Never Fall For The One Who Got Away

About the Book:

Never Fall for Your One that Got Away: A laugh-out-loud sweet romantic comedy (It's Complicated Book 4) by [Kate O'Keeffe]

Title: Never Fall For The One Who Got Away
Series: It’s Complicated #4
Author: Kate O’Keefe
Release Date: July 30th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy

If life gives you a second chance with the one that got away, should you take it?

Noah Grant was my first. He was the guy who went from childhood friend to teenage love. The guy I spent one heady, intoxicating summer with, only to have my heart snapped in two—not by him, but by me.

Fast forward twelve years and just when I think I’m finally over Noah, he’s back. Older, wiser, hotter.

Definitely hotter.

Work throws us together, and there’s no avoiding him, even if I wanted to. And I don’t want to avoid him, although I know I should.

But Noah’s hiding something. And if I let myself get close, could his secret break my heart all over again?

Book Review:

This was a fun read! Never Fall For Your One That Got Away is the fourth book in Kate O’Keefe’s series, It’s Complicated. This series has been so interesting and I loved the characters. I was excited to get a chance to read this one too!

Tabitha finally gets her own story. Tabitha was a bit of a more complicated character in the last books so I wasn’t sure how this book was going to go but it was really good. Tabitha has finally let go of her “wild” ways and is getting more serious about life. However just as her life is getting back on track, the one who got away, Noah walks back into her life. 

Tabitha was definitely an interesting character, but I did enjoy reading about her. She was learning to be herself. It was fun to read about Tabitha growing and seeing what it meant to stand on her own two feet. She had relied on her family for a lot but she needed to learn how to stand up for herself. Noah really helped bring out the best in her. He challenged her to be better. 

Noah was a sweetheart and although we don’t get to see his perspective, I still enjoyed his character. Noah had worked hard for everything in his life. He was a relatively successful man but he was still nursing a broken heart. He had never stopped loving Tabitha. It was cute to read about Noah interacting with Tabitha, you could really tell that he loved her. But he was still wary of trusting her because of their past. 

Noah and Tabitha were a fun couple. They balanced each other out and helped make each other better. I liked how they knew each other before they fell in love. They had some rough moments but it made them stronger. I also liked the side characters and sweet dogs that O’keefe adds to her books. 

Never Fall For Your One That Got Away is a wonderful book. I would recommend it to those who enjoy rom-coms. Never Fall For Your One That Got Away is a clean romantic comedy. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


The One Who Got Away

About the Book:

The One Who Got Away: A Christian Firefighter Romance (Second Chance Fire Station Book 1) by [Tara Grace Ericson]

Title: The One Who Got Away
Series: Second Chance Fire Station #1
Author: Tara Grace Ericson
Publisher: Silver Fountain Press
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

The relationship is fake. But the sparks are real.
Can these best friends rekindle a second chance at first love? Or will they both end up burned?

Right here at the Minden Fire Department is exactly where I belong. But when I became Captain Storm, apparently it meant I needed a wife. Or at least, that’s what my mom’s friends think.

When Krystal comes back to town, I don’t know what to think. She was my best friend in high school. The truth is I loved her–as much as any eighteen-year-old kid could have. I think she loved me, too.

But she left, anyway.

I really do understand why. She had dreams to chase in Hollywood. How could I deny her that?

She’s here now, though. For eight weeks. And she’s taking over the fire department charity auction while her mom recovers from her fall, which means working with me.

I know we’re just friends. She’s going back to LA after the auction, but maybe her presence could get my mom’s friends off my back for a minute. We’ll just let people assume there is more to our friendship… No harm, no foul. I really could use the break from my personal matchmakers’ attention.

And I won’t say no to a little extra time with Krystal. I’m probably torturing myself. Friends is all we’ll ever be. Even a fake relationship can’t change the fact that she was The One Who Got Away.

Book Review:

Oh, this was so cute! I always adore Tara Grace Ericson’s books and this one was just a great start to a new series! The One Who Got Away is the first book in Tara Grace Ericson’s new series, Second Chance Fire Station. 

Krystal had left home right after college to follow her dreams. But when her mom gets hurt, she finds herself back in town and paired off with the guy she left to help plan a fundraiser. Captain Bryce Storm had been pinning after Krystal ever since she left.

Krystal was a sweet character who was just trying to follow God’s leadings. She had left home to follow her dreams but now that she was back, she didn’t know what to do. Krystal had a lot to work through, but I love how she still tried to look to God for guidance. She truly cared for Bryce but she didn’t want to regret her life decisions. 

Bryce was a sweetheart, he really cared for his community. I loved getting to read from his perspective. He worked hard to be a good captain. I liked how he never pushed Krystal or really got bad at her for her choices, he was understanding. He did not always understand but he still wanted what was best for her. 

I really liked the story and the characters. The romance was sweet and it did not feel rushed. I was able to connect with the characters and I wanted to see how they would end up together. I liked that they had history but how it was not full of angst. I also love how Ericson is able to weave faith so seamlessly into the story. The characters learned to trust God even when life felt crazy. These are the kind of Christian books that I love. 

The One Who Got Away was a wonderful book and I am so excited to read the rest of the books in this series. I would definitely recommend this book! The One Who Got Away is a clean Chrisitan second chance romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


About the Book:

Enriched (Knights of Brethren Book 4) by [Jody  Hedlund]

Title: Enriched
Series: Knights of Brethren #4
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Northern Lights Press
Release Date: July 12th, 2022
Genre: YA Historical Romance

During a time when legends were born . . .


A wealthy noblewoman with a heart of gold, a wounded knight closed off to love, and the sacrifices for a chalice that can bring healing.

Lady Karina lives in a convent and expects to become a nun someday. When her wealthy father asks her to help his textile business become more successful by marrying one of the popular Knights of Brethren, Karina complies, ever the dutiful daughter.

During a royal quest to find the sacred chalice, Torvald is called home to save his family’s estate through an arranged marriage to a wealthy maiden. Although willing to do his duty, he’s vowed never to give his heart to anyone after watching his father suffer heartbreak over a woman.

As Torvald weds the kind and lovely Karina, he resists the pull of attraction to his bride. Even though Karina feels the sting of Torvald’s rejection, she chooses to love him unconditionally. As he resumes his search for the chalice and puts his life in jeopardy, Karina makes the ultimate sacrifice for him. Will he have the chance to love her in return before it’s too late?

Book Review:

This book was just amazing! I don’t know how Hedlund does it, but these books just keep on getting better and better! I love reading the marriage of convenience troops and this book had a great one. Enriched is the fourth book in Jody Hedlund’s Knights of Brethren series and it was just so good!

Karina was such an amazing character! She worked hard to care for others and she really wanted to make her family proud. I really enjoyed reading about Karina especially as she got to know Torvald. Although it was a marriage of convenience, Karina fell hard and fast. She really cared for Torvald and she wanted to love him as best she could. However Karina was also scared of being a burden and she never wanted to burden her new husband.

Oh, Torvald, he had a lot to work on. He was afraid to love because of how it had crippled his father. He never wanted to become a person who falls apart because of love. But Karina had a way of working her way past his walls. Torvlad was trying to protect his heart, but Karina was kinder than he could have imagined. He found himself longing to protect her and keep her safe. It was cute to read about him falling for Karina. Torvlad had to decide if he was willing to risk his heart for his wife or if he would close himself off forever. 

Karina and Torvald’s romance was so sweet. They made each other better. I really enjoyed reading about them falling in love and seeing them connect. They were able to be open with each other. I also loved how they both sought to seek God’s guidance and help. They wanted to honor God through their actions.

The plot was also really exciting. I didn’t know how Karina and Torvlad were going to make their marriage work while searching for the Holy Grail. I was on the edge of my seat, cheering for the characters. It was also fun to see some of the other knights again. 

I loved everything about Enriched and I am even more excited for the next books. The writing is amazing and the covers are stunning.  I am excited to see how the series will end! Enriched is definitely the most read. The characters are engaging and the story draws you in. I read this book in one day! Enriched is a clean medieval YA novel.  

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

To Kiss a Wallflower

About the Book:

To Kiss a Wallflower (Timeless Regency Collection Book 19) by [Jen Geigle  Johnson, Heather B. Moore, Anneka R. Walker]

Title: To Kiss a Wallflower
Series: Timeless Regency Collection
Author: Jen Geigle Johnson, Heather B Moore, Anneka R Walker
Publisher: Mirror Press
Release Date: June 21st, 2022
Genre: Regency Romance

Eventually, all wallflowers will have their chance at love . . . This is where it begins.

The Wallflower’s Dance 
by Jen Geigle Johnson
Lottie Hughes likes people, as long as they aren’t too close. Does it bother her that no one asks her to dance? Yes, but she’s not sure how to drum up dance partners when she has almost no dowry, no title, and freezes up when anyone tries to talk to her. When she suddenly inherits a huge amount and is the new center of attention all over London, her secret dreams might come true but also her worst nightmares. Suddenly everyone wants to talk to her. Men ask her to dance. And she is inundated with interested suitors. She fights to stay close to the few friends she knows are true. One man saw her before her life changed forever. But does she want to accept his help when he, too, might be insincere?

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore
Ellen might be beautiful and considered a diamond of the first water by Society, but she is so very tired of the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so that her beauty won’t go to waste. When her cousin Dinah dares Ellen to attend a ball with no frills and to stand with the wallflowers, Ellen takes on the dare. What’s in the wager for her? The prize cuttings of her aunt’s extraordinary roses. But what Ellen isn’t expecting is Lord Ravenshire to engage her in the most interesting conversation. When she confesses to him of her opposition in marrying for a title, he confesses his distaste of the London scene. They strike a bargain together, one which will either push them apart or lead to a future sweeter than either of them could have imagined.

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker
Charlotte Winters is destined to spinsterhood until she turns down an unwanted proposal and everything changes. With gossip rampant, her father attempts to salvage her reputation by betrothing her to another. Soon she is sent off to her aunt’s to meet Lord Templeton, her intended. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe Lord Templeton from afar before their introduction. She never planned to pretend to be her fictional cousin to learn more about him, or to fall in love with Lord Templeton’s friend in the process. Lord Templeton dreads returning to the empty halls of Newcliff Manor. When his father’s old friend, Mr. Winters reaches out for assistance, Lord Templeton finds himself returning home engaged to a woman he has never met. Desperate to learn more about Miss Winters, he befriends her cousin. He wouldn’t have spoken to her, or lied about his identity, if he’d known the quiet woman would sneak into his heart.

Book Review:

Another lovely collection from the Timeless Regency Series, To Kiss a Wallflower has three sweet novellas. I love novellas! There is something so satisfying about finishing a story and novellas give you that feeling so quickly. I have read quite a few of the collections from the Timeless Romance authors and love the variety of stories that I get to read. 

The Wallflower’s Dance by Jen Geigle Johnson

Lottie Hughes is fine with people, even if they do overwhelm her. She can’t seem to find dance partners though, with no title, a small dowry and the unfortunate habit of freezing in conversations. An unexpected inheritance makes her the focus of the season. Suddenly, she has more suitors than she can meet and everyone wants to talk to her. As she fights to keep her few true friends close, she struggles as the one man who knew her before also seems more interested. But is he sincere?

This was quite sweet! I liked Lottie, she felt very real and I related to her. She struggled with talking to people and I think that is something that most people relate to. I think that it was also cool to see her as she deals with her newfound popularity amongst Society. Denny was also very sweet. I was rooting for him as he figured out his feelings. The story was quite sweet and had a few twists that were fun!

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore

Ellen is considered a diamond of the first water, but is feeling the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so her beauty is not wasted. When her cousin Dinah dares her to try being a Wallflower for a night, she takes it on. Her prize would be cuttings of her aunt’s amazing roses. However, Ellen is not expecting Lord Ravenshire, who provides the most interesting conversation. When she confesses her struggle with the pressure of marrying for a title, he also shares his distaste of the Season. So they create a plan, but will it push them apart or lead to a beautiful future?

  Ellen was sweet, she was trying to be grateful and take advantage of the opportunity she had given. However, she felt like she was constantly being paraded around for Society to discuss and judge. She was not seeking a title or a stately manor, she wanted the comfort and quiet of being the wife of a country gentleman as her mother was. Yet as she gets to know Aaron, she finds someone who she likes and who listens to her. They enjoy one another’s company, even if their initial assessment of each other was not one of suitability. 

Aaron had goals that were not intertwined with the endless balls and rides that come with being in London. But he did not want to disappoint his mother, who wanted him to find a wife. I appreciated the relationship he had with his mother. Even though they did not agree, he was still gracious and respectful. The story moved along pretty quickly as novellas usually do. However, it did not feel rushed, just engaging. 

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker

Charlotte Winters has no prospects amongst her suitors. However, after rejecting an unwanted proposal, she is faced with scandal. So her father tries to save her reputation with a betrothal. She is sent to meet her intended, Lord Templeton, at her aunt’s. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe before meeting him. However, she does not plan to introduce herself as her fictional cousin or fall for Lord Templeton’s friend as she learned about him. Lord Templeton is dreading returning to his lonely home at Newcliff Manor. When his father’s friend, Mr. Winters asks for help, he finds himself engaged. As he has never met her before, he seeks to learn more through her cousin. But he would not have connected with her or lied about his identity if he had known she would sneak into his heart. 

This was a sweet story! I enjoyed their letters and their interactions. It was also interesting with the hidden identity between them. It certainly adds another layer. But I’m glad that it did not add a lot of drawn out drama to the story, I felt like it was dealt with but not excessive. I liked Charlotte’s character, it is nice to have some more gentle and timid characters to relate to. I felt like I knew her and understood her. Luke was also lovely. He wanted a family and companionship. It was sweet to see him find it with Charlotte. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I think it might be my favorite from the collection! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice

About the Book:

A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice by [Rebecca Connelly]

Title: A Brilliant Night of Stars of Ice
Author: Rebecca Connolly
Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishers
Release Date: April 5th, 2022
Genre: Historical

Shortly after midnight on April 15, 1912, the captain of the Carpathia, Arthur Rostron, is awakened by a distress signal from the RMS Titanic, which has struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Though information is scarce, Rostron leaps into action, determined to answer the call for help. But the Carpathia is more than four hours away, and there are more questions than answers: Will his ship hold together if pushed to never-before-tested speeds? What if he also strikes an iceberg? And with the freezing temperatures, will there be any survivors by the time the Carpathia arrives?

Kate Connolly is excited to join her sister in America and proud to be traveling on the grand Titanic. As a third-class passenger, she is among the last to receive instruction and help after Titanic hits an iceberg. Despite the chaos of abandoning ship, Kate is able to reach the upper decks and manages to board a lifeboat, though after seeing the Titanic sink into the abyss and hearing the cries from the hundreds of people still in the water, she wonders if any rescue is even possible.

Told in alternating chapters from both Captain Rostron on the Carpathia and Kate Connolly on the Titanic, this historical novel is a compelling, heart-pounding account of two eyewitnesses to an epic disaster. Rostron’s heroic and compassionate leadership, his methodical preparations for rescue, and his grit and determination to act honorably and selflessly to save lives and care for the survivors, sets the course for this awe-inspiring story.

Book Review:

Wow! I am amazed by this book. I kind of have been putting off reading it, but it was just stunning. A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice is a historical fiction based on the Carpathia and her crew that rescued 705 passengers from the sinking of the Titanic.

I really enjoyed this book, it was fascinating to learn more about the rescue of the passengers through this book. I really admire Captain Arthur Rostron, he was a real man and he truly did save many lives. It was interesting to read about what Connoley chose to write of. This was a great book especially considering that it is based on a real life event. I love the way that Connorly wove this story together, it changed between the Captain of the Carpathia and a female third-class passenger on the Titanic, Kate Connolly. 

I was able to connect to these characters, these people through the book and understand how they were feeling. It was such a powerful and devastating book to read  because I knew that there were many who could not be saved. Although I knew the outcome of the Titanic, I was still on the edge of my seat as the Carpathia raced to the Titanic and as Kate waited on a lifeboat for help to come. 

A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice is definitely a book to read if you enjoy historical fiction.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

About the Author:

REBECCA CONNOLLY is the author of more than two dozen novels. She calls herself a Midwest girl, having lived in Ohio and Indiana. She’s always been a bookworm, and her grandma would send her books almost every month so she would never run out. 

Book Fairs were her carnival, and libraries are her happy place. She received a master’s degree from West Virginia University. 

Learn more about Rebecca and her books at

The Snow Queen

About the Book:

The Snow Queen: The Complete Saga: Books 1-3: Heart of Ice, Sacrifice, Snowflakes by [K. M. Shea]

Title: The Snow Queen Complete Saga
Series: The Snow Queen
Author: K M Shea
Release Date: November 18, 2018
Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling

Rakel is a princess who should have been queen.

Instead, as a despised magic user she has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, alone in her ice-castle. But her empty life is shattered when an army of magic users invades her home country, bringing cruelty and darkness in their wake.

Rakel refuses to watch as the people who’ve scorned her are attacked, imprisoned, and even killed by the invading army. Swallowing her fear, she joins forces with her jailers and uses her magic in a way she never anticipated: on the battlefield.

But one of the invading colonels is different.

When enemy Colonel Farrin Graydim meets Rakel he is immediately intrigued by her. Her harsh rejection of an offer to join their cause only deepens his interest. He admires her unflinching strength, but his bloody past makes him utterly unworthy to stand beside the purity of her ice and snow.

Can Rakel defeat the invasion and free not only her people, but Farrin as well? For if her magic cannot defend her homeland, all is lost.

Book Review:

The Snow Queen is a prequel series to the Timeless Fairytale series. If you haven’t read the Timeless Fairytale series, I would definitely recommend reading them after this one. They talk a lot about the Snow Queen in the books, so it’s way more fun if you have some backstory. The Snow Queen is a retelling based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale also called The Snow Queen. But in K.M. Shea’s version, the Snow Queen, is actually the heroine.

Rakel is a princess who should have been the queen, but instead she is locked in an ice castle because of her magic. She lives in fear that her brother, the King, will one day sentence her to death. One day though her home country is invaded by magic users, who call themselves the Chosen. Rakel refuses to stand by and allow the people who tormented her to die. She agrees to join forces with her jailers, but she will have to learn to put aside her fear to save her people and maybe even some of the Chosen as well.

Okay, Rakel is such an awesome character. I mean the fact that she’s willing to help those who mistreated her is crazy! It was so sad to see how scared she was of everyone. She tried her hardest to hide her powers, and she didn’t think that anyone could not be afraid of her. It was also sad but cute how awkward she was around others. She had never been around people, so emotions and relationships were hard for her to understand. While her abuse helped shape her, it definitely didn’t define her. Rakel was sly and sarcastic, and her new friends especially Phile really helped bring out that side of her. 

Phile is a thief who befriends Rakel without fear. She is carefree, funny, and the perfect person to bring Rakel out of her shell. Phile is hilarious! She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, so she’s free to say whatever she wants. But she also becomes one of Rakel’s most loyal friends. Verglas, Rakel’s country, isn’t even in her home, but she fights to the end for them. Luckily though, Verglas and Rakel also have Captain Halvor.

Halvor was originally one of Rakel’s jailers, but before you get all upset, he’s actually a super nice guy. It was more like he protected Rakel from everyone else, and he helped guide Rakel through every battle. Halvor never tries to use Rakel’s powers as a weapon, and he and Oksar work their hardest to aid her in any way they can. And oh my gosh Oskar! I love, love, love Oskar! He is Rakel’s steward, and even when everyone else treated her like a monster, he was always kind to her. Their relationship is adorable, and it’s so cute to watch it grow throughout the books.

And finally we have Farrin! Farrin is one of the Chosen’s colonels, and even though he doesn’t agree with all of their methods, he knows it’s too late for him to change. He’s been blood stained too many times, and sadly, he believes that lie for a long time until Rakel. Rakel totally accepts Farrin past and present, and she helps bring him out of the darkness. And Farrin protects and loves Rakel in a way that’s just too adorable.

I really enjoyed the pacing of this book as well. It never felt too slow, and I loved the unfolding of the plot. There were so many exciting surprises, and I did not see the end coming at all. There’s way more that I want to put in this review, but to sum it all up this is an amazing series! It combines humor, fantasy, adventure, and love. The action is easy to follow, and there are quite a few surprises along the way. Let’s just say the end of the series was very, very shocking for me at least. But it is a clean read for the action and romance parts. I would definitely recommend these series, and any of the K.M. Shea books. They are amazing! So definitely pick them up.

Right Here Waiting

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Right Here Waiting by Michelle Sass Aleckson presented by Susan May Warren, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Right Here Waiting (Deep Haven Collection Book 6) by [Susan May Warren, Michelle Sass Aleckson]

Series: Deep Haven Collection #6

Author: Michelle Sass Aleckson presented by Susan May Warren

Publisher: Sunrise Publishing

Release Date: November 9, 2021

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

She doesn’t belong in his world—but she’s determined to try.

Sled dog musher and outdoor adventurer Nick Dahlquist doesn’t mean to be a loner—he just feels at home in the woods, with his dogs, and online in his vlogging world, where he’s amassed nearly a million viewers. But he’s just a simple guy, with simple goals—care for his dogs, teach people how to survive the cold, and run the Iditarod. Unfortunately, life turns cold when his lead dog is injured, and he’s low on funds. Good thing he has LadyJHawk to chat with. She’s become an online friend he can turn to, and he’s starting to need her more than he’d like to admit. But the last thing he wants is for some random woman to show up on his doorstep…

Chopper pilot and Texas gal Jae Lynn Washington has been following Nick’s DogQuest videos and Get Lost in the Woods vlogs since she inherited her deceased boyfriend’s military working dog. Three years later, his online friendship has made her wonder if he could be more than a friend. What if she moved to Deep Haven? Would that be considered stalking, even if she got a bonafide job on the Crisis Response Team?

When Jae shows up in Deep Haven—and on Nick’s doorstep—he’s not at all the man she met online. And when Nick is tapped to train the team, he’s pretty sure petite, summer-loving Jae won’t last a moment in the brutal cold—a fear he pours out to LadyJHawk. As their training takes a personal turn, their chilly start begins to thaw. But what will happen if he discovers that Jae and LadyJHawk are one and the same?

When a blizzard strikes, and the CRT is called out into the storm, more than just their relationship is at risk…

Cozy up to this delightful twist on You’ve Got Mail set in the snowy escape of Deep Haven.

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Book Review:

*happy sigh* We’ve come to the end of the Deep Haven series. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and meeting all these new characters! These authors have beautifully taken Ms. Warren’s work and added their own spin on it. I am so happy Nick finally got his own book! And I loved that a little bit more diversity was added to this series too 🙂

Nick Dalquist’s life has fallen apart. Not only does he have to watch the love of his life fall in love with another man, he also is in danger of losing his entire business. The only person he can open to is LadyJHawk, an online friend that he’s chatted with for years. Jae owes Nick Dalquist her life. He’s the one who inspired her to start living again, but he only knows her as LadyJHawk. When she gets the opportunity to move to Deep Haven, she jumps at the chance. It’s not just a desire to meet Nick though Jae longs for a real community, one where she would finally fit in. But will Jae and Nick have the courage to step out of an online relationship and into a real one?

I loved how Ms. Aleckson handled Nick’s character! To be honest I totally thought he was going to end up with Vivian, but once I met Jae, I realized they made so much more sense together. Nick had never really opened up to Vivian. He put up a front for her instead of showing her who he really was. On the other hand, he showed Jae everything whether by telling her or LadyJHawk. He did have to learn to take risks though in the real world and believe that love was worth the risk of trying and failing.

I loved Jae’s character! I am a bit biased because I’m so happy that an Asian American character was added, but I also just love her! As you can probably tell by all the exclamation points 🙂 I loved how strong she was even though she was struggling with a lot of different things. Jae was searching for her community, but she had to learn that if she wanted a community, she had to let people in.

This was a super satisfying end to a wonderful series! Everyone is happily paired off, and we are once again saying goodbye to Deep Haven. Fingers crossed that we get another series though! I would personally love to see any of the main character’s kids. This is a clean, Christian romance that I would totally recommend to anyone who wants the small town feel!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


Susan May Warren
Michelle Sass Aleckson

Susan May Warren is the USA Today best-selling novelist of 80 books. With more than 1.5 million books in print, she is beloved by reviewers and readers around the world. Visit Susan at

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After growing upon both the east and west coasts, Michelle Sass Aleckson now lives the country life in central Minnesota with her own hero and their four kids. She loves rocking out to 80’s music on a Saturday night, playing Balderdash with the fam, and getting lost in good stories. Especially stories that shine grace. And if you’re wondering, yes, Sass is her maiden name. Visit her at

CONNECT WITH MICHELLE: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Merging the creative energies of best-selling authors Susan May Warren and Lindsay Harrel, Sunrise Publishing is the matchmaker for established authors who want to build on their current success for future growth and aspiring authors looking to break out, build an audience, and hone their writing skills.

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Thursday’s Child

About the Book:

Thursday’s Child by [Noel Streatfeild]

Title: Thursday’s Child
Noel Streatfeild
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks
Release Date: 
April 2, 2020
Children’s Fiction

A thrilling, classic children’s adventure with a courageous heroine, from the beloved author of Ballet Shoes.

Margaret Thursday was named after the day she was found on the church steps as a baby. But she isn’t really an orphan – each year a bag of gold coins is left at the church for her keep. However, when Margaret is eleven years old, the money suddenly stops and her guardians have no choice but to send her away to an orphanage.

The orphanage is worse than they could have imagined. The children are poorly treated and barely fed, and fearless Margaret soon makes herself the enemy of the evil matron who runs it. Vowing to protect her new friends, Peter and Horatio, Margaret plans their daring escape . . . but she’ll have to outwit Matron at every turn.

Margaret’s action-packed adventure, set in turn-of-the-century England, takes her from orphanage to canal boat to the world of the theatre. Through it all, Margaret is propelled by her unwavering sense of self and determination.

Book Review:

Thursday’s Child is an adorable historical fiction book following orphan, Margaret Thursday by Noel Streatfeild. I knew Noel Streatfeild from her “Shoes” books. I had read Ballet Shoes, Dancing Shoes, Theater Shoes, and Theater Shoes. They were some of the books I really enjoyed reading in elementary school, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to read Thursday’s Child! Margaret Thursday is an orphan, who finds herself at an orphanage after the money supplied for her keep runs out. The orphanage turns out to be awful, with a harsh matron where the children are badly treated. Along with her friends, Margaret must find a way of escape!

Margaret was such a fun character! She was very confident and had such drama in her! She was also really kind and connected to people easily. And I loved her friends. They were all so sweet and seemed very realistic. Lavinia, Peter, Horatio and all the rest of the characters really made the story so interesting. I did not relate to Margaret as much, but I could empathize with her and relate to the other children in different ways.  

The story was very interesting. I liked watching the progression and it felt well-paced. Within a few chapters, I was already invested in the story! It is not a very action-packed book, but more an unfolding of the story of Margaret’s life. It has an older style of writing, with 3rd-person narrative and slightly different language than young readers may be accustomed to. It is also set in turn-of-the -century England, so there may be some unfamiliar references there as well. This story is the first in Margaret’s adventures, so while it offers some conclusions, not everything is made clear. 

Overall, this was a really fun and cute book that I would suggest to readers in mid-to late elementary school, who enjoy historical fiction! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

The Heart of a Cowboy

About the Book:

The Heart of a Cowboy (Colorado Cowboys Book #2) by [Jody Hedlund]

Title: The Heart of a Cowboy
Series: Colorado Cowboys #2
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Bethany House Fiction
Release Date: October 5, 2021
Genre: Historical Fiction

When he agreed to guard her, he never bargained on having to guard his heart.

Brilliant scientist Linnea Newberry is on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling the Santa Fe Trail with her grandfather, Dr. Powell, on a botanical expedition to Colorado Territory.
She longs to be valued for her contributions and not seen as a helpless liability. But at every calamity she faces, her grandfather threatens to send her home.

After watching his ma suffer and die in childbirth, Flynn McQuaid has sworn off women and marriage forever. Headed west to start a new life, he has his hands full not only taking care of his younger siblings but also delivering cattle to his older brother. He doesn’t need more complications.

When Flynn rescues Linnea from drowning during a river crossing, Dr. Powell promptly
hires Flynn–unbeknownst to Linnea–to act as her bodyguard for the rest of the trip. As
Flynn fights against the many dangers of the trail, he soon finds himself in the greatest
danger of all–falling for a woman he’s determined not to love.

Book Review:

Wow! This book was even better than the first book! I am always amazed by all of the books that Jody Hedlund has written because they all manage to be so good! The Heart of a Cowboy is the second book in Jody Hedlund’s Colorado Cowboys series. I was excited to read this story because I wanted to learn more about Wyatt’s family and finally get to see Flynn. The Heart of a Cowboy was such a sweet and heartwarming book.

Flynn wanted to prove that he was better than his older brother, Wyatt. He was determined to deliver cattle to his brother, and no matter the cost, he would keep the cattle alive. Linnea Newberry is loving traveling the Santa Fe Trail with her grandfather, Dr. Howell, on a botanical expedition to Colorado Territory. She wants to prove to her grandfather and the others on the team that she is trustworthy and just as capable as the men. What Linnea and Flynn never expected was to grow a bond as they traveled together.

Flynn was an awesome hero. He wanted to protect his family and do his best to bring his brother’s cattle to him. I loved his relationship with his siblings and how he tried to be the best big brother he could. He was strong, but he had to learn to trust that he could not save everyone or stop bad things from happening. He was grappling with how to care for his family and let them grow. It was sweet to read about him falling for Linnea. She was fearless and helped him see the good in life again. 

Linnea was really cool. She was a botanist in a time where women could not do much. I adored her, and I loved how much she loved God’s creation. It was also fun to read about her interaction with Ivy, Flynn’s younger sister. However, Linnea had to learn to trust God’s plan and stop trying to force her way of things. It was so cool to see Linnea grow in her faith. She was a lovely character!

Linnea and Flynn were cute together. They balanced each other. They were able to actually talk to each other, which I always love. Bantering is one of my favorite things that can be written into books, and I really enjoyed Linnea and Flynn’s bantering. I liked the progress of their romance, and also, the balance with the rest of the story. I was really interested to read about them transporting cattle and to read about Linnea’s rescue. There was so much going on, and I kept on wanting to read more.

Some of my favorite things about Hedlund’s books are the great quotes. Here are two of my favorites: “If we tuck tail and run everytime we’re scared, we’ll end up running in circles, never getting anywhere.” This quote reminded me that sometimes we have to push through the hard things and just try our best. The second quote was “Was it finally time to stop trying so hard in her own strength and to let God carry her where He would, working things out in His way?” I loved this quote because it reminded me that I need to trust in God’s plan and not my own. 

The Heart of a Cowboy was a great book! There were some twists and turns and I ended up staying up late reading. I am excited to read Dylan’s book. I know it is going to be good! I would totally recommend The Heart of a Cowboy! It is a clean Christian romance but it is a little heavier on the romance so I would probably recommend it to at least 13 and up.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Silver Dollar Duke

About the Book:

Silver Dollar Duke: An American Victorian Romance (Hearts of Arizona Book 1) by [Sally Britton]

Title: Silver Dollar Duke
Series: Hearts of Arizona #1
Author: Sally Britton
Release Date: March 1, 2020
Genre: Western Romance

The last thing Dannie needs is a Victorian gentleman on her ranch, playing cowboy while she’s trying to save her family’s livelihood. Will high stakes and high emotions lead to heartbreak?

Evan Rounsevell, second son to the Marquess of Rothwell, is running as far from his family and responsibilities as he can. His fascination with cowboys takes him from English shores to the Arizona desert, but the days of showdowns are over, and Tombstone, Arizona, is a respectable town. With no funds left, and no desire to call on his affluent family for rescue, Evan seeks a position as a cowboy at a ranch on its last leg. 

Daniella Bolton’s fiancé left when the drought of 1893 crippled the KB ranch, but that’s just fine by her. She doesn’t need a man to help her save her family’s land. Especially not an Englishman who looks down on her style of living, like Evan does. She loves her life on the ranch, and no outsider could ever understand what it means to be loyal to the land and her family’s way of life. 

Being a cowboy is harder than Evan thought, but as he works to earn his place on the ranch, his heart opens up to the beauty of the desert… as well as that of Dannie Bolton. Watching Evan fight for the ranch she loves makes Dannie realize that not all men are afraid of hard work and troubled times, and loving Evan might be just the salve her wounded heart needs. But when Evan’s family summons him home right when Dannie needs him most, the feelings of betrayal from her former fiancé’s flight return tenfold. 

Does Evan dare risk his tenuous relationship with Dannie to fulfill his family responsibilities? Or will leaving Arizona be the worst mistake of his life?

Book Review:

I will be honest, I had no idea what to think when I started this book. A mix of Victorian  and western? I was intrigued, but not sure how to feel. However, I have loved Ms. Britton’s books in the past, so I was ready to read it. And I really enjoyed it! Evan has dreamed about the wilds of America. As the second son of a marquess in England, he is expected to marry well, tend to his brother’s lands, and be a credit to the family. However, he wants to make something of himself, to prove himself, and America is the place where anyone can build a life for themselves. When he comes to Arizona to work on one of the ranches and he is met by the young Bolton’s of King Bolton’s ranch, Evan is excited for the opportunity to pursue his dream. Danniella Bolton, or Dannie as everyone calls her, is less than impressed with the proper English gentleman who appears in the nearby town. He is much too smooth, much too charming, and much too green. He has no idea what he is in for when he asks her father for work on the ranch. But Evan’s work ethic and character soon prove her doubts wrong, he is honorable and willing to get his hands dirty. However, as respect turns into something more, will their differences keep them apart?

I thought Evan was so sweet. He wanted to do something with his life and he left to prove himself. Even though he came from a world of luxury and convenience, he worked on the ranch and started at the bottom. He was truly a gentleman towards Dannie and admires her greatly. Dannie had past trouble with love and was suspicious of Evan at first. She had to get over her fears and past hurts to truly see him. She was so tough and capable, but she had walls up too. I admired her abilities, she could do so much! She truly had a heart for the land and loved the work they did on the ranch. It was also amazing to see the world of Arizona in that time period. Silver Dollar Duke is the first of the Hearts of Arizona series, so I am excited to see how the world is developed. The Bolton family was lovely to read about and those who worked alongside them were like family too. I am excited to read more!

Watching Evan prove himself on the ranch, as he learned the workings of the ranch, he was discovering what he really wanted in life. What did he really want? Just to show that he could work on a ranch? Dannie had to also see what she really wanted, to get over her past. The struggles facing the ranch and those on it would test them and their relationship.

Overall, this book exceeded my expectations! It was leaning more towards western, but it was really cute. It was a sweet clean romance, with the adventure and excitement of living in the wilds of Arizona! Anyone who enjoys adventure, westerns, and clean romance will enjoy this!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.