About the Book:

Enflamed (Knights of Brethren Book 5) by [Jody Hedlund]

Title: Enflamed
Series: Knights of Brethren #5
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Northern Lights Press
Release Date: August 16th, 2022
Genre: YA Historical Romance

During a time when legends were born . . .


The most beautiful noblewoman in the kingdom, the lowly knight who can never have her, and the forbidden love they share.

When Sylvi Prestegard discovers that her father has arranged for her to marry a wealthy nobleman known for his thieving ways, she’s desperate to avoid the union. She turns to her childhood friend Espen, a Knight of Brethren, counting on his loyalty and kindness to help her escape.

Espen has been given an urgent mission to locate the holy lamp, an ancient relic necessary to defeat the enemy invading their country. In addition to his royal quest, he’s determined to protect Sylvi, the woman he’s always secretly loved. When she suggests the two of them marry to thwart her father’s plans, Espen cannot deny her request.

As they search for the holy lamp, Lord Prestegard pursues them, intent on reclaiming his daughter. With Espen’s life at stake, Sylvi must conspire to save them both. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that stand between them, or are the flames of their forbidden love destined to be extinguished?

Book Review:

“You are my life. Without you I have nothing.”

Another amazing book! This series has been so exciting and I so enjoyed the story and characters! Enflamed is the fifth book in Jody Hedlund’s Knights of Brethren series and the cover is just lovely. 

Sylvi wanted to be more than just a pretty face, but it never seemed like people truly saw her. Sylvi ran to Espen for help in order to avoid an arranged marriage never expecting the adventure she would find herself on. I really liked Sylvi, she was trying to find her purpose in life.  

Espen was just an honorable character. He loved Sylvi but he wanted her to have better than him. It was sweet to read about Espen and see his perspectives of things, Sylvi could do no wrong to him. Espen had to learn to find value not in what others thought of him but in God. Espen was learning what it meant to trust in God’s plan.

I liked the romance between Sylvi and Espen. They were friends first and then it grew to more. I enjoyed reading about them falling in love and also reading about them interacting. They really cared for each other, and they wanted to protect each other. However Epsen and Sylvi had to figure out how Espen was to complete his mission while keeping each other safe. 

The storyline was really engaging and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how everything was going to work out. There was just so much going on. I love how Hedlund has the main story within the series, and then mini stories within each other. I also always enjoy how Hedlund is able to weave faith so seamlessly into her books. 

Enflamed is a wonderful book and I would totally recommend it! Not only is the cover beautiful, but the story is also amazing! Enflamed is a clean historical christian romance. I am so excited for the next book, I can’t wait to see how everything will wrap up. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


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