About Us

Hello! And welcome to our blog. We are four siblings, three girls and one boy,  who love to read. The nice thing is that even though we read different books and genres there are some books and series that we all adore. Some of the fantasy series that we have all read are the Percy Jackson Series, The Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, and Keeper of the Lost Cities. We have also read The Seven Sleepers, The Binding of the Blade, and Light of the Last Series. Along with reading we enjoy hanging out as a family, swimming and making music. We have all been swimming and playing the piano since we were five.

Gabriella is the oldest of our family, she loves to read and make music. She has read thousands of books and owns over 600 books. She has playing piano since she was 5 and enjoys making music for the family.

Angeline is the second oldest, she loves to read, do crafts, and swim. She especially enjoys knitting and crocheting. But she has also taken up making jewelry and making lip balm.

Mikayla is the youngest girl in the family, she loves to read,hang out with her friends, and cook/bake. She started reading at an early age and has never stopped.

Joseph is the youngest in the family, and he enjoys reading, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. Joseph swims, plays basketball, and plays volleyball.

You can find our Goodreads, Instagram, and Pinterest here: https://linktr.ee/riella_angeline