Brides and Brothers

About the Book:

Title: Brides and Brothers
Author: Anneka R. Walker
Publisher: Covenant Communications 
Release Date: September 1, 2021
Genre: Romantic Comedy

A modern retelling of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Camille Kelly is in real danger of becoming an old maid—at least by Cherish, Montana, standards. She has all but given up on finding Mr. Right—until her broken laptop leads her to Aiden Peterson, a tall, dark, and handsome computer genius. Camille would never have believed her magic moment was right around the corner, but after two whirlwind weeks, she has a ring on her finger and has happily ever after in sight. However, she soon discovers Aiden is part of a daunting package deal . . .

As the eldest of seven brothers, Aiden has never had a problem living under the same roof as his rambunctious siblings. When he falls for Camille, he is confident she’ll fit right into his family’s already bursting home. He thought wrong. Aiden and Camille’s storybook romance comes to a screeching halt when she discovers her new living situation. Not willing to submit to a life mothering a bunch of grown men, Camille has only one option: she embarks on a campaign to improve her new brothers-in-law and marry them off. And what better candidates for wives than her own best friends?

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Book Review:

This was a cute fun book, that concept sounded really interesting so I was excited to read it. Brides and Brothers is a retelling of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers written by Anneka R. Walker. I hadn’t heard of the musical before, but the retelling was super good. Brides and Brothers is a fun rom-com story!

Camille Kelly has kind of given up on love, and she is in real danger of becoming an old maid. But then a broken laptop leads her to Aiden Peterson, a tall, dark, and handsome computer genius. Before she knows it, she finds herself married to the love of her life. However, she soon learns that Aiden is part of a package deal. Aiden has been living and leading his seven younger brothers ever since his parents died. When he falls for Camille, he knows that she is the perfect fit for his family. But marriage takes a lot more work and having seven grown men living in the same house makes things difficult. Camille wants her brothers-in-law out, and the only option is to marry them off. Who better to marry her brothers-in-law then her best friends. 

I liked Camille, she tried her best to make the most of her situations. She was a hard worker, but she was also tired of doing everything herself. She was such a mother figure and she did care about Aiden’s brothers, but she also wanted to spend time with her husband. However, Camille had to learn how to talk to Aiden and not just let her feelings lead her. She was strong, but she also had to learn how to let others help her.

Okay, so I did like Aiden but he also got on my nerves. He didn’t understand women, but he was trying his best. He was a sweet guy, who had been shouldering the burden of caring for his brothers for a long time. He loved Camille from the beginning, but he didn’t know who to best show her his love. He needed to learn how to put Camille and their marriage before his brothers. I liked reading about Aiden grow, learning to talk to Camille and how to lead her. 

Camille and Aiden were super sweet together. They loved each other from the beginning, but making a marriage work is very difficult. There were a lot of obstacles in their path that they needed to learn to overcome together. As Aiden and Camille learned how to be married, life keeps on throwing them loops. However, with the help of their brothers and friends, they may just make it work. 

It was fun to read about Aiden’s brothers and Camille’s friends. They were perfect for each other, but they also had their differences. I liked how Aiden’s brothers came to care for Camille and how they looked out for her. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but they tried their best. Camille’s friends were so funny and they were so loyal to Camille. They wanted her to find her happiness. I loved reading about them all together, and read as Camille tries to match up her brother-in-laws with her friends.

Brides and Brothers was a lovely book and I would totally recommend it! It is a clean, contemporary, inspirational romance. I would recommend it to those who like some faith, Christian aspects, but not a lot. The characters were engaging and the story line was fun!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.



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