Meet Me Under the Kissing Bough

About the Book:

Title: Meet Me Under the Kissing Bough
Author: Josi S. Kilpack, Annika R. Walker, Sarah L. McConkie
Publisher:  Covenant Communications
Release Date: September 20, 2021
Genre: Christmas Romance Collection

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happily ever after! This special holiday historical romance anthology featuring three heartwarming novellas proves that no matter the obstacles,’tis the season for love.

Meet Me under the Kissing Bough by Josi S. Kilpack

Deborah Winfrey hasn’t had the heart to host a holiday party since her husband’s death. But this Christmas, it’s time to move forward. The festivities bring renewed life to her home, and the attentions of two very different men promise a chance at new love.

Healing Hearts for the Holidays by Anneka R. Walker

Julia Hunt is strictly forbidden from associating with the family in the nearby manor̬ including the handsome younger son, Esmond, who quickly steals her heart. With Christmas around the corner, an old bundle of hidden love letters may be the key to her own happily ever after.

A Christmas Correspondence by Sarah L.McConkie

In this novella inspired by the timeless taleA Christmas Carol, John Charleston finds himself on an unexpected journey in the company of the insufferable Lady Carolyn Morleigh. But the magic of the season has a way of softening even the hardest of hearts.

Book Review:

I have loved everything that I have read from Covenant Communications and these novelas were so fun! Christmas novels are always enjoyable and I was super excited to read this collection because it had some of my favorite authors. Meet Me Under the Kissing Bough is a collection of Christmast novellas by Josi S Kilpack, Anneka R Walker, and Sarah L McConkie. I have read books by Josi S Kilpack and Anneka R Walker before, but this is the first book that I have read by Sarah L McConkie. 

The first novella was Meet Me under the Kissing Bough by Josi S Kilpack. This was a lovely story about finding love after loss. Deborah Winfrey was learning to love again after the death of her husband. This was super cute and I loved reading about Deborah falling in love again. She loved her family and she wanted to be happy but she also wanted to make sure that her family was provided for. 

The Second novella was Healing Hearts for the Holidays by Anneka R Walker. This was also amazing! I adored this story about Julia and Esmond as they tried to heal their families’ broken relationships. They fell in love unintentionally but they were so cute together and fun to read about. Their conversations were a lot of fun and it was sweet to read about them coming together to help their siblings. 

The third novella was A Christmas Correspondence by Sarah L McConkie. This novella was a lot of fun because it was a reimagining of The Christmas Carol. It was a new way of looking at the Christmas Carol and I loved it! The characters were awesome and I found myself cheering for them. Especially the hero of the story, John Charleston. The romance was sweet and it was lovely to read about Caroline changing and growing. 

All of these novellas were lovely books. I enjoyed them all immensely and I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, they were all that good. Meet Me Under the Kissing Bough was a sweet book with lovely characters and interesting stories. I would totally recommend this collection of novellas. And I am excited to see what else these authors write!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.


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