Needing the Next-Door Neighbor

About the Book:

Needing the Next-Door Neighbor: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (California Dreamin' Book 6) by [Kristin Canary]

Title: A Match in the Making
Series: California Dreamn’ #6
Author: Kristin Canary
Publisher: Dreaming of You
Release Date: March 27th, 2023
Genre: Closed Door Romantic Comedy

My next-door neighbor, Ryan Rosche, is pretty much the perfect guy.

He’s a freaking doctor, for one.


Mature (Did I mention he’s eleven years older than me?) …

And flat-out gorgeous.

If only he wasn’t also … my boss.

Look, if I wasn’t the nanny to his nieces, I’d be all. over. that.

But I’m in the middle of a personal crisis of sorts—a recent move, a public breakup, a foiled career—not to mention beholden to a successful CEO grandmother who is withholding my trust fund until I can become “respectable” in a way my mother never was.

Falling for my boss—blurring those lines—is just the sort of thing my mother would have done.

And I refuse to be anything like Pippa Montgomery.

Besides, even if it was respectable to date my boss, a hot mess like me could never hope to land this guy whose life is 100% together.

Someone like him could never want someone like me. Not long term, anyway. And I’m tired of being discarded.

But when I move into Ryan’s house to make my job easier, and ignite the chemistry of late-night reality TV watching, meal sharing, and helping him raise his nieces, how am I supposed to resist the good doctor’s charms?

It seems inevitable. This man is just a heartbreak waiting to happen…

Fans of Jenny Proctor and Emma St. Clair will love this closed-door, age gap, forced proximity, boss/nanny romantic comedy with lots of sizzle and spice, but no on-page explicit content. It follows Kennedy Matkin, Alexis Matkin’s younger sister.

Book Review:

This was such a cute book! This is only my second Kristin Canary book, but it was adorable. I’ve only read the first book in the series, but I was still able to enjoy this one.

I loved Kennedy! I think her sweetness and openness was awesome. Even though it made her seem a bit naive in some ways, it really showed how strong of a person she was. She had been hurt over and over again, but she was still willing to open herself up. And I loved seeing her with Ryan’s nieces. It was sweet how she was able to connect with them and help them.

Ryan was such a sweetheart! Even though you don’t get to see his side of things, you could tell he was such a nice guy. While I always love the grumpy sunshine trope, it was fun to read a book with such a nice male character. He wasn’t a pushover in any way, but he was just a genuinely kind guy who wanted to help his nieces.

Ryan and Kennedy were so sweet together! They balanced each other and helped the other person relax. I love how they supported each other even though a lot of things weren’t easy. It was sweet to see them working so well together too. Because Kennedy was Ryan’s nanny in some ways it was like they were together before they were actually together.

I would definitely recommend this book! The side characters are lovely, and I love the sister relationship. It is a clean rom com with some innuendos.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


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