Gio and Joy and the Three French Hens

About the Book:

Gio & Joy and the Three French Hens: Small town, feel good, romantic comedy (The Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance Series Book 4) by [Ellie Hall]

Title: Gio and Joy and the Three French Hens
Series: The Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance #4
Author: Ellie Hall
Release Date: October 15th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy

It’s just a Christmas crush. Like a gingerbread house, it can’t last forever. Right?

I got a big fat lump of coal in my stocking, and it’s not even Christmas yet. In the span of three days:
• I’m laid off from a premier architectural firm
• The guy I thought was my forever dumped me. Then again, he couldn’t eat cheese, so maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But it was better than being alone
• Oh, and I lost my apartment to a parrot (you read that right)

How I went from an in-demand globe-trotting photographer to peddling pizza at my family’s new shop may have been because:
• Women in most major European cities have officially banned me
• I have more speeding tickets in Monaco than I can count. Unfortunately, I’m only fluent in English and Italian
• Maintaining my reputation is exhausting. Though, most would argue my life is one big weekend

Not only am I down on my luck but got demoted to pizza girl. And what’s worse is I have to work with my best friend’s brother, who I’ve liked since I still had braces. But he’s a flirt, so I know to keep my expectations at rock bottom. (By the way, hello from down here!)

On the upside, the view of my pizza-flinging co-worker isn’t half bad.

The new cashier is a refreshing joy to be around. When we’re tasked with building a gingerbread house for a charity fundraiser, I find myself yearning to put down roots (and maybe even a foundation). The only problem is these French women won’t leave me alone.

But the only person I don’t want to ignore me hardly looks my way.

Book Review:

This was such a cute book! Honestly, sometimes the player romances are a little hard for me, but this was adorable. Gio was a sweetheart, and I love seeing a new side of him.

Joy’s life is not going well. She gets dumped by her boyfriend, fired from her job, and finds out that she’s allergic to gluten. But at least she gets to move to her best friend’s hometown, and see her childhood crush again, her best friend’s brother. Gio’s a total flirt though, and he doesn’t actually mean what he says right?

I loved Joy! Her inner voice made me laugh out loud, and I love her journey in finding out who she was. It was cool to see her figure out her own worth and learn to trust Gio.

Gio was a bit of an idiot, but he was a sweet idiot. I loved watching him learn to be more than a player. I think he had a long way to go, but it was sweet to see him show all of himself to Joy. He had never really had that connection with someone before.

As always the Costa family is amazing! Frankie is in this book a lot more, and I just love her. She’s so funny, and there are some hilarious moments tucked into this quick read.

I would totally recommend this book to any lovers of Christmas romances! It is a clean, sweet read about falling for your best friend’s brother 🙂

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.


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