Christmas Like This

About the Book:

Christmas Like This: A Romantic Comedy (A Love Like This Book 2) by [Carina Taylor]

Title: Christmas Lik This
Series: A Love Like This Book #2
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date: 
November 14, 2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy


I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. 
Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.
After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?
We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not.

Book Review:

Christmas Like This is a sweet, Christmas novella part of the A Love Like This series! All of these books are stand-alone, but they are all set in the same world and you get a few cameos. Christmas Like This is about Marla and Trey, Kylie’s coworkers. I try my hardest to summarize plots in my own words, but I loved Ms. Taylor’s blurb of the book. So this time I’m going to cheat and put it in my review.

I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry. Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.

After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?

We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not. 

As you can tell this is an enemy to lovers’ romance. The conflict was definitely instigated by Trey, and he had definitely had a good reason for his behavior. But I loved how when he explained to Marla he recognized that it didn’t excuse his actions. He gave his reason, but he really stepped up to apologize. Marla’s reason for her side was very heartbreaking. She had experienced a huge loss in her life, and it was sweet to watch Trey come alongside her. Even when she tried to push him away, he refused to leave her.

While Marla and Trey reconciled, they never lost that fun flirty banter! It was so funny, and I loved reading their exchanges. One of my favorite things about Ms. Taylor’s book is the humor, and I was so happy to see that element even in a novella. Even though it was a novella, I felt like the pace was really nice. I was able to connect with the characters and the romance was believable even though it was fast. And it was cute how their boss was shipping them all along. As always this is a clean romance, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a smile and a laugh.

Neighbors Like That


Neighbors Like That: A Romantic Comedy (A Love Like This Book 1) by [Carina Taylor]

Title: Neighbors Like That
Series: A Love Like This Book #1
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date: 
September 30, 2019
Genre: Romantic Comedy


He started our war–I intend to finish it.

Buying a house in the suburbs was supposed to be low stress: my own little haven to decorate and landscape exactly how I want. Instead I find myself locking my garbage can to keep pests out–pests that are six-foot-one, green-eyed, and far too good looking.
My trespassing neighbor is rude and entitled. It isn’t long before war is declared and I find myself stooping to immature pranks.
When trouble lands at my door, my unlikely neighbor starts knocking on my heart. Was I ready to answer?


I will win no matter what it takes.

I moved to this neighborhood for a fresh start. The one thing I’m not looking for is a relationship, so when I mistakenly assume my neighbor is hitting on me, I lash out at her.
I didn’t mean to start the war, but now she taunts me from across the street. Our harmless pranks have become the highlight of my day. I should stay away–but I can’t. I want to spend more time with her.
When a stalker begins sending Kylie a series of notes, I’m only too willing to help protect her.
Maybe I’m looking for a relationship after all.

Book Review:

If you’re looking for a funny, romantic, and clean romance, then you will love Neighbors Like That. I am always looking for clean romance, but a lot of them are very serious. That’s why I love to find clean romantic comedies, and Neighbors Like That perfectly satisfied my itch. It is the first one in the A Love Like This series, and it tells the story of Kylie and Hagen.

Kylie is normally a very sweet and non confrontational person, but Hagen manages to push all of her buttons. Not only does he insult her when she tries to do the neighborly thing and bring him cookies, but he’s also rude and entitled. Their prank war starts before she even realizes it. Hagen did not mean to offend his pretty neighbor, but he lashes out when she thinks that he’s hitting on her. Their harmless pranks are the highlight of his day, but everything changes when he realizes that a stalker is after her. Hagen’s determined to protect her even if she doesn’t always want his help.

Hagen is such a sweet character, and he does not at all want a relationship for very good reasons. He’s just broken up with a very manipulative ex, and he doesn’t have the time or the energy to be in a relationship. And while he loved pranking Kylie, he never took it too far. He’s also one hundred percent willing to help Kylie when she needs him. 

Kylie was also such a sweetheart. She had some trouble standing up for herself, but she also had a lot of crazy in her. And that definitely came out in her prank wars. The crazy is definitely hereditary which you get to see when you meet the rest of her cousins. They are hilarious, and I love all of the insane antics they get into. This book is also very clean in the romance and the violence section. But, there is a stalker storyline which is a little different from the normal lighthearted rom coms. Otherwise though it is super clean and a very funny and romantic read.

Hours to Kill


Hours to Kill (Homeland Heroes Book #3) by [Susan Sleeman]

Title: Hours to Kill
Series: Homeland Heroes Book #3
Author: Susan Sleeman
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Release Date: 
March 16, 2021
Genre: Christian Suspense

Just as Homeland Security Agent Addison Leigh reaches the pinnacle of her cyber investigation into a firearms smuggling ring, she’s attacked and left for dead. Her estranged husband, ICE Agent Mack Jordan, is notified that she’s at the hospital in a coma. He may have let his past military trauma ruin their short marriage, but she never gave up on their relationship, and he remains her next of kin.

Mack rushes to her bedside, where he promises to hunt down the man who attacked her. Mack failed her once when he bailed on their marriage, and he’s not about to let her down again. But when she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers neither the attack nor ever being married to Mack. And when a second attempt to take her life is made, it’s clear something very sinister is going on, and Mack and Addison are in for the ride of their lives.


About the Book:

Dreamer (The Dream World Chronicles Book 1) by [Camille Peters]

Title: Dreamer
Series: The Dream World Chronicles #1
Author: Camille Peters
Publisher: Rosewood Publications
Release Date: 
February 27, 2021
Genre: Fantsy

Eden has a secret: she has the ability to see and enter others’ dreams, a most inconvenient power when one is an outcast living in a magic-phobic village and yearning to fit in. When she accidentally exposes her powers, Eden discovers that her uncanny abilities connect her to the Dream World, home to the magical beings responsible for creating dreams, and the first place Eden has felt she truly belongs.

Standing in her way is the formidable Dream Council, which questions whether she should remain in their world. Unless Eden can prove she’s truly a Dreamer, she’ll lose all her magical powers and be forced to return to Earth. Proving herself turns out to be more difficult than she anticipated. When Eden is assigned to create dreams for a newborn mortal, her opponent—the talented Nightmare Darius—makes it his personal mission to uncover her secrets, which could result in her permanent banishment.

Eden struggles not only to outwit her foe, but also to prevent herself from falling in love with him, all while finding herself entangled in mysterious events as the Nightmare Realm begins to eclipse the Dream Realm, threatening not just her chances of remaining in her new home, but the balance of the universe itself. As Eden fights to fit into this world of dreams and magic, she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery that will take her down a path that forces her to confront an unknown darkness within herself, leading her to realize she’s not who she initially believed, nor does she belong where she thinks she does.

Book Review:

I have been excited for this book for so long! When I first saw it, I was really interested because where do dreams go? And the cover, oh my gosh, the cover was so gorgeous! I have read all of Ms. Peters’ books, and it was incredibly interesting to see where Ms. Peters went with this story.
Dreamer is about a girl named Eden who has the unique ability to see and watch dreams. She struggles to keep her magic a secret because she is already ostracized by the villagers in her town. One day she discovers a magical world called the Dream World which is home to the Dreamers who make dreams. Eden finally like she belongs, but she will have to prove to the Dream Council she deserves to remain in the world. She earns an assignment to make dreams for a newborn while competing with the Nightmare, Darius. He’s determined to find out Eden’s secrets, but at the same time, he’s annoyingly kind and noble. As Eden fights to maintain her place in the Dream World, she learns of her danger to her new home. The balance is tipping in favor of darkness, and Eden will have to confront some dark truths about herself as well to help. And those truths might decide whether or not she really belongs in this new world.
I was super intrigued by this concept, and I really liked seeing the Dream World. It has definitely made my list for fictional places that I would love to live in! It was amazingly intricate, and I loved the details that were put into it. There were different types of jobs for the Dreamers, and you were even able to see how they lived and their houses. But it also made sense in the storyline, so it didn’t feel like there was a ton of set up. And it made a nice contrast between the almost sugary goodness of the Dream World to the darkness of the Nightmare, Darius.
I thought Darius was adorable! He was really cocky, but even when he acted like a jerk, he really cared about Eden. And I loved seeing his noble and good side. Enemies to lovers can sometimes make me feel a little uneasy especially because you really shouldn’t trust a stranger who you feel “connected” to. But I felt like Ms. Peters made it really clear that Darius is actually a good guy, and it’s not just Eden’s feelings coming into play.
I was a bit frustrated with Eden’s feelings though because it felt like she was just self-destructing over and over again. But I think it made sense in the story because she is so hungry for acceptance that she doesn’t think about her actions. She longs to belong somewhere, and a lot of her bad decisions come from this longing. I can’t be too hard on her though because there were a multitude of revelations about her past. Eden had to learn a lot of truths about herself and her mother. And the answer to the questions tip the scale of the balance between the Dreamers and the Nightmares. Which is why I’m really excited for the next book because this one definitely ended on a cliffhanger! I would definitely recommend this clean book, and I can’t wait to see what adventures Eden encounters next.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Night Hawk


Night Hawk: (Nighthawk Security Book 3) by [Susan Sleeman]

Title: Night Hawk
Series: Nighthawk Security Book 3
Author: Susan Sleeman
Publisher: Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc
Release Date: 
January 4, 2021
Genre: Christian Suspense

She’s determined to find her father’s killer…

FBI Agent, Toni Long, lost her father a year ago when he was killed in a joint FBI and ICE investigation led by Clay Byrd, a man Toni had found herself infatuated with. Unfortunately, the killer escaped, and if Toni hadn’t been distracted by her attraction to Clay, maybe her father wouldn’t have died. When she receives an anonymous tip on the killer’s identity, she follows the lead and an attempt is made on her life. Clay, having received the same tip, comes to her rescue. Thinking he can help find her father’s killer and keep an eye on her safety too, he quickly offers Nighthawk Security’s help.

But she first has to face down her own dark past.

She fights the idea at first, but she will stop at nothing to find her father’s killer, even if it means partnering with a guy she has feelings for. But as the investigation unfolds, they unearth deep, dark family’s secrets that are more dangerous than anything Toni could imagine. Problem is, Clay is right there by her side, offering her comfort and support, and protecting her from menacing danger. She soon has to fight feelings she’s developing for him when her focus should be on the investigation and staying alive.

The Revived


The Revived: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure (Second Age of Retha Book 3) by [A. M. Sohma]

Title: The Revived
Series: Second Age of Retha #3
Author: A. M. Sohma
Release Date:
September 14, 2018
Genre: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure

Kit is back. And she’s still stuck playing her ridiculous elf dancer character.

After leading a group out of the full submersion video game, Chronicles of Retha, Kit knew she couldn’t leave the remaining players to suffer their fate alone. So she returned to the game with the goal to get everyone out.

There’s just one problem.

Forcing a system wide logout requires the defeat of the end game boss character. A boss who hasn’t ever been beaten before.

Solus Miles, the best player on the server, is famous for fighting solo, but Kit’s return changes that. With Kit fighting for their freedom, Solus realizes that he’ll have to travel with her and her motley crew and play up the charade of their “fake” relationship as pledged players if he really wants to help her in this fight. (Besides, if he goes with her, maybe he can keep her from dying all the time, too.)

When the top guilds are still skeptical of Kit’s plan, she turns to those whom others overlook: the non-playable characters controlled by the game mechanics.

But Retha has changed.

Monsters, events, and quests have shifted, complicating her task. The journey across an altered Retha tests even Kit’s veteran knowledge and strains her leadership like never before.

Can she leverage her NPC allies and convince the other players to join her?

Book Review:

You know that feeling when you finish a book, and you’re happy, but at the same time so sad because it’s over. And the rest of the series isn’t out yet! This is the feeling I had when I finished The Revived. It was so good, but there are no other books out yet. I can totally understand how authors have a lot on their plate though. I’m just happy that I got to read this one!

“The Revived” is the third book in the Second Age of Retha series. It picks off right after Kit comes back to Retha. She has to figure out a way to defeat the end game boss character which will log everyone out. Unfortunately, none of the top guilds want to partner with her, but fortunately, she has Solus Miles! Who is basically the best player in the game, and also, Kit’s pledged. After not believing that Kit could defeat Malignus, he is willing to do whatever she needs to get them out. Kit also tries to get the help of the non-player characters, but will it be enough to convince the players to join?

“The Revived” has Prowl and Riko back as minor characters who are as funny as ever, but there are quite a few new ones. These new characters include Noir who is a healer and hilarious. His dialogue is so funny, and his personality combined with the fact that he’s a healer makes him even funnier, like threatening not to heal someone even though they’re on his team because they’re a jerk and an idiot. Another new character is Alistair, who has an incredibly entertaining short about them that I would definitely recommend. Alistair is a knight who is in the nicest way possible, insane. Just imagine the most cheerful, reckless, and charismatic person ever, multiply it by 10, and then you get Alistair. She also has plenty to say about the fact that she is so much taller than her guildmaster, Gared.

Additionally, “The Revived” includes a lot more of Solus Miles which I love. It’s so cute to see him and Kit together, and I have to say that I need their fake romance to become real. But, even for a romantic like myself, I really like how Kit is determined not to let her romance with Miles distract her from getting everyone out of the game. K.M. Shea does such a great job of making a great female protagonist who is strong, but still has plenty of insecurities to make her relatable.

This book is also super clean with zero actual cursing, but some very creative fake cursing. Kit can’t swear in the game, so she has to substitute some hilarious child-appropriate curses. It’s also really clean in the romantic area especially because they are not a real couple, but they should be! Just a warning though this is not the last book in the series. It’s a five book series, and the fourth book might come out in 2021. But, I would still definitely recommend this book to games and non gamers alike.

The Desperate Quest


The Desperate Quest: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure (Second Age of Retha Book 2) by [A. M. Sohma]

Title: The Desperate Quest
Series: Second Age of Retha #2
Author: A. M. Sohma
Release Date:
September 14, 2017
Genre: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure

Chronicles of Retha was meant to be a full submersion video game filled with adventure and magic…but it has become a prison.

Kit and her party of misfit players have managed to collect two of the four seals that are required to face Malignus—Retha’s ultimate villain whose defeat may be the only way out of the game. Unfortunately for Kit—who is stuck playing as a defective elf dancer—the quest only grows more difficult.

The remaining seals are hidden in areas of Retha that Kit and her low-leveled party can’t fight through. Even worse, they will need to unite other players and guilds to face Malignus–an unlikely event as riots have spread across the game world.

Unwilling to give up, Kit and her party band together with Solus Miles—one of the best players in the game—and throw everything they have against Malignus.

But is their strength enough, or will Retha be their end?

Book Review:

The second book in the Second Age of Retha was so good! I am even deeper in love with this series, and I especially loved seeing a little bit more of Solus Miles. A very brooding and mysterious knight. I don’t often use the word brooding, but that word definitely describes Miles. He was definitely a fun addition to the party especially with his obsession for leveling which Kit is not pleased with.

“The Desperate Quest” is the second book in the Second Age of Retha series about a girl named Kit who is stuck in a full immersion game. Her only hope is to beat the ultimate villain in the game with the help of Solus Miles who is one of the best players and a ragtag group of low level players. Unfortunately, Kit is stuck in an elf dancing character that is basically useless, and who makes her look like a total newbie. This does not impress the many other guilds and players that Kit needs to unite to get out of the game. She has to work with her team and Solus Miles to find a way to bring everyone together and defeat the villain before it’s too late.

This was such a good book! You get to see the whole gang again with a new character, Luther, who has even more snark and bite than Prowl and Axel. But, at the end of the book, you really warm up to him. It was definitely hysterical watching the rest of the gang interact with him. I loved seeing Riko and Prowl’s interactions as well. Their banter is so funny, and even in the midst of battle, they love to go at each other. Riko’s obsession with money is also hilarious especially when she tries to push Kit to Solus Miles because he’s rich.

The action was also really interesting. I liked how she balanced the fact that they are in a bad situation, but they’re also in a video game. It was definitely a different view from the fantasy adventure books I mainly read. Even if they die, they’ll just be respawned, but at the same time, there is always a sense of urgency because they need to get out. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a funny, clean, and awesome book. I know that it is a video game story, but I think that even non-gamers can enjoy it.

The Luckless


The Luckless: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure (Second Age of Retha Book 1) by [A. M. Sohma]

Title: The Luckless
Series: Second Age of Retha #1
Author: A. M. Sohma
Release Date:
July 19, 2017
Genre: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure

Welcome to Retha, the full submersion video game where you can be the hero of your own adventure. Unfortunately for Kit, it only takes one moment to turn the game into a nightmare.

When Chronicles of Retha experiences a software malfunction, Kit—a disenchanted veteran player—is stuck in the game without a way to log off. Even worse, she’s trapped playing as the most defective character possible, an elf dancer that was meant to be a prank.

Thankfully, she receives word that there is a way out. But the only escape route is to defeat the game’s ultimate villain. Kit, in her joke character, must fight her way through some of the worst Retha has to offer. Her only help is a party of low-leveled players just as powerless as she is, and the occasional act of mercy from one of the best players in the game, the taciturn (and aloof) Solus Miles.

Can Kit and her new friends finish the quest, or will Retha be their end?

Book Review:

As a girl who almost never plays video games, I have to say I was skeptical to say the least about A.M. Sohma’s book The Luckless. I picked it up though because I had just finished binge reading all the K.M. Shea books I own, and I really wanted another one. And let me just say, I am so glad I read it!

The Luckless is about a girl named Kit who is stuck in a full submersion game called Chronicles of Retha. Kit hasn’t played the game in years, and as a joke her cousin made her into a dancing elf character who is basically useless. Kit figures out that she can get out of the game if she defeats the game’s ultimate villains. Fortunately, there are some other players that could help, but no one believes that they are truly in danger. This means that Kit has to put together a ragtag team of low level people to fight the villain with the occasional help from one of the best players in the game, Solus Miles.

I loved Kit’s personality. She is so hilarious, and she has plenty to say about how much her character sucks. I think that I also really felt for her insecurity. It was hard for her to figure out that she is the leader, and that she has to just accept that. I liked seeing her journey in how she became more and more confident in her abilities. I also loved her commentary on everything. I have read a lot of books where the characters are so calm in their heads. I’ve never really understood that, and I love characters that show some sarcasm and a realistic frustration with what’s going on in their lives.

Plus, the minor characters were also hilarious. I think that K.M. Shea did such a great job of making me invested in every character. I loved all the little quirks that made them human like one character being slightly greedy and another incredibly polite. And then watching them all interact was hilarious. I was laughing my head off at their banter which only got funnier as the challenges got harder.

The challenges in the game were very interesting to a non gamer like me. I have played a couple of video games, but the one that A.M. Sohma had imagined was so much more intricate and elaborate. The world of Retha was amazing, and what was really impressive is that I could understand it. I can barely comprehend what my brother is talking about when he explains his video games, so I was really happy that I could follow the story and even learn a couple of things. I would definitely recommend this book to games and non games alike. It was also really clean which is always nice. I would definitely recommend this funny and fascinating book.

Night Vision


Night Vision: (Nighthawk Security Book 2) by [Susan Sleeman]

Title: Night Vision
Series: Nighthawk Security #2
Author: Susan Sleeman
Publisher: Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc
Release Date: 
December 4, 2020
Genre: Christian Suspense

A woman on the run with no one to trust…

When a Christmas vacation at a snowy Mt. Hood cabin turns into a home invasion, Jenna Paine will do anything to protect her four-year-old daughter. Even if it means putting Jenna’s own life on the line. Which she must do when the intruder threatens to kill her. She knows the invader will stop at nothing to take her out, and she can’t let him get close or he might harm her daughter too.

She wants to disappear, but she can’t survive on her own.

In fact, Jenna would be dead now it Brendan Byrd of Nighthawk Security hadn’t come to her rescue during the invasion. Former Army Delta Force and county deputy, Brendan doesn’t think twice about offering his agency’s protection services for Jenna and her precious daughter. What he does think twice about is opening his heart to Jenna only to have it broken again. But as the threats escalate, he must hone his vision where she’s concerned, figure out this crafty attackers identity, and in the process, find a way to keep her alive.

Book Review:

It feels like I have been waiting so long to read Night Vision, and it was just as good as I thought it would be! Night Vision is the second book in the Nighthawk Security series about the five Bryd brothers and Malone Rice. Malone is the sister of Reed Rice, the love interest for Sierra Byrd in her book. This book is about the second oldest in the family, Brendan and Jenna Paine. It is completely adorable and there were some twists that I didn’t see coming.

Jenna is a single mom whose life has fallen apart. She’s desperate for a peaceful Christmas with her daughter, but peace is shattered when an intruder tries to kill her. Brendan Byrd goes to her rescue, and he offers his family’s services to her. He’s skilled and determined to protect her, but he can’t open up his heart to her even if he wants too. But as the threats escalate, Brendan will have to focus on keeping Jenna alive before it’s too late.

I thought that Jenna was such a strong character. She had a lot to deal with, and she was working so hard to protect her daughter. Jenna’s daughter, Karlie, was adorable! I loved her relationship with Brendan and his parents. I think that Karlie’s disease was very interesting, and it added a nice, unique element to the story.

As always the family relationship is one of my favorite parts of Ms. Sleeman’s books. I love the Bryd brothers, and I felt like even though it was mainly about Brendan you got to see some of the other brother’s personalities and hints of storylines coming out. Ms. Sleeman does such a great job of writing real characters. For example, I loved the fact that the Byrd brothers walked in alphabetical order just out of habit. I have three siblings, and we often walk like ducklings even though we’re all teenagers now.

Brendan and Jenna were a very cute couple. I don’t think that were my favorite because I felt like there were some issues that were solved very quickly and it seemed uncharacteristic. But, I still thought that they were cute, and while they had their issues, they learned how to trust God with all of their problems. The action probably sped up the reconciliation process too, and there was definitely action in this book. I personally feel like Ms. Sleeman’s books are never too scary, but someone is murdered and there is a kidnapping. Other than that though it was a super clean and sweet read, and I cannot wait to read the next one!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Magic Unleashed


Magic Unleashed (Hall of Blood and Mercy Book 3) by [K. M. Shea]

Title: Magic Unleashed
Series: Hall of Blood and Mercy #3
Author: K. M. Shea
Release Date: 
April 17, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance

Ever had ex-housemates you can’t get rid of?

When Killian and the rest of the Drake vampires kicked me out of their mansion without any explanation, I felt beyond betrayed…

I was livid!

But I refused to waste my energy thinking about them. Thanks to all the free training I got while living with vampires, I had the skills I needed to finally free my family. I even got my house back! Best yet, I can pass on the magic techniques and fighting skills I’ve learned to all the wizards in our group.

As long as I ignore the rotating vampires standing watch on the corner across the street, life is normal again…until the fae risk injuring hundreds of supernaturals just to stage a surprise attack on Killian.

There’s no way I’m going to let the fae get away with this. I may be furious with Killian, but I hate bullies even more.

But, big surprise, my good deed won’t go unpunished. I knew I’d face a fallout for saving the most feared and lethal vampire in the Midwest—I just never imaged the lengths Killian would go through to protect me and win me back…

Magic Unleashed is the final book in the Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy, which features vampires, wizards, fae, and werewolves. It’s packed with humor, adventure, and a sweet, slow burn romance between a vertically challenged wizard and the deadliest vampire in town.

Book Review:

K.M. Shea has done it again by sucking me into another great series. Let’s just say that Magic Unleashed was a perfect end to an amazing series. You got to see Hazel and Killian’s adorable HEA which I have to say took a long time. The end of the second book had me worried about their future together, but it was definitely worth the wait. I loved seeing the end of this series played out with plenty of action, romance, and always K.M. Shea’s hilarious humor.

Magic Unleashed is the third book in the Hall of Blood and Mercy series. It’s an urban fantasy series about a vertically challenged wizard, and an extremely feared wizard that I recommend reading in order. It picks off soon after Killian kicks Hazel out of the Drake family mansion. She is still furious with Killain, but when the fae attacks him, she can’t stand by and do nothing, so she decides to help him. And Killain is not about to let Hazel go a second time.

This book was so good! I loved seeing Killian and Hazel’s slow burn romance finally pan out. It was adorable to see them work out their differences and learn how to trust each other. I really loved how Hazel held Killian accountable for his mistakes. She forgave him, but she made it clear that he couldn’t keep his behavior the same. And I loved how Killian was willing to change for her. Their romance is also really clean which is hard to find these days.

And you get to see more of Hazel’s House, who are hilarious, with the Drake family. It was awesome to finally see Hazel and Killian’s world collide. Plus it made for some hysterical scenes. I loved seeing Josh and Celestina again too. I will never get used to Josh’s obsession with death especially because he can’t die. I just adore K.M. Shea’s gift for irony and satire. I really like how none of her books take themselves too seriously.

It was definitely an amazing last book that perfectly finished the Hall of Blood and Mercy series. It gave you a satisfying end to Hazel, Killian, the Medeis House, and the Drake family. It also concludes with the fae world still in pieces which is great because a new main character will come to clean it up. Leila is half human and half fae, and her books will also be a trilogy and come out in late November. I can’t wait to see more books in this world. I’d like to add that the book is really clean, but the word ass is used a bit. Other than that there is no language.