To Catch a Suitor

About the Book:

To Catch A Suitor: A Regency Romance (Dalton Family Book 2) by [Sarah Adams]

Title: To Catch a Suitor
Author: Sarah Adams
Release Date:
March 1, 2020
Genre: Historical Romance

Love is patient, love is kind. Elizabeth, however, is quite finished with both of those virtues.

Elizabeth Ashburn is sure of two things: She is in love with her best friend, and he is not in love with her. Tired of wasting her feelings on a man who only sees her as Little Lizzie, she sets out for her first London Season with the intent of pushing Oliver Turner out of her heart. It is time to focus on making a match with a gentleman who will love her in return. Elizabeth is determined to quiet her adventurous heart and catch the attention of the man Society has deemed the Unobtainable.

If only Oliver wouldn’t turn up around every corner, sweeping her off her feet, rescuing her from one unfortunate mishap after another. How is she supposed to forget him if he is always reminding her of why she adores him?

Oliver Turner is sure of two things: He is deeply in love with Lizzie, and he must let her go.

Book Review:

I had read To Con a Gentleman and I knew that I had to read To Catch a Suitor to see what would happen to Oliver and Elizabeth. I was so happy with the outcome! To Catch a Suitor is the second book in Sarah Adams, Dalton Family series. This book is set closely after To Con a Gentleman, it was very much like the first book and yet it had its own charms.

I liked Elizabeth a lot, I felt really bad for her as she tried to figure out what it meant to live in society. She tried so hard to get over Oliver and to prove to him and herself that she was a lady. But she couldn’t change herself, she was perfect just the way she was. I loved how strong Elizabeth was, but that she also had doubts.

I wanted to hit Oliver over the head multiple times, but I also really liked him. He tried so hard, he just wanted what was best for Elizabeth. He had a bad relationship with his father, so he feared for the man he would become. But he was a kind man and he really cared for people, especially the Dalton family. He had to learn to get over his past and embrace his future. 

I really felt like Oliver and Elizabeth competed with each other. He allowed her to be herself. And she helped him trust others. They were cute together and I really liked how they were friends first. I also really liked having Rose and Carver. They made this book so much better and it was so cool to see them together. 

This was another laugh-out-loud book and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this book, I can’t wait to see what else Sarah writes!

To Kiss a Wallflower

About the Book:

To Kiss a Wallflower (Timeless Regency Collection Book 19) by [Jen Geigle  Johnson, Heather B. Moore, Anneka R. Walker]

Title: To Kiss a Wallflower
Series: Timeless Regency Collection
Author: Jen Geigle Johnson, Heather B Moore, Anneka R Walker
Publisher: Mirror Press
Release Date: June 21st, 2022
Genre: Regency Romance

Eventually, all wallflowers will have their chance at love . . . This is where it begins.

The Wallflower’s Dance 
by Jen Geigle Johnson
Lottie Hughes likes people, as long as they aren’t too close. Does it bother her that no one asks her to dance? Yes, but she’s not sure how to drum up dance partners when she has almost no dowry, no title, and freezes up when anyone tries to talk to her. When she suddenly inherits a huge amount and is the new center of attention all over London, her secret dreams might come true but also her worst nightmares. Suddenly everyone wants to talk to her. Men ask her to dance. And she is inundated with interested suitors. She fights to stay close to the few friends she knows are true. One man saw her before her life changed forever. But does she want to accept his help when he, too, might be insincere?

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore
Ellen might be beautiful and considered a diamond of the first water by Society, but she is so very tired of the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so that her beauty won’t go to waste. When her cousin Dinah dares Ellen to attend a ball with no frills and to stand with the wallflowers, Ellen takes on the dare. What’s in the wager for her? The prize cuttings of her aunt’s extraordinary roses. But what Ellen isn’t expecting is Lord Ravenshire to engage her in the most interesting conversation. When she confesses to him of her opposition in marrying for a title, he confesses his distaste of the London scene. They strike a bargain together, one which will either push them apart or lead to a future sweeter than either of them could have imagined.

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker
Charlotte Winters is destined to spinsterhood until she turns down an unwanted proposal and everything changes. With gossip rampant, her father attempts to salvage her reputation by betrothing her to another. Soon she is sent off to her aunt’s to meet Lord Templeton, her intended. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe Lord Templeton from afar before their introduction. She never planned to pretend to be her fictional cousin to learn more about him, or to fall in love with Lord Templeton’s friend in the process. Lord Templeton dreads returning to the empty halls of Newcliff Manor. When his father’s old friend, Mr. Winters reaches out for assistance, Lord Templeton finds himself returning home engaged to a woman he has never met. Desperate to learn more about Miss Winters, he befriends her cousin. He wouldn’t have spoken to her, or lied about his identity, if he’d known the quiet woman would sneak into his heart.

Book Review:

Another lovely collection from the Timeless Regency Series, To Kiss a Wallflower has three sweet novellas. I love novellas! There is something so satisfying about finishing a story and novellas give you that feeling so quickly. I have read quite a few of the collections from the Timeless Romance authors and love the variety of stories that I get to read. 

The Wallflower’s Dance by Jen Geigle Johnson

Lottie Hughes is fine with people, even if they do overwhelm her. She can’t seem to find dance partners though, with no title, a small dowry and the unfortunate habit of freezing in conversations. An unexpected inheritance makes her the focus of the season. Suddenly, she has more suitors than she can meet and everyone wants to talk to her. As she fights to keep her few true friends close, she struggles as the one man who knew her before also seems more interested. But is he sincere?

This was quite sweet! I liked Lottie, she felt very real and I related to her. She struggled with talking to people and I think that is something that most people relate to. I think that it was also cool to see her as she deals with her newfound popularity amongst Society. Denny was also very sweet. I was rooting for him as he figured out his feelings. The story was quite sweet and had a few twists that were fun!

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore

Ellen is considered a diamond of the first water, but is feeling the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so her beauty is not wasted. When her cousin Dinah dares her to try being a Wallflower for a night, she takes it on. Her prize would be cuttings of her aunt’s amazing roses. However, Ellen is not expecting Lord Ravenshire, who provides the most interesting conversation. When she confesses her struggle with the pressure of marrying for a title, he also shares his distaste of the Season. So they create a plan, but will it push them apart or lead to a beautiful future?

  Ellen was sweet, she was trying to be grateful and take advantage of the opportunity she had given. However, she felt like she was constantly being paraded around for Society to discuss and judge. She was not seeking a title or a stately manor, she wanted the comfort and quiet of being the wife of a country gentleman as her mother was. Yet as she gets to know Aaron, she finds someone who she likes and who listens to her. They enjoy one another’s company, even if their initial assessment of each other was not one of suitability. 

Aaron had goals that were not intertwined with the endless balls and rides that come with being in London. But he did not want to disappoint his mother, who wanted him to find a wife. I appreciated the relationship he had with his mother. Even though they did not agree, he was still gracious and respectful. The story moved along pretty quickly as novellas usually do. However, it did not feel rushed, just engaging. 

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker

Charlotte Winters has no prospects amongst her suitors. However, after rejecting an unwanted proposal, she is faced with scandal. So her father tries to save her reputation with a betrothal. She is sent to meet her intended, Lord Templeton, at her aunt’s. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe before meeting him. However, she does not plan to introduce herself as her fictional cousin or fall for Lord Templeton’s friend as she learned about him. Lord Templeton is dreading returning to his lonely home at Newcliff Manor. When his father’s friend, Mr. Winters asks for help, he finds himself engaged. As he has never met her before, he seeks to learn more through her cousin. But he would not have connected with her or lied about his identity if he had known she would sneak into his heart. 

This was a sweet story! I enjoyed their letters and their interactions. It was also interesting with the hidden identity between them. It certainly adds another layer. But I’m glad that it did not add a lot of drawn out drama to the story, I felt like it was dealt with but not excessive. I liked Charlotte’s character, it is nice to have some more gentle and timid characters to relate to. I felt like I knew her and understood her. Luke was also lovely. He wanted a family and companionship. It was sweet to see him find it with Charlotte. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I think it might be my favorite from the collection! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Games in a Ballroom

About the Book:

Title: Games in. a Ballroom
Author: Jentry Flint
Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishers
Release Date: May 3rd, 2022
Genre: Regency Romance

She was forbidden to love him. He only wanted her heart. Can a childhood game bring them together?

London, 1815

Olivia Wilde has resigned herself to never finding a love match. Her father has insisted she marry a man with a title, but the men her father deems acceptable are either boring or are only interested in increasing their own diminishing coffers. With her future looking dismal, Olivia vows to enjoy the last few months of freedom with her childhood friends, including Emerson Latham. His devilish smile and flirtatious teasing stirs up feelings she knows she cannot entertain.

Emerson is struggling to rise to his responsibilities after his father’s death. Though he is still learning his place, one thing he knows for certain is that he wants Olivia Wilde to be his wife. Emerson had long ago fallen in love with her quick wit, beauty, and passionate heart. Yet, without a title, he will never be permitted to court Olivia openly. But he has a plan that may give him a chance to court her in secret.

As the Season kicks off, Emerson proposes a playful game of tag. Olivia’s friends are delighted by the idea, though Olivia is wary. After all, the game must be played in secret as they tag each other at dinners and balls. As the romance builds between Olivia and Emerson, so does the risk of being discovered. Not only are their reputations at stake, so is their safety if they are caught by Olivia’s strict father.

Can their love find a happily ever after before the game ends?

Book Review:

This was a fun book with lovable characters! I absolutely adore this story, at first I was a little nervous but it was so good! Games in a Ballroom is Jentry Flint’s debut novel and it was excellent! The story was really interesting and I fell for the characters at the beginning. I am so glad that I took the chance on it.

Olivia was just trying to humor her father. He was controlling her life, and she was tiptoeing around him. However, when Emerson suggests a game of tag to pass the time during the balls, she can’t help but risk it all for the chance to be herself. Emerson is struggling to find his place after the death of his father, but there is one thing that he knows, he has fallen for Olivia Wilde. As he tries to show her his feelings, he proposes a game of tag. They never expected the fun they would have, but there are devastating consequences if Olivia’s father finds out that Emerson fancies her. Will their relationship ever grow past friends?

Olivia was a bit timid when it came to her father, but she was quick and kind. I loved reading about Olivia. Although she may seem shy, she hid a quick wit about her and it was fun to read about her interacting with Emerson and his friends. She was a strong character and she had endured much from her father. I actually really liked her and I so wanted her to find her freedom and happiness after she had been stuck in her father’s cage. It was sweet to read about Olivia coming out of her shell as she played the game with Ermerson, Arabella, Emerson’s sister, and his friends. Olivia had to learn to stand up for what she believed and fight for a better future. 

Emerson was the sweetest. I really liked him. He was just trying his best to live up to his father’s shoes. He wanted to help his sister find a good match, care for his mother, and convince Olivia of his love. I really enjoyed reading from his perspective, he had quite a journey. He was trying to find the balance between his old jokersty self and the more serious lord he had become. He really cared for his friends and family, and I loved his interactions with his friends. Emerson will have to figure out what he is willing to risk for love?

Emerson and Olivia were great characters and I loved reading their story. I wanted them to fight for their love and happiness. I did not know how it was going to have a happy ending and there were some surprises. It was a really good book! I also loved the side characters. They were awesome and I hope they get their own books. I adored Bradbury, Northcott, and Arabella. They really helped make the story. 

I loved Games in a Ballroom and I would definitely recommend it! I hope that there are more books to come in this series. Games in a Ballroom is a clean historical romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

About the Author:

Jentry Flint is a bookworm-turned-writer with the propensity to try just about anything. She has a true love of history and believes a good quote can fix most things. She lives in southern Utah with her husband and two daughters—who, naturally, are named after characters from books.Her favorite things in life are flavored popcorn, her grandmother’s purple blanket, and curling up on the couch to watch a movie with her husband. Games in a Ballroom is her debut novel.

An Accidental Romance

About the Book:

An Accidental Romance by [Karen Tuft]

Title: An Accidental Romance
The Jennings Family Series
Karen Tuft
Covenant Communications
Release Date: 
December 6, 2021
Historical Romance

Rebecca Jennings’s first London Season has been absolutely ruined, and one person alone is responsible: Mr. Ben Fortescue. If her new neighbor hadn’t startled her, she would never have broken her ankle, leaving her bored and frustrated at home in the country while her sister enters the London Season alone. Although, it was rather gallant of him to carry her home . . .

For his part, Ben feels terrible about the role he played in Miss Rebecca Jennings’s accident. In the days that follow their first disastrous meeting, he finds himself inexorably drawn to the surprising young woman—first out of guilt and then out of a stirring affection. But Ben hides a secret: he has not been completely forthright about his identity or about the dark secrets of his past that would make it impossible for romance to blossom with Miss Jennings. Despite his love for her, he knows he must let her go.

With her ankle finally healed but her heart now broken, Rebecca is left with little choice but to throw herself into the Season. With eligible men circling this late addition to the Marriage Mart, it seems that Rebecca will have no shortage of suitors. If only her heart were free to give.

Book Review:

This was a sweet book! I was super excited to read this book because I loved The Duke Meets His Match! I was thrilled to read more about the Jennings family! An Accidental Romance is by Karen Tuft. Okay so I adore the Jennings family, they are a lot of fun and I love their relationships. They clearly love each other and yet they still mess with each other, it reminds me of my own siblings. I was excited to get to read Rebecca’s book and see this lovely family again. 

Rebecca Jennings is ecstatic to finally be able to come out in Society, however a broken ankle leaves her stranded at home. It was the new neighbor’s fault that this happened after all if he hadn’t startled her, she wouldn’t have fallen. Ben Fortescue feels terrible for his part in Miss Rebecca Jennings’ accident and strives to make it up to her by visiting. However he never expected to find himself trhan to the surprising young women. Will Ben be able to let go of his past and find love? Will Rebecca be able to break through Ben’s walls?

Rebecca was a sweetheart, I loved how she cared for her family but she also stood up for herself. Rebecca was a lot of fun and it was cute to read about her interacting with Ben and falling in love. She didn’t plan on falling in love, but as she spent more time with him, she began to see the kind man hidden behind his mask. I loved how Rebecca wasn’t one to be pushed around and how she encouraged Ben to be the best person he could be no matter his past.

Ben was also kind, I liked how he thought of Rebecca and encouraged her when she was down because of her ankle. However Ben had to work through the demons of his past, he had been hurt before and he was a bit weary of others. But Rebecca helped him see the good in people and helped him reconcile with his past. It was sweet to read about Ben interacting with Rebecca’s family and reading about them falling in love. 

Rebecca and Ben had a cute relationship and it was fun to read about them falling in love because they didn’t plan on it. Rebecca had high hopes to go to the Season, while Ben was just trying to get by. I also adored Rebecca’s family and I hope that there are more books to come about the remaining siblings! 

I really enjoyed An Accidental Romance! It had romance, family and lovely characters! I would totally recommend it! An Accidental Romance is a clean historical romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

The Explorer’s Daughter

About the Book:

The Explorer's Daughter: A Regency Romance Mystery (The Reluctant Heirs Book 1) by [Kate Renae]

Title: The Explorer’s Daughter
The Reluctant Heirs
Kate Ranae
Release Date: 
October 9, 2021
Regency Romance

When Adeline Dawson arrives at Fairstone Hall, her past is enshrouded in mystery. She comes as if she’s running from something, with no lady’s maid and little to carry. The only thing of importance she brings with her is an invitation – because the residents of Fairstone Hall are technically family.

William Wakefield is the young, brooding earl who resides at the grand manor. He knows Adeline only as his recent sister-in-law, but has never laid eyes on her until she came to his home. After less than amiable first impressions, the two seem unlikely to be friends. But as William observes her, he sees her kindness, resilience, and an invisible burden she carries. He becomes determined to overcome his broody demeanor to help her if he can – but could never predict that his heart would be at risk.

Della is equally determined to protect herself – and her secret. But as she races the clock to save the things she loves most, she fights an unexpected battle between love and loyalty. Things begin to spiral out of control, and she begins to doubt both herself and her ability to choose what’s right.

As the mystery of Fairstone Hall unravels, the truth seeps into the light: one of love and burdens that surround the standoffish earl and the explorer’s daughter.

The Explorer’s Daughter is a clean regency romance and mystery. It is a standalone novel and Book 1 in The Reluctant Heirs series.

Book Review:

Oh my goodness! I was blown away by this book. It was sooo good! This is Ms. Renae’s first book, but it was simply amazing. I loved the fascinating plot and the adorable characters. I was honestly a little bit worried about reading this because I’m not super into Regency books, but I really loved The Explorer’s Daughter 🙂

Adeline(Della)’s idyllic world has fallen apart, and she’s forced to go to her brother in law’s house with a huge secret. William Wakefield has no idea how to interact with people, but his intriguing sister in law has captured his notice. He’s determined to get to know her better, and Adeline is equally determined to protect her secrets at all costs.

Adeline was such a fun, spirited character! She was so strong and loyal even through a ton of challenges. I loved how there wasn’t a ton of drama between her and William. There was the normal hesitation to share with each other, but it was definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I thought William was so adorable! He felt very Mr. Darcylike to me because he seemed super aloof, but he was actually just shy. I loved all the little things that he would do for Della like buying her a copy of Frankenstein. I feel like they fit together really well too. They were both kinda homebodies, but Della added some much needed light in William’s life.

I loved this book! The plot was super interesting without being overly dramatic and stressful. The characters were so loveable, and the side characters made the book so much better! I’m hoping that Rose and Lidia will get their own books too. This is a clean, Regency set book that I would totally recommend even if Regency isn’t your first choice!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

A Seaside Summer

About the Book:

A Seaside Summer (Timeless Regency Collection Book 17) by [Josi S. Kilpack, Martha Keyes, Heather B. Moore]

Title: A Seaside Summer
Timeless Regency Collection
Josi S Kilpack, Martha Keyes, Heather B Moore
Release Date: 
September 28, 2021
Regency Romance

Summer on the seaside . . . a perfect place for romance.

Join us for three novellas in one collection:

The New Countess by Josi S. Kilpack
Diane knows why the earl asked her to marry him; he needed a mother for his daughter, an heir for his title, and a hostess to assist with his position in Parliament. With two sons of her own, and no security to speak of, she never thought twice about accepting his proposal. Summering at his holiday cottage at the sea was meant to be reward for a busy first year as the new countess, and a time for her to rest before their baby is born. She is expecting lazy days on the beach with the children, simple meals, and keeping her own schedule. When the earl surprises her with a visit, she does her best not to resent the intrusion. When she learns that he came for the sole purpose of being with her and getting to know her better, she realizes that perhaps this marriage can be more than she expected. Is she ready for him to know her and love her and explore this new possibility together? She wants to be, but it is not an easy thing to let go of expectations and open up to an entirely new way of life.

Mishaps and Memories by Martha Keyes
Judith Jardine’s one chance at a brilliant match is doomed from the start when she is ignored and then mocked by the ton’s most sought-after gentleman. Under a gloomy cloud of failure, Judith is exiled to a seaside cottage to spend the summer helping her sister—and living a life far below the one she experienced for her week in Brighton. When she discovers the man responsible for her misfortune unconscious on the beach, she heeds her better impulses and has him brought to the cottage to be seen to. But James Carlisle has no recollection of who he is, what happened to him, or how he has wronged her, and Judith sees the opportunity to teach him a valuable lesson—unless the deception and her feelings get the best of her first.

Moonlight Summer by Heather B. Moore
Oscar Rosewell’s life is not lacking in many things even though he lives on the fringes of society due to his father’s ruined reputation. He’s sworn off having any personal relationships with ton members—his only interest lies in keeping his business thriving. He’s content with his day-to-day anonymity, and business keeps his heart from getting exposed. It’s safer that way. Until Oscar meets Miss Dorothea Atkinson. A woman capturing his interest is a rare thing, but Miss Atkinson is nearly engaged to a man of her parents’ choosing. Would it be wrong to wish for something to go terribly wrong between the couple? Soon, Oscar learns that wishing can become a reality, but often, the price is an even heavier thing to pay.

Book Review:

A Seaside Summer is a collection of novellas by Josi S. Kilpack, Martha Keyes, and Heather B. Moore. I have enjoyed books by all of these authors and was excited to read these! Each book is set at the seaside and all are clean regency romances.

The New Countess by Josi S. Kilpack

Diane understood why she was chosen to marry the earl, he needed a mother for his daughter, an heir, and a hostess. Her acceptance was for her and her two sons’ security. Now, she has a holiday at the seaside to rest before the birth of their child. Days of lazy beach days with her children, simplicity of meals and schedule, is exactly what she wants. The earl’s surprise visit is not a welcome one, though she does her best to adjust. However, she is surprised when she realizes he has come to get to know her and spend time with her. Will they be able to move forward and create a true marriage? 

I really enjoyed this novella! It had a more formal feel, more like the writing of Jane Austen than a contemporary novel. It was nice to read a different sort of story as well. It was a very sweet story and I really enjoyed watching Diane and Michael get to know each other. It seemed very realistic. I also thought that the interactions with the children were so cute.

Mishaps and Memories by Martha Keyes

After Judith Jardine’s chance at a good match is ruined when she is first ignored then humiliated by the ton’s most popular gentlemen, she is sent to help her sister for the summer. At the seaside cottage, she is forced to work and live a life far below her previous hopes. The discovery of the man responsible for her misfortune unconscious on the beach is a shock to her. However, she takes him to the cottage for care, and soon discovers that he has lost his memory. So she decides to teach him a lesson, until the deception and her feelings begin to go too far.

This story was so fun! I was a little nervous, because I sometimes have trouble with deception. However, I did enjoy it. Judith was such a determined character. She really did not like James, but at the same time she had a hard time continuing to dislike him as she got to know him. It was really funny to watch James try to maneuver without his memories, especially with Judith’s meddling. I also liked how they were able to get to know each other, in a more unusual way for that time period. James was very sweet and I thought that they were very cute together! 

Moonlight Summer by Heather B. Moore

Oscar Rosewell is content with his life, even if it is on the outside of society. With his father’s ruined reputation, he only wants to keep his business and protect himself. However, meeting Miss Dorthea Atkinson changes his perspective, until he realizes that she is practically engaged to a man of her parents’ choosing. What can he do? 

This novella was also super cute! I really like both Dorthea and Oscar, they were relatable and really nice. I enjoyed reading their story, as they deal with the problems that are before them and their relationship. It was very intriguing too! I was not expecting some of the plot twists, which made it a very exciting read. 

Overall, I really enjoyed all of these stories and would definitely recommend it to Regency fans!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

To Marry an Earl

About the Book:

To Marry an Earl by [Karen Thornell]

Title: To Marry an Earl
Author: Karen Thornell
Publisher:  Covenant Communications
Release Date: September 1, 2021
Genre: Historical Romance

Katherine Cartwright knows through bitter experience that true love is fiction and trust should not be bestowed easily. Now, after two unsuccessful London Seasons, her atrocious father has decided to marry her off to the highest bidder to pay for his gambling debts, ridding himself of the daughter he never wanted. A profitable deal is struck, and Kate is packed off to the home of her betrothed, an earl she has never met. Or so she believes.

When James Fenwick, the new Earl of Bowcott, learns that the girl he’s loved since childhood is being sold off like chattel, he’s determined to step in and save her. He makes an offer her father cannot refuse and insists on a proper engagement. But when Kate meets James again, her old friend cannot bring himself to admit it is him whom she is to marry. Soon, an intricate charade and a past that cannot be escaped jeopardize James’s chance at rekindling their friendship, to say nothing of winning Kate’s heart. Can love truly conquer all, or was this a match doomed from the start?

You can read the first chapter here:

Book Review:

I have been eagerly waiting to read Karen Thornell’s newest book! I found her through the bookstagram community and I was so excited to read To Marry an Earl! It took me a little while to get into the book, but once I started truly reading I was hooked. The storyline was really engaging and the characters were lovely.

I felt bad for Kate, Katherine Cartwright, her father seemed like an impossible man who made life horrible for her. She was desperate to find a life that she could call her own, however her plans were once again disregarded when her father married her off to the highest bidder, an earl. Things start to look up when she is reunited with her old friend James Fenwick. But as she spends time with him, she finds herself falling for this man. However when the truth around her engagement comes to light will their relationship last? Will Kate be able to trust James after all he had put her through? 

Kate was an interesting character, she was trying to protect herself from more hurt. However, she also found herself falling for James and that made her conflicted because she wasn’t sure how she felt about him. He had hurt her before, so she was wary. I liked reading about her growth as she learned to trust herself and gain confidence. I learned to like her more and more as I read more about her. I also liked how she was a strong character, as she learned to overcome the obstacles that were thrown into her life. 

I liked James from the beginning but I also wanted to bash him over the head. He made so many silly mistakes with Kate, but he was trying his best. I liked how James tried his best to care for Kate and put her first. He truly did love her in his own way, but he was struggling to figure out how to show her because of how tentative she was. He was trying to learn how to love Kate and figure out what it meant to be an earl. He was kind and willing to help those around him. 

The side characters were also fun, I really liked James’s friends Lucas and Henry. I hope that they get their own books! Julia was also sweet. These characters really helped make the book. I loved reading about their interactions. The servants were sweet, especially James’ cook. James and Kate had to learn how to make a relationship work with each other. They also had to learn to work through the truth. 

To Marry an Earl was a lovely book! I would definitely recommend it, especially to those who like regency romances! I can’t wait to see what else Thornell writes. To Marry an Earl is a clean Regency romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required. 

About the Author:

Karen Thornell grew up reading when she should have been sleeping, but it wasn’t until 2019 that she started writing. Tired of ending books and saying ‘goodbye’ to beloved characters, she wondered what it would be like to have her own characters that lived in her head always. It was probably a mark of sleep deprivation that she wanted people living in her head, but the idea was planted regardless. 

Karen lives in Utah with her husband and kids. When not writing contemporary or regency romance, she spends her free time doing endless loads of laundry, playing board games, and, yes, talking to those characters in her head.


An Engagement of Sorts

About the Book:

Title: An Engagement of Sorts
Author: Alene Wecker
Publisher:  Covenant Communications
Release Date: August 9, 2021
Genre: Regency Romance

Much to her mother’s dismay, spirited Anne Fletcher spent her youth seeking her father’s approval by hunting and riding. More comfortable in breeches than ball gowns, Anne sees the freedoms she once enjoyed slowly taken from her in the name of fashioning her into an eligible young lady. When her parents try to force her into marriage, Anne makes a desperate attempt to salvage her last vestige of independence. If she is to marry, she will do so on her own terms. 

Anne strikes a deal: if she cannot secure a man for herself, she will agree to marry the husband her parents approved. She soon finds herself in the last place she would ever choose—that stifling parade of etiquette, the London Season. Anne’s plan is in motion. Now all she needs is a man willing to masquerade as her fiancé.

Book Review:

Wow, I liked this more than I thought I would. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I hoped that it would be good and it was! An Engagements of Sorts is Alene Wecker’s debut novel and it was a great book. Although it took me a little while to get into it, once I really started reading I was hooked. 

Anne wasn’t one to fit into society, she was free spirited and she would rather be hunting and riding then going to balls. However as she grows older she finds herself losing the freedom to be herself as she is fashioned into an eligible young lady. When she is forced to marry, Anne makes a desperate attempt to marry on her own terms. She strikes a bargain, if she cannot find a man to marry she will marry the man her parents chose. Anne finds herself in the London Season, looking for a way to be herself in a world that calls her to change. 

Anne was a lot of fun but it also took me a little while to connect with her. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her at first, but as I read more I started to empathize with her. She was struggling to figure out how to live in a world where she didn’t quite fit in, a world where even her own family didn’t know what to do with her. She didn’t want to change for society, but she was fitting that she was running out of options. I wanted to comfort Anne as she tried to find her place. Anne had to figure out what kind of person she wanted to be and if she would stand up for herself and love. 

Thomas was also a complicated character, but I grew to love him. He showed society one side of him, but he was actually kind at heart. He wanted the best for others, but he also wanted to protect his own heart from hearts. He was infuriating at times and yet I wanted him to be happy also. I liked his growth as a character and I adored reading about him with Anne. Thomas will have to make a choice: risk his heart or risk living a life alone unhappy. 

I really enjoyed the witty banter between Thomas and Anne. They were such a fun couple to read about and their interactions were awesome. The side characters were irritating at times because of how they tried Thomas and Anne, but they did help move the book along. The plot was really interesting and I didn’t want to go to bed because I wanted to finish the book!

An Engagement of Sorts was a lovely book and I would totally recommend it! I am excited to see what else Wecker writes! An Engagement of Sorts is a clean historical romance . Trigger warnings, attempted rape and mentions of rape/sexual assault.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required. 

About the Author:

Alene Wecker writes because her favorite authors—Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer—haven’t published anything new in ages! Alene graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master of Music in Vocal Performance, though she rarely uses her degree. She likes to tell herself her education comes in handy as she describes debutantes who, like herself, are frequently forced to display their mediocre skills at the piano-forte. When she’s not writing or mothering her six children, she is usually reading, or can sometimes be found singing with Utah Symphony/Utah Opera. She also enjoys traveling and learning new languages. Some of her favorite haunts include: Berlin, Brașov, Bucharest, Budapest, London, Maui, New York City, Oahu, Paris, Rome, San Diego, Vancouver, and Venice


Harriet’s Proposal

About the Book:

Harriet's Proposal: A Regency Romance (The Harcourts Book 5) by [Penny Fairbanks]

Title: Harriet’s Proposal
Series: Harcourts #5
Author: Penny Fairbanks
Release Date: June 18, 2021
Genre: Regency Romance

She’s full of life but struggles to find love.

His painful childhood memories have closed his heart forever.

Can she help him realize that life is worth the risk?

Miss Harriet Harcourt is bold, energetic, and spirited. She has a family who loves and accepts her for who she is. Unfortunately, the gentlemen in London find her lively personality to be too much. Harriet wants love, but it’s proving more difficult to catch than she thought.

To her delight, she finally meets a charming gentleman who seems enamored with her right away—until he goes silent and never seeks her out again. Harriet returns home after the Season, disheartened, only to unexpectedly run into that very same man.

Jonas Drake, Viscount Kentwood, lost his mother during childbirth and his father when he was just a boy. He vowed long ago that he would never put himself in a position to suffer that kind of pain again. That means no wife and children. Instead, he fills his time with revelry and temporary flirtations to distract himself from his pain.

After receiving an urgent letter from his beloved aunt, his only remaining relative, Jonas rushes to her home in the country. She convinces him to stay for a few months, hoping that he’ll change his mind about settling down. He wants to do nothing of the sort, until he accepts an unusual proposal from a bright young lady he though he would never see again.

Will Harriet be able to help heal this roguish viscount?

Will Jonas rediscover the joys of life and love?

Book Review:

This was a fun book! Harriet’s Proposal is the 5th and final book in Penny Fairbanks Harcourts series. I was really excited to see how the series would conclude and I loved it! 

Harriet is so full of life and fun to read about! She was exuberant and she loved openly. I loved her character and how much she enjoyed spending time with her family. She knew that she had been blessed with much, her family and friends, and her goal was to enjoy what she was given. However she also struggled with being herself, she didn’t fit in with society. She was too loud, and too much. Harriet had to learn that it was okay to be different and that those who truly love her will love her for herself. 

Jonas was the opposite of Harriet, he was more jaded but he was also kind. His parents had died when he was fairly young and it has left him running from his past. He showed people a sliver of himself, never letting them get too close. But Harriet disrupted his plans and showed him a world full of joy and life. I liked reading about Jonas and reading from his perspective. He didn’t understand Harriet, but he found her intriguing and amazing. Jonas had to learn to see past his hurt and learn to live life to its fullest. 

Harriet and Jonas were such a fun couple. He didn’t begrudge her for her personality and she saw past his walls. Their relationship was sweet and I liked seeing old characters. The Harcourts siblings are always a lot of fun and it was nice to see them make appearances. Jonas’ Aunt was also lovely, and I adored her relationship with Joans.

Harriet’s Proposal was a great book! I read it relatively quickly and I would definitely recommend it! Harriet’s Proposal is a clean, regency romance.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

A Companion for the Count

A Companion for the Count: A Regency Romance (Clairvoir Castle Romances Book 2) by [Sally Britton]

About the Book:

Title: A Companion for the Count
Series: Clairvoir Castle Romances Book 2
Author: Sally Britton
Publisher: Pink Citrus Books
Release Date: 
May 2, 2021
Genre: Regency Romance

Miss Emma Arlen’s position as a companion never included distracting her mistress’s suitors, but when a handsome Italian ambassador arrives determined to find an English bride, Emma happily takes up the cause.

Emma Arlen has spent a decade as a member of the duke’s family, in the position of companion to his daughter and ward to the duke himself. She would do anything to show her support to the ducal family for their love and kindness. When Lady Elinor begs Emma to distract a most determined Sicilian suitor, she agrees at once. How hard can it be to keep one man entertained for a few weeks?

Luca, the Conte di Atella, left his home in the newly formed Kingdom of the Two Sicilies under the direct orders of King Ferdinand I. Luca’s duty as ambassador to England includes everything from negotiating better trade agreements to strengthening the bonds between the two nations. If possible, by marrying a lady of high birth. When he optimistically sets his sights on Lady Elinor, Miss Arlen consistently disrupts his plans. The more time that passes, the more he realizes he does not mind at all.

Continually in the conte’s company, Emma recognizes in him a spirit of adventure and nobility like she has never witnessed before. When the time comes for him to go, will she be able to part with him and keep her heart intact?

Book Review:

The 2nd book in the Castle Clairvoir romances, A Companion for the Count is a sweet regency romance perfect for spring! Emma has grown up alongside the Duke of Montfort’s family as his ward and companion to Lady Josephine, his daughter. She is loyal to the family and loves being with them, yet feels slightly apart from them. The arrival of an Italian ambassador who she and Lady Josephine are to help welcome, brings new uncertainties to her life. 

This was so cute! J had the opportunity to read the 1st book, Mr. Gardiner and the Governess, so I was so excited for this story! Emma seemed so kind and intelligent. I was just waiting for her book! It was just as good as I hoped!  Emma is intelligent, thoughtful, and observant. I really liked her and think that I would love to have her as a friend. Luca was also very sweet. He was so serious and intentional. I loved seeing both of their perspectives, especially of each other! They both found the other so compelling. It was lovely to see them grow comfortable with one another. I thought that it was also lovely to see how they complemented each other. They were both very intelligent and educated, aware of politics. Emma was really able to help Luca with her knowledge and lightheartedness. He brought her companionship, with care and intelligent conversation. They could talk to each other and truly understand each other. Both of them had insecurities that they had to overcome in their love story. 

I also loved seeing characters from the last book and some set up for the next book! It was so cool to see life at Clairvoir from a different perspective. I thought that it was also cool to see into another country through Luca. I would definitely recommend this book to those looking for a sweet clean regency romance. It was super cute and you should definitely also read Mr. Gardiner and the Governess, the first book.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.