Bruno and Gloria and the Five Golden Rings

About the Book:

Bruno & Gloria and the Five Golden Rings: Small town, feel good, romantic comedy (The Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance Series Book 2) by [Ellie Hall]

Title: Bruno and Gloria and the Five Golden Rings
Series: The Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance #2
Author: Ellie Hall
Release Date: August 15th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Going on a date was a risk I took so I wouldn’t be alone this Christmas. He was handsome, charming, and slightly preoccupied, but in his defense, I had spinach in my teeth. (The artichoke dip appetizer was too good to pass up. We’ll pretend I wasn’t mortified when I discovered it later.)

I watched a movie where the guy fake dated a woman so he didn’t show up at the family holiday gathering single. Seemed like something worth trying. She was pretty and sweet, but slightly distracted. In her defense, she mentioned starting a new job the next day, so she gets a pass on the jitters.

Turns out last night’s date is my new boss. Let’s just say we do not get off on the right foot. Nope, a klutz in high heels, I broke his left little toe. I think. I make an executive decision and switch to my sequined Christmas elf slippers. The accident wasn’t because I swooned when I saw him in that tailored suit. Not this biz babe.

Never mind figuring out a way to force myself to stay in this small town, working together every day is proving impossible. With the Christmas party coming up, how will I manage to balance the books at my family’s pizza shop while keeping my eyes (and hands) off Santa’s top elf? Help! Save me from myself.

Book Review:

Another book in the Costa Brothers Cozy Christmas Comfort Romance series! Bruno finally gets his HEA with his fiery Italian blind date. This is a quick, sweet read about the importance of family, love, and doing the things that really matter.

I adored Gloria! I felt kinda bad for her honestly because she was struggling after her loser boyfriend broke up with her. But I loved her enthusiasm and fire. She wasn’t about to let Bruno push her around, and she pushed him until he loved Christmas as much as she did. And it was adorable to see her with the Costa family. She fit in right away!

I honestly had a hard time with Bruno though. I think that some of their fighting/flirting moments didn’t hit home for me. But the dark, brooding type isn’t my favorite, so that was also part of it. I did appreciate how much he adored his family, and he was willing to give up everything for them. But would he be willing to actually take a leap of faith on the pizzeria and on love?

And of course, the Costa Family who I love! They’re nosy without any sense of personal space, and they all adore each other. They feel like a real family to me. I didn’t love their banter as much this time, but I really liked seeing more of Frankie and her kids! They were pushing Gloria and Bruno together all along.

This is a pretty short book, so the romance moves pretty fast. I would have liked to see Bruno and Gloria spend a little bit more time together, but I do understand that there is only so much time. I think that I didn’t get as into this story as much as I did Tommy and Merry’s. But it was still fun, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a fun, short Christmas romance! I’d recommend it to any romcom fan 🙂

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required. 

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