Series: Colorado Cowboys #1
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Release Date:
January 5, 2021
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Greta Nilsson’s trip west to save her ailing little sister, Astrid, could not have gone more wrong. First, bandits hold up her stagecoach, stealing all her money. Then, upon arriving in Fairplay, Colorado, she learns the man she was betrothed to as a mail-order bride has died. Homeless, penniless, and jobless, Greta and her sister are worse off than when they started.

Wyatt McQuaid is struggling to get his new ranch up and running and is in town to purchase cattle when the mayor proposes the most unlikely of bargains. He’ll invest in a herd of cattle for Wyatt’s ranch if Wyatt agrees to help the town become more respectable by marrying and starting a family. And the mayor, who has promised to try to help Greta, has just the candidate in mind for Wyatt to marry.

Book Review:

I was super excited for this book and it does not disappoint! A Cowboy for Keeps is the first book in Jody Hedlund’s Colorado Cowboys series. It took me a little longer to get into A Cowboy for Keeps, but once I started I was hooked. As always, I love the characters and the plot. 

Greta Nilsson was just trying her best to care for her sister, but she was tired and things were not going her way. She had traveled to Fairplay Colorado as a mail order bride in order to meet her husband to be. But upon arrival she found that the man she was promised to had died. She finds herself homeless and penniless with her sister, Astrid to care for. Wyatt McQuiad was struggling to get his new ranch up and running. He ends up in the most unlikely of bargains with the mayor. The mayor will invest in a herd of cattle for Wyatt if Wyatt agrees to marry and start a family with Greta. After all, the mayor has agreed to help Greta, and Wyatt is the perfect man. 

Greta was working so hard to care for her sister, but it was also tiring. When she marries Wyatt, she tries her best to make sure that she is useful. She is worried that if she doesn’t do her part, he will ask her to leave, after all they don’t really have a real marriage. I really liked Greta. She was a hard worker and she really cared for her sister. She was scared of being a burden, so she tried to earn her keep. She was a character who I could relate to, because I too want to be useful and help others. She was strong and stubborn. But she had to learn to trust Wyatt and to understand that she cannot heal her sister. Greta had to learn to trust God and his plan, letting herself learn to love. 

Wyatt was such a strong guy. He had left home a couple of years ago and he was trying his best to get himself going so that he could have his mom and siblings come. He was kind of gruff, but he was also a sweetheart. At first he didn’t know what to do with Greta and Astrid, but the more time he spent with them he began to see them as his family. He was the type of guy who wanted to do everything himself, but he had to learn to accept Greta’s help and maybe learn what it meant to love her. He had to see that God was in control and that he couldn’t control his life, no matter how hard he tried. 

As always, I love the characters that Ms. Hedlund writes. Astrid and Judd were such fun characters! Astrid was super sweet and mischievous and although she was sick, she was fearless. I found Judd, Wyatt’s right hand man, to be such a nice guy and I adored his relationship with Astrid. Greta and Astrid became Judd’s family too. Judd was super helpful to both Greta and Wyatt. The Mayor was kind of conniving, but I also sort of liked him. He wasn’t the worst. 

Two of my favorite quotes were from Judd, he reminded Wyatt that even life was hard you could still make things work. “Things always go wrong. Just the way it is in a broken world.” and “We can call it rubbish and throw it away. Or we can pick it up and fix it as best we can.” Judd helped Wyatt see that even broken things can be mended. 

Greta and Wyatt had to figure out how to make their marriage work and how to save his ranch. There were people who wanted Wyatt gone and they had to learn to work together no matter their differences. I loved A Cowboy for Keeps! It was super interesting and so romantic. Great and Wyatt were such a cute couple! I would definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Kill Shot

About the Book:

Kill Shot: A Novel (White Knights Book 2) by [Susan Sleeman]

Title: Kill Shot
Series: White Knights #2
Author: Susan Sleeman
Publisher: FaithWords
Release Date:
February 6, 2018
Genre: Christian Suspense

Suspense and romance combine in Susan Sleeman’s thrilling new novel about an FBI agent who must team up with a beautiful therapist to stop a killer with a deadly new weapon.

Some fears haunt you forever….

As the ballistics and weapon’s expert for the FBI’s special task force nicknamed the White Knights, Rick Cannon has known the Department of Defense was developing self-steering bullets. Rick feared these smart bullets–which have one hundred percent accuracy that can turn even a novice into a lethal sniper–would eventually end up in the hands of the wrong people. But since the ammunition was still in the development stage, he figured they had plenty of time before that happened. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

Until they become reality.

When a homeless vet is killed with a smart bullet, it’s clear that the ammunition has been stolen, and the Knights are called in to find the thief and stop the killings. But they aren’t the only ones desperate to find the killer. Therapist Olivia Dobbs is well known for her success in counseling military veterans with PTSD. When she discovers one of her clients moments after he is murdered, she becomes both the FBI’s prime witness, and suspect.

Despite the mutual attraction that immediately sparks between them, Rick can’t–no he won’t–let Olivia interfere with his investigation. But when the sniper trains his rifle on her, Rick must recall all the skills he learned as a Marine sniper to make sure the next bullet fired isn’t a kill shot that takes Olivia out.

Book Review:

Susan Sleeman wows me yet again with her fantastic characters and a storyline that kept me guessing the entire book. Like seriously there were twists even in the last couple chapters that were crazy! But I am always impressed by how Ms. Sleeman gives me some clues but keeps me guessing in the end. She executes this wonderfully in Kill Shot. The second book in the White Knights series.

The White Knights is a highly impressive FBI team that deals with any case they need too. They have experts in crisis management, explosives, ballistics/weapons, negotiating/crime profiling, cyber crimes, and forensic. This book is about Rick Cannon who is the hostage rescue and ballistics expert on the team. It also features Olivia Dobbs, a therapist who specializes in PTSD patients. Olivia and Rick are thrown together when a self steering bullet murders one of Olivia’s patients. She discovers him moments after he is murdered which makes her the FBI’s prime witness and suspect. Despite the mutual attraction between the two, both Olivia and Rick are determined to focus on the case and ignore their feelings. But when a sniper trains his rifle on Olivia, Rick will have to fight hard to make sure that the next bullet fired doesn’t hit Olivia.

Rick was such a strong character, but he was also a sweetheart underneath all of his tough, agenty exterior. While sometimes I wanted to shake him for not believing Olivia, I was also so sad for him. I don’t want to give anything away, but there are a lot of issues that Rick has to work through. And it was sweet to watch Olivia help him even when Rick tried to push away. But, I think that Olivia also had to learn to put up boundaries and respect other people’s boundaries. I think that it made a lot of sense that her character was like that though because she is a therapist. She did learn how to put up some boundaries, but it took a lot of hard lessons that were very sad to read about.

The suspense as usual was amazing. There were so many different things going on, but they were all tied together perfectly. There were also some happy surprises that I definitely needed. But, also some hard ones where you can really see how much people need God’s mercy and love in their lives. On that note this is a Christian romantic, suspense, so a clean book with some Christian elements. While the romance is very clean, there are some more intense scenes. Rick attends some autospies in the book, and there is not a lot of description, but there are some. And there are quite a few murders where the characters see the bodies, but nothing too scary like I said before not a lot of description. I would definitely recommend this riveting and romantic book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.