A Royal Obligation

About the Book:

A Royal Obligation (Royal Hearts Book 1) by [Amanda Schimmoeller]

Title: A Royal Obligation
Series: Royal Hearts #1
Author: Amanda Schimmoeller
Release Date: October 3rd, 2022
Genre: Closed Door Romance

His throne is on the line, and so is his heart.
All he must do is fall in love with the right girl.

Prince Barrett never planned to fall in love, but the law requires him to take a wife of royal standing to ascend the throne. Hoping for a decent match, he invites Lady Charlotte to the palace and attempts to fall in love as his time to marry runs out. But someone else unexpectedly catches his eye and threatens to upend his plans.

Jules’s passion is for tutoring students, but she never thought she’d have to teach the man she loves how to date another woman. As she coaches the prince through his efforts to develop a relationship with Lady Charlotte, it becomes evident that it’s the wrong relationship deepening, and she may be too far in to pull her heart out now.


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