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Title: Traitor
Series: Tales of the Mystics #2
Author: Laurie Lucking
Publisher: Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing LLC
Release Date: 
April 27, 2021
Genre: YA Fantasy

Princess Penelope has finally found a way to redeem her past mistakes—if only it didn’t require betraying her new fiancé.
Princess Penelope has been the object of gossip and ridicule ever since she returned home in disgrace following her failed engagement to the Crown Prince of Imperia. When her father offers a new start in a country far across the sea, she has no choice but to accept. Even if it means another betrothal, this time to a total stranger.
Penelope arrives in Delunia determined to avoid bringing further shame upon her family.
But her devoted, caring fiancé makes it harder to guard her heart than she anticipated, and
rumors of dark magic haunt her with memories she’d rather keep buried far beneath her
pristine exterior.
When a poverty-stricken village outside the palace gates looks to her as their hope for a
brighter future, Penelope embraces the opportunity to make amends for her
transgressions. But in order to help, she must manipulate her new fiancé, putting her
reputation on the line once more. And her heart. Can Penelope rise above the failures of her past, or will she forever be branded a traitor?

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Riella! I so appreciate the opportunity to share a bit about myself and Traitor. 🙂

  1. What first made you start writing?

    I’ve loved books ever since my earliest memories. My active imagination devised plots for every form of play, from the sandbox to American Girl dolls. I enjoyed writing stories (complete with dreadful illustrations!) until about mid-grade school, when sadly I let a few class assignments convince me I was a bad writer. The stories never left my head, but I didn’t bother to write anything down until much more recently. When I left my job as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom back in 2012, I desperately needed a project to occupy my mind while I spent precious but long days at home with my newborn. Eventually, I summoned the courage to start typing one of my favorite daydreamed stories, and I fell in love all over again!
  2. What genre would you categorize your books and what made you choose that?

    I would categorize my books as young adult fantasy, or to be super-specific: young adult Christian fairy tale fantasy. Ha, what a mouthful! I write for young adults because that’s still my favorite genre to read, and growing up those were the books that had the greatest impact on my life. As a pre-teen or teenager, if I found a book that really resonated with me I read it again and again, living in that storyworld as much as possible. Now I hope to provide that kind of home-away-from-home for my readers! To be honest, I didn’t originally intend to write a Christian series. But the main character in Common (Tales of the Mystics, Book One) had a faith element to her journey I couldn’t ignore, and when my worldbuilding led me to mystics who channel power from God (or the Luminate, as He’s called in my fantasy world), I decided to embrace it! As for fantasy, I love adding at least a few fantastical elements to every story. It allows me to stretch my creativity and makes for plots with higher stakes and less predictability. I use fairy tales as my primary inspiration because they’re so timeless and beloved, and it’s so fun to see how putting new twists on a familiar tale can add layers of meaning and complexity. Plus, fairy tales lend themselves so well to clean romance with happily-ever-after endings!
  3. What are some of your steps to creating a fictional world?

    I don’t spend much time worldbuilding before I start writing, so my fictional worlds come
    into being organically as the stories fall into place. Usually I just add new countries,
    traditions, historical events, etc. as they’re needed while I’m writing, then go back and tighten the elements of my storyworld while editing. But I definitely have a strong sense for the feel of my setting before I get started! For Common, I envisioned a medieval-esque fairy tale kingdom with prim manners and tight social constraints that the main characters would have to work around. Traitor starts out there as well, but then I had fun creating a contrasting country for Princess Penelope’s new home filled with vibrancy and commotion that challenged her to grow beyond her comfort zone.
  4. How did you choose the title Traitor?

    I have to give my editor credit for that one! I originally had a different story planned for Book Two (which will now be Book Three instead!), but my editor suggested I write a book centering on Princess Penelope since the epilogue of Common hints at her journey to a faraway country for a new engagement. She proposed the title Traitor, and I loved it! Each title in my series is one word that describes a misconception the main character has about herself. So Traitor not only has an intriguing ring to it, but it also encapsulates Princess Penelope’s inner struggle as she strives to redeem her past mistakes while stumbling along the way.
  5. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

    The hardest part of writing Traitor was finding the creative energy to move forward during some challenging life situations. Writing provides such an exciting outlet when I’m caught up in my fantasy world and the lives of my characters, but I find it very draining. Shortly after Common released, our family experienced a loss that sent me reeling for months. For a while it was hard to imagine ever pouring myself into a story again when my heart felt so broken and my mind so numb. Then I became pregnant with our third child, and I was overjoyed but exhausted in an entirely different way. It took a lot of strength and prayer to rebuild to a point where I could funnel energy and passion back into my writing.
  6. Was it easier or harder to write this book as opposed to the 1st one?

    They were each challenging in their own ways! Common practically wrote itself at times because I was so engaged in the story and characters and had more downtime to write. But because I was still so new to the craft, it needed tons of rewrites and edits at every step along the way. Traitor’s first draft was much harder to complete since I didn’t feel as close to the story at the beginning and didn’t have as many aspects of the plot fleshed out in my mind. But although I still have a lot to learn, thankfully the editing for Traitor was much more straightforward and my later drafts didn’t need nearly as many revisions!
  7. Did you always plan to write Penelope’s story?

    I didn’t! As I mentioned above, I originally planned to write a different story, tentatively titled Scarred, as the second book in my Tales of the Mystics series. The idea for Traitor was inspired by my editor, and I’ll admit my first inclination was to dismiss it. Scarred was already halfway written, and I wasn’t sure I could connect enough with Penelope to write an entire book about her. But the idea stuck with me, and soon I had the outline of a plot. I’m grateful for my editor’s brilliant idea and that I took the time to pursue it for so many reasons. Princess Penelope’s story had so much for me to learn, as both a writer and as a flawed person longing for forgiveness and redemption. And this addition to the series balances the rest of the books out really well, adding a layer of depth I couldn’t have achieved if I’d jumped straight into the next story. Now I’m working on completing Scarred as Tales of the Mystics, Book Three!
  8. Which was your favorite character? Is it the one you most related to?

    Interestingly, my favorite character in Traitor is probably the one who’s the least like me! Princess Dionne, the younger sister of Penelope’s new fiancé, took me by surprise as I was writing because I expected her to be a very minor character. But her bluntness and sense of humor made me curious to explore her personality more, and I enjoyed giving her opportunities to interact with Penelope both as a friend and as someone who wasn’t afraid to voice harsh truths. I think the fact that I’m her opposite—a shy peacemaker—is what made her my favorite character, because I got to explore what it would be like to react to situations so differently than what I’m used to with only fictional consequences. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy Princess Dionne and the rest of the cast of Traitor! I’m so grateful to my readers for sticking with me during this long writing process—I did my best to make the story worth the wait! Thanks again for inviting me to visit today!


Laurie Lucking loves hoarding books, singing at the top of her lungs, playing games that
don’t involve too much strategy, and spending time with her husband and three energetic
kids. A recovering attorney, she now spends her days as a stay-at-home mom and has
discovered writing young adult romantic fantasy is way more fun than drafting contracts.
Her fairy tale–inspired stories combine the excitement of discovering new worlds with the
timeless enchantment of falling in love. Find out more about Laurie and her writing
adventures at

The Indebted Earl

I am so excited to be part of the blog tour by Audra Jennings. There are so many fun things in this post. You will learn about The Indebted Earl, read my review about the book, read a mini interview from the author, and get to enter a giveaway!


The Indebted Earl (Serendipity & Secrets Book 3) by [Erica Vetsch]

Title: The Indebted Earl
Series: Serendipity & Secrets Book #3
Author: Erica Vetsch
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Release Date: 
March 23, 2021
Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Can Captain Wyvern keep his new marriage of convenience all business–or will it turn into something more?

Captain Charles Wyvern owes a great debt to the man who saved his life–especially since Major Richardson lost his own life in the process. The best way to honor that hero’s dying wish is for Wyvern to escort the man’s grieving fiancée and mother safely to a new cottage home by the sea. But along the way, he learns of another obligation that has fallen on his shoulders: his uncle has died and the captain is now the Earl of Rothwell.

When he and the ladies arrive at his new manor house in Devon, they discover an estate in need of a leader and a gaggle of girls, all wards of the former earl. War the new earl knows; young ladies and properties he does not. Still wishing to provide for the bereaved Lady Sophia Haverly, Charles proposes a marriage of convenience.

Sophie is surprised to find she isn’t opposed to the idea. It will help her care for her betrothed’s elderly mother, and she’s already fallen in love with the wayward girls on the Rothwell estate. This alliance is a chance to repay the captain who has done so much for her care, as well as divert her attention from her grief. When Wyvern returns to his sea commission, she’ll stay behind to oversee his property and wards.

It sounds so simple. Until the stalwart captain is arrested on suspicion of smuggling, and Sophie realizes how much he’s come to mean to her. Now she’ll have to learn to fight, not only for his freedom but also for his love.

Click here to read an excerpt.

Book Review:

I can’t believe that this is the last book in Erica Vetsch’s Secrets and Serendipity series. This has been such a great series and I have loved all of the books. The Indebted Earl is the third book and last book in the series. 

Okay, so Sophie was such an awesome character! She tried her best to help out those around her, but she was slowly losing herself. Losing her finance hit her harder then she would have thought especially because she never expected for him to die. Sophie was so kind and it was super sweet to read about her caring for mother of her fiance and the three girls under Charles’ care

Charles Wyvern was just trying to get his life back on track, all he wanted to do was captain a ship again. But God had other plans, he found himself married, the guardian of three girls, and an earl. I really liked Charles, he was just trying his best. He was struggling to keep himself afloat and to trust God. But although he came off as harsh, he had a soft spot for those under his care and he truly was a good man. 

Charles and Sophie had to learn to work out their marriage and provide a good home for the girls under their guardianship. Their marriage was not a love match, but it was super sweet to read about them falling for each other. However, there are sinister plans at work and Charles and Sohpie find themselves in the midst of a smuggling ring. Will Charles and Sophie be able to work out not only their marriage but the smuggling that could very well be the end of them?

I loved the romance and the suspense. I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next, and stayed up way too late to finish. The characters were super fun, especially the girls, Penny, Thea, and Betsy. I liked them from the beginning. I also adored Mrs. Chapman, she was awesome. Additionally, I really enjoyed the faith aspects that this book had, reading the characters learning to trust God through hard times.

I would totally recommend The Indebted Earl. However, I would recommend reading the first two books first. I can’t wait to see what else Vetsch writes. The Indebted Earl is a clean, regency, romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

Author Interview:

Q: The Indebted Earl is the final release in your Serendipity & Secrets series. Can you give us a recap of the series up to this point and introduce us to your new book?

The Serendipity & Secrets series is three books about three men who come into titles unexpectedly and the women who capture their hearts. In The Lost Lieutenant, a soldier is granted an earldom as a reward for bravery on the field of battle . . . but he is suffering from partial amnesia and cannot remember what he did to earn the title. In The Gentleman Spy, the new Duke of Haverly is wrestling with keeping separate his public life as a duke of the realm and his secret life as a spy for the Crown. And in The Indebted Earl, a naval captain inherits a title and an estate, three young wards, and the care of his late best friend’s fiancé and mother, all while trying to get back to his life at sea. 

Three unexpected titles, three unexpected marriages, and three stories of secrets, love, and testing whether God is truly sovereign. 

Q: Both Lady Sophia Haverly and Captain Charles Wyvern feel a responsibility to care for someone that is left behind. From where does that sense of duty come? 

Lady Sophia’s care of her fiancé’s mother is born out of her love for him. She was also instilled from birth with the social customs of noblesse oblige. As a woman of noble birth, she has an obligation to live up to that nobility by behaving nobly. While her fiancé is at war, he has entrusted her with the care and companionship of his mother, Lady Richardson. Sophie is delighted with the responsibility, because it allows her to demonstrate her love, and it gives her a bit of freedom that living in her older brother’s household would not afford.

Captain Wyvern naturally shoulders responsibility for his ship and his crew. As the leader, everyone under his command is also under his care. This responsibility extends to the dependents of his crew, including the fiancée of his late best friend. Charles feels he bears the blame for his friend’s death, and he must attempt to make some sort of amends. His natural leadership abilities cause him to throw his mantel of responsibility over Lady Sophia, Lady Richardson, the three waifs who wash up on his shore, and the estate and community he’s inherited.

Q: What is Sophie struggling with spiritually in The Indebted Earl? Is Charles facing something similar?

Sophie struggles with the idea that God is both good and sovereign. It’s easy to accept one or the other, but both? How can God be good when He’s taken her beloved fiancé away? How can He be sovereign when bad things happen? How can she trust in His plan when it seems everything is spinning out of control?

Charles’s struggle is similar in that he is all about control, about ordering his life according to his plan, but with the cessation of war, he is on the beach without a command. And he’s carrying a tremendous weight of guilt over the death of Major Richardson. Did God make a mistake, having Rich die in his place? What Charles wants—to continue his naval career—is both noble and reasonable. Why won’t God make it happen? 

Both Sophie and Charles are learning to trust in the sovereignty and goodness of God’s plans, and realizing that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours.

Q: Will you be sad to let this trilogy—your first Regency series—go? What can readers look forward to next?

There’s such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in seeing this series completed, but to answer your question . . . YES! I am so reluctant to let these stories and characters go that I’m bringing some of them back in my new series, the Thorndike & Swann Regency Mysteries! 

The first book, The Debutante’s Code, should arrive in the fall of 2021 and features Lady Juliette Thorndike and Bow Street Runner Daniel Swann in a fast-paced tale of intrigue, espionage, and art thievery! 

Q: Where can Regency fans go to interact and talk about books on Facebook?
I am thrilled that we have a place on Facebook to discuss all things inspirational Regency romance. There is a lively and growing community of readers that can be found at We have contests, giveaways, polls, notices of sales, reviews, and much more, and we’re always welcoming new members.

About the Author:

Erica Vetsch is a New York Times best-selling and ACFW Carol Award–winning author. She is a transplanted Kansan now living in Minnesota with her husband, who she claims is both her total opposite and soul mate.  

Vetsch loves Jesus, history, romance, and sports. When she’s not writing fiction, she’s planning her next trip to a history museum and cheering on her Kansas Jayhawks and New Zealand All Blacks. 

A self-described history geek, she has been planning her first research trip to England. 
Learn more about Erica Vetsch and her books at She can also be found on Facebook (@EricaVetschAuthor), Instagram (@EricaVetsch) and Pinterest (Erica Vetsch).


Author Interview with Olivia Smit

I am very excited for this post, today we have an author interview with Olivia Smit. Her debut novel , Seeing Voices is coming out in April 15th, 2020. I can’t wait for you all to read it! I will have a review out on the blog, closer to the release date of Olivia’s amazing book.

 Title: Seeing Voices
Author: Olivia Smit
Publisher: WhiteSpark Publishing
Release Date: April 15, 2020
Genre: Teen and Young Adult Christian Relationship Fiction

Image result for seeing voices olivia smit

Skylar Brady has a plan for her life…until a car accident changes everything.

Skylar knows exactly what she wants, and getting in a car accident the summer before twelfth grade isn’t supposed to be part of the plan. Although she escapes mostly unharmed, the accident has stolen more than just her hearing from her: she’s also lost the close bond she used to have with her brother.

When her parents decide to take a house-sitting job halfway across the province, it’s just one more thing that isn’t going according to plan. As the summer progresses, Skylar begins to gain confidence in herself, but as she tries to mend her relationship with her brother, she stumbles upon another hidden trauma. Suddenly, she’s keeping as many secrets as she’s struggling to uncover and creating more problems than she could ever hope to solve.

Now here is the interview with Olivia!

Image result for olivia smit

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Ooo there’s so much I could say! I’ll start with some fun facts: I ADORE small towns, I love baking bread (the kneading is my favourite part!) and I recently started horseback riding (I’m hoping to enter a few competitions this spring)!

I’ve always been a reader (I read the Chronicles of Narnia for the first time when I was 6 years old) and I started writing books when I was in elementary school. Some of my favourite authors are Maggie Stiefvater, C. S. Lewis, and L. M. Montgomery.

2. How old are you?

I am 22 – turning 23 in just a few months!

3. How did you start writing?

I started telling stories before I knew how to write them down – we have a few little booklets full of stories I dictated to my mom as a child (one of them was about a skunk who has trouble making friends … but don’t worry, it had a happy ending)! Then, in grade 8, I took the One Year Adventure Novel course, and it changed everything. Finally I knew how to write a book! And I haven’t stopped since.

4. What made you want to be a writer?

I loved the way reading stories made me feel … how books could entertain me, make me laugh, help me heal, or encourage me when I felt sad. I started writing so long ago that I can’t fully remember what drew me to it, but I think it was partially because there were some stories that I wanted to read but just couldn’t find. So I wrote them instead! I think another reason I wanted to be a writer was because I loved books so much: writing, to me, was just another form of reading (where I could control the story!! What a power trip!! LOL) and I wanted to consume and reproduce stories in as many forms as possible!

5. How did you get ideas for the characters?

Sometimes they just appear in my head … I think Skylar and her brother Mike were like that. They just showed up one day, these two sibling/friends who couldn’t figure out how to talk to each other anymore. There was something so sweet about the way they loved each other – and something that touched my heart about the pain that had driven them apart – and I was CAPTIVATED. It took me almost a year to actually start writing, but I had Skylar and Mike turning around in my brain that whole time. I think Cam appeared because I wanted a friend for Skylar, and I knew she’d respond well to someone like him. And Anastasia and her sister were actually recycled from a childhood story idea that never got off the ground (in their original story, they were going to be teenage fairies), but I so enjoyed exploring their sister relationship in Seeing Voices, instead.

6. What gave you the idea for Seeing Voices?

There are so many different ways to answer this question! But really, I wrote Seeing Voices because it’s the story I was aching for. I so badly wanted to read a HAPPY Young Adult novel (I’d been in a difficult rut and kept picking up really dark, tragic stories that ended badly). I desperately wanted to see a family go through a traumatic experience and come out okay at the end of it. I wanted to read Christian fiction where God was more than just a plot device. And I wanted to see a character with hearing loss portrayed accurately, in an authentic, non-gimmicky way.

When Skylar and Mike appeared in my mind, it was a “perfect storm” … and I poured all of this aching and wanting into this story. I remember finishing it and thinking that maybe it was “the one” … maybe this was the book I’d finally polish and fix and send off to publishers, I loved it THAT much. And here we are!!

7. Which character are you most like?

I’m so torn in answering this question … because in little ways, I relate to each one of my characters. Many people who know me in real life see me in Skylar (and I’ll admit, I borrowed some of her internal monologue from the way my own mind works). When I was writing, though, I identified so strongly with Mike (emotionally, not literally – I never went off the rails like he did) that I almost wrote the entire book in his perspective, instead! I see bits of myself in Cam, too, and in Anastasia and her sister … but I guess really, I’m a cross between Skylar and Mike.

8. Do you take inspiration from your life for plot points, characters, etc?

Yes! Absolutely! I think you can kind of see this in my earlier answers, but I pull little pieces of myself and shape them into characters, and often, whatever is going on in my life will find its way into my writing!

Seeing Voices grew out of my own family experience with medical crisis/diagnosis as well as my struggles to grow up, wondering if I was outgrowing old friends. As Skylar and Mike figure out the different pieces of their lives, I was working through events from my own life, too. To be honest, sometimes when I’m figuring out something in my life these days, a line from the story will float through my head. In some ways, Seeing Voices inspires me more now than I inspired the original story while I was writing it! (does that make sense???)

9. What do you want people to take away from this book?

Most of all, more than anything, I just want people to know that they’re not alone. So often, we go through something tough and think that no one else in the world thinks the way we do, or asks the questions we’re asking, or hurts in the same places we hurt. And my favourite thing to do is read a book that reminds me that there are other people in the same place as me, so I hope Seeing Voices can be that story for someone else. I want to give people hope that families can go through tough stuff and recover, and still love each other, and come out stronger on the other side. And I want people to know that it’s okay to ask big questions about God. It’s okay to get mad and confused and upset. I hope Seeing Voices makes space for the messy, complicated bits of life … and I hope people feel like they can use that space to figure things out for themselves, too.

10. What advice do you have for people who want to start writing?

Read! Lots! Read so much! And then write often. Even if it’s just a little bit every day! Take a writing course, if you can, or check out a “how-to” book on writing from the library. Post little snippets of your work, or share them with friends and get feedback. Find a writing community and learn from them! EXPECT TO FAIL – but keep going! Keep growing … and don’t give up. Writing is fun and rewarding, but also difficult! And I’m learning all the time that it’s a long, slow game – not a short sprint.

That was a lot of jumbled-up info … but, in short, read. Write. Don’t give up. (repeat).

Angeline, thanks so much for having me on your blog!! I’m so excited to share all about Seeing Voices on Books and Everyday Life! Readers can find me at my website: and on Twitter and Instagram as @oliviamsmit if they’d like to stay in touch. 🙂 I love making new friends and I’d be just thrilled if they reached out!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. I had so much fun, getting to know Olivia.

You can preorder Olivia’s debut book here:

All advance orders receive exclusive goodies, such as phone background, a hand drawn town map, and more! To receive these goodies, email a copy of your receipt to

On Wings of Devotion

Welcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Title: On Wings of Devotion
Author: Roseanna M. White
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Bethany House
Release Date: January 7, 2020

Against Every Warning, She’s Drawn Ever Closer to the Man Known as “Black Heart”

All of England thinks Major Phillip Camden a monster–a man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But he would have preferred to die that day with his men rather than be recruited to the Admiralty’s codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily are no great surprise and, in his opinion, well deserved.

As nurse Arabelle Denler observes the so-dubbed “Black Heart,” she sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And when their families and paths twist together unexpectedly, she realizes she has a role to play in his healing–and some of her own to do as well.

With Camden’s court-martial looming, an old acquaintance shows up, intent on using him in a plot that sends the codebreakers of Room 40 into a frenzy. With their fragile hopes for the future in the cross hairs, Arabelle and Camden must hold on to hope–and to each other–if they want to survive.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Christianbook 


Roseanna M. White is a bestselling, Christy Award-nominated author who has long claimed that words are the air she breathes. When not writing fiction, she’s homeschooling her two kids, editing, designing book covers, and pretending her house will clean itself. Roseanna is the author of a slew of historical novels that span several continents and thousands of years. Spies and war and mayhem always seem to find their way into her books…to offset her real life, which is blessedly ordinary. You can learn more about her and her stories at

CONNECT WITH ROSEANNA: Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram

Author Interview

  • 1. Where did you find the idea behind this book?
    As I explored the world of London during the Great War, I found myself intrigued not only by the codebreakers of Room 40, but also by the pilots and nurses of the era—to groups of people that have many stories already told about them, it’s true. But I decided to give mine a twist and feature a grounded pilot who ends up in
    Room 40…and a nurse who isn’t afraid to face down an admiral to save those she
  • 2. What made you want to be a writer?
    I’m one of those people who have been writing stories since I first learned how to
    write. =) Even in grade school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. For years I would
    say I wanted to “write books and…” The “and”s changed over the years, but the
    writing never did—so finally I gave up on those other thins and focused on where
    my passion really was. And here I am!
  • 3. Which character are you most like?
    If we’re talking from all my books, then I’m most like Ella from A Lady
    Unrivaled. But if we’re talking about On Wings of Devotion then I’m probably
    most like Arabelle. Not called to medicine as she was and certainly not in her life
    situation, but I think a bit of my outlook crept in there through her eyes!
  • 4. What do you want people to take away from this book?
    That even when the darkness weighs the heaviest, the Lord is our Light.
  • 5. How did you get the ideas for the characters?
    Oh, these characters have been with me for many years! I first envisioned them in
    pirate-ridden Jamaica many, many years ago. I then moved them into a Regency
    story that went nowhere, and finally plucked them out of that and into these
    pages, where they found their true home.
  • 6. Do you take inspiration from your life for plot points, characters, etc?
    I’m sure I do—life is fodder for fiction, after all, LOL. But there was nothing in
    this one that came specifically from life, other than from the books I read.
  • 7. Our family also homeschools and our house is constantly a flurry of activity, what
    are your tricks for getting into your story and finding time to write?
    My writing time is mostly in the morning, before I’m really needed very much by
    the kids. And one day a week, I go somewhere else to write. These days, the kids
    are old enough that they can watch themselves for a few hours if my hubby isn’t home, and they’re also mostly self-directing in school. But it definitely takes discipline on my part!
  • 8. Your Codebreakers series is based on a real group of people, who have amazing
    abilities with numbers and codes. Are you also interested in codes and secret
    “Interested in,” yes…academically. I love stories about and including that sort
    of thing. But I make no attempts to actually do them, LOL. I’m a perfect example
    of a twist on the old adage: “Those who can’t do, write novels about it.”
  • 9. Do you speak any of the languages in your books (Spanish, German, French)?
    Not well, LOL. I had 3 years of French in high school and two more in college, but
    the focus was on translation, not communication…so I know just enough to get
    myself in trouble there, LOL. I often rely on my foreign-exchange-student-
    brother, Sascha, to help me with tricky German (he lived with my family for a
    year when I was 11). And for the Spanish, I turned to another friend who’s fluent.
    It was a relief, I admit, to write this second book in the series that had no foreign
    language…though I am fascinated by language, hence why they always make it
    into my series at some point or another!


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