The Earl’s Hideaway, No Ladies Allowed

About the Book:

The Earl's Hideaway, No Ladies Allowed (A Romance of Rank Book 2) by [Esther Hatch]

Title: The Earl’s Hideaway, No Ladies Allowed
Series: A Romance of Rank #2
Author: Esther Hatch
Release Date: December 30th, 2022
Genre: Historical Romantic Comedy

If there is one woman Samson Rutherford, Earl of Riverton, can’t abide, it is his meddling sister. He has spent his whole life being a pawn in her plans and tricks, but when one of her schemes leaves him embarrassed in front of an old friend, he has finally had enough. He cannot beat her at her games, or even say no to her, his only option to save his sanity and pride is to run away–and fortunately, his solicitor knows just the place…

Catherine Wallace wasn’t born to be a governess, but with her family’s fall from grace, she has become one. A good one. However, when the chance arises to stay at her uncle’s home so she can care for his horticulture project while he is absent, she jumps at the chance. Leaving her position, she plans to gather her sisters together so they can be a family again–even if it is only for a little while.

But the last thing Catherine expected to find upon her arrival was her childhood friend. Samson has sequestered himself at the cottage and claims to have been invited to watch over her uncle’s business while he is away. However, Catherine insists that’s what she’s been asked to do. The quiet retreat is what they both need, but they cannot stay there together…

Not unless they can manage the horticulture project together and somehow keep their living conditions secret, that is. Because the last thing Catherine wants is for Samson to be forced into marriage like he has been forced into everything else since childhood.

Luckily for Samson, that happens to be a risk he is willing to take.

Book Review:

The highly anticipated next story in the Romance of Rank series, The Earl’s Hideaway, No Ladies Allowed is a fun regency rom-com to start the year off with! Samson Rutherford, Earl of Riverton has spent his entire life being an unwilling participant in his meddling sister’s plans and tricks. When her latest scheme leaves him embarrassed in front of an old friend, he has had enough. Samson cannot beat her or even say no to her, so he runs away. Thankfully, his solicitor knows just the place. Catherine Wallance is a good governess, even if she wasn’t born to be one. However, the chance to stay at her uncle’s home and to care for his horticulture project in his absence, is too good to pass. Leaving her position, she plans to gather her sisters together so they can be a family again, even for a little while. But finding her childhood friend, Samson, who claims that he has been invited to watch her uncle’s business, at the cottage is a surprise. They both need a retreat, but can they stay there together? 

What a fun story! I was so excited to read this, because I enjoyed the first story so much. This book centers around Catherine and Samson. I really enjoyed Catherine’s POV. She felt very relatable and practical, even if she was holding onto some hurts from their childhood. She felt the weight of her family’s fall from grace and the weight of her strained relationship with Samson. She cared for him, but there was a lot in their way. I really enjoyed seeing her with her sisters, it was really cute. Samson was quite funny! I definitely felt for him as he struggled with his sister, she certainly had a strong personality! But he was pretty dramatic himself and I appreciated his sense of humor. It was sweet to watch him try to find his place with Catherine again.

Overall, I thought that the story was sweet and lighthearted. It was nice to have the characters know each other beforehand, because their story did progress pretty quickly. It was so lovely to see all the characters from Manor for Sale, and from a different perspective. I enjoyed going back to this world.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


A Proper Charade

About the Book:

A Proper Charade by [Esther Hatch]

Title: A Proper Charade
Series: Proper Scandals #2
Author: Esther Hatch
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Release Date: October 24th, 2020
Genre: Historical Romance

Does love have a chance if she doesn’t play by the rules?

Lady Patience Kendrick was born to a life of privilege, and with the London Season looming, she finds herself facing unprecedented pressure to adhere to the rules of society. Unfortunately, the free-spirited young woman is anything but proper. Patience’s elder brother, a former military man, bemoans his sister’s antics—but when he accuses her of incurable frivolity, it is simply more than she can bear. Determined to prove her brother wrong, Patience undertakes a drastic experiment: she will disguise herself as a maid and demonstrate her ability to work as hard as anyone.

Taken on as household staff by her brother’s former general, Patience soon learns that willingness and ability are two very different things. While her plan sounded promising in theory, the reality is that she is out of her depth—and the irresistibly charming son of the house isn’t helping matters. Patience soon finds herself embroiled in a charade far more complicated than she imagined. With both her pride and her heart at stake, she is determined to prove her brother wrong—even as her plans spiral delightfully out of control.

Book Review:

I have heard so many good things about Esther Hatch’s books and I knew that I had to try it myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. A Proper Charade is the second book in Esther Hatch’s Proper Scandals series. 

Lady Patience Kendrick just wanted to prove to her brother that she was reliable. Determined to show him that she can work hard, she disguises herself and goes to work as a maid in her brother’s formal general’s home. While there Patience finds her plan getting more and more complicated. Will she be able to prove to her brother that she is reliable and able to work, as her plans spiral out of control?

I really liked Patience, she was quirky and fun. I liked how she said whatever came to mind, she was honest to a fault. Patience endeared herself to me pretty quickly, and I just really enjoyed reading about her and her adventures. She was different from the other ladies of her time, and it made it hard for her. She so wanted to prove herself to her brother, and she wanted to be better and do more. 

Andrew was so serious, but he was also such a sweetheart. I really liked him also and I felt bad for him. He tried so hard to live up to his father’s expectations, but he felt like he would never be enough. I also liked his quirks. He made lots of lists and he was so orderly, but he was also kind. 

Patience and Andrew were perfect together. They balanced each other. He helped her stay focused and she helped him relax. I loved reading scenes about them together. The charades that happened during this book were hilarious, nothing was quite as it seemed. Patience was a horrible maid, but she tried her best. And Andrew needed a way to prove to Miss Morgan that she was the right woman for him. I found myself bursting out laughing while I was reading this book

I also really enjoyed the side characters, Mr. Gilbert was super nice.  Andrew’s family was the sweetest, I loved his niece and nephew, they really added to the book. Also his sister was amazing! Patience’s brother was kind but strict, and I really want him to have his own book now!A Proper Charade was amazing and I really enjoyed it! Once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down. I would definitely recommend it. A Proper Charade is a clean historical romance book.

The Holly and the Ivy

About the Book:

The Holly and the Ivy by [Sarah M. Eden, Esther Hatch, Dana LeCheminant, Anneka R. Walker]

Title: The Holly and the Ivy
Author: Sarah M Eden, Esther Hatch, Dana LeCheminant, Anneka R. Walker
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Release Date: October 3rd, 2022
Genre: Historical Romance

Spend the holidays with four of your favorite historical romance authors, whose stories of Yuletide romance will brighten the season with humor, hope, and the promise of true love.

The Holly and the Ivy by Sarah M. Eden

As nursemaid to the eight-year-old Duke of Kielder, Robbie will spend her holidays with her young charge as a guest of Lord and Lady Jonquil. While the couple makes the child’s holiday magical, the handsome gardener works his own magic on Nurse Robbie’s heart.

Hiding Christmas by Esther Hatch

Celebrating Christmas in Scotland will only invite persecution. But that never stopped Kirstine’s English grandmother. When they are almost caught, Kirstine is forced to beg for the help of the one man she cannot abide.

A Twist of Christmas by Dana LeCheminant

A Christmas house party offers two members of the ton an irresistible opportunity: a weekend of anonymity. But their charade comes with unexpected romantic consequences.

A Season to Love by Anneka R. Walker

Alice Hunt is searching for a Christmas miracle: a husband of her choosing. With the threat of an arranged marriage looming, she looks to an unlikely matchmaker for help.

Book Review:

Um, all of these authors are amazing so I was just beyond excited to read this collection! And all of these novellas were just so good! The Holly and the Ivy is written by Sarah M Eden, Esther Hatch, Dana LeCheminant, and Anneka R Walker. I mean what a stellar line up.

So this first one looked good and it definitely did not disappoint. The Holly and the Ivy is written by Sarah M Eden and it is Adam, the Duke of Kieder’s nursemaid, Robbie. Mr. Simpkin was an interesting character, I had to warm up to him but I still liked him. This was cute and sweet. I loved getting to see Lucas and Julia again, it was fun to see them through different people’s eyes. 

Hiding Christmas by Esther Hatch

The concept seemed a bit awkward for me, but I ended up really enjoying this one. Hiding Christmas is written by Esther Hatch and it is the second novella in the book. Kirstine did not like Isaac but she needed his help to get to England to celebrate Christmas. I liked the characters and enjoyed the story. It was fun to read about the characters getting over the past and starting over. 

A Twist of Christmas by Dana LeCheminant

I adored this one! It was so sweet and fun! I loved the concept, two people pretending to be someone else and falling in love. A Twist of Christmas is by Dana LeCheminant and I loved the characters. I really wish that this novella was longer; it was just so fun to read. Beth and Graham were characters that I could relate too and I wanted to see how they would end up together. They had a lot of roads to cross but it was definitely a wonderful story. 

A Season to Love by Anneka R Walker

I had a harder time getting into this one, but as I read more I grew to love the story. A Season to Love is written by Anneka R Walker and it is the last novella in the book but still wonderful.  Alice and Thomas were such wonderful characters. Alice was looking for a husband and Thomas was the clergyman helping her in her search. I really enjoyed their interactions and the easy banter. I liked how they were both unique characters and it was sweet to read about them falling for each other. 

All of these stories were wonderful and I would definitely recommend them. They were such fun Christmas historical romances. They reminded me of the Christmas spirit and I enjoyed reading about the characters connecting and fallin in love. The Holly and the Ivy is a wonderful book with engaging novellas.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.