About the Book:

Battleshipped: A Second Chance, Enemies-to-Lovers Sweet Romcom (Getting Shipped! Book 2) by [Savannah Scott]

Title: Battle(Shipped)
Series: Getting Shipped #2
Author: Savannah Scott
Release Date: March 7th, 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I am not in love with my ex-boyfriend … I’m not.

You know those stories where high school sweethearts reunite to find their happily-ever-after bliss together?

Well, that won’t be me.

Sure, my ex-boyfriend, Rob, has the smolder down to a science, which makes sense, because to him, everything is science. He’s a famous YouTuber, making a living using that beautiful brain of his.

He’s destined for greatness … which means he’ll leave … again.
And this time, I won’t be falling for him.

The battle is on. Rob thinks he’ll win me back, but I’m fighting him with all I’ve got.

My heart is locked up tight, behind an obstacle course with every booby trap imaginable ….
Wouldn’t you know it? Rob happens to be an expert at finding his way around locks and obstacles. Just my luck.

Book Review:

Battle(shipped) was my first rom-com in awhile, and it was so much fun! I had read Friend(shipped) and really enjoyed it, and I thought Rob and Laura might be next in line. They had such fun banter and chemistry, and a lot of hurt to work through. I think Ms. Scott balanced the seriousness of forgiveness with lots of laughter and wacky adventures well. Let’s just say I want to live in their town too!

Rob and Laura were high school sweethearts, but when Rob left for college, he broke up with Laura on the same day that her dad left. Laura has her defenses up now, and she won’t let Rob in anytime soon. Unfortunately for her, Rob’s willing to wait, and be super sweet and kind while he waits. Will their love survive Rob’s successes and Laura’s fears?

Okay, first off let me just say that I really appreciated the fact that there were real issues they had to work through. I think too often romances could be worked out with an honest conversation, but this was actually complicated. They both had fears and insecurities they needed to work through, and I think Ms. Scott did a wonderful job of making their growth believable. It didn’t happen overnight.

Now, let’s talk about Rob and Laura. I felt for Laura so much, and she’s actually not really my type of character. She’s spunky and outspoken, but she’s also lost. She wants to be cherished and loved, but she’s scared of letting anyone in. And Rob is the only one who she lets take care of her! Cue the awws 🙂 While I have to say, Rob was an idiot through certain parts of the book. He was a sweetheart who genuinely adored Laura. And their banter was super cute! Plus, I love it when couples have special nicknames for each other!

The comedy in this book was so funny. I love all the random touches that just make you want to live in a small town like goats showing up at a wedding. And the side characters in this book were amazing! All of the old ladies were hilarious, so opinionated, and so free. I loved it!

I would totally recommend this book to anyone who likes rom coms! I can’t wait for Aiden’s book. I think it’s going to be totally adorable 🙂

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

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