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About the Book:

Rebuilding Joy (RenoVations Series Book 2) by [Regina Rudd Merrick, The Mosaic Collection]

Title: Rebuilding Joy
Series: RenoVations #2
Author: Regina Rudd Merrick
Publisher: Bellville Street Books
Release Date: June 2, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A waitress, a contractor, and an FBI agent walk into a café …

Single mom Darcy Emerson Sloan has enough to do raising twins and running a restaurant. She’s doing fine on her own and doesn’t need the complications of a man in her life. But when her café turns into a crime scene, putting her and her children are in danger, she begins to take interest in the handsome young FBI agent that comes on the scene.

Contractor Del Reno is as even-keeled as they come, but even he has his limits. And Darcy Sloan has pushed him too far. Every time he tries to help, it backfires. But now that Darcy and her kids are in trouble, he has no choice but to come to her aid and to protect her. She’s just going to have to deal with it.

Secret tunnels, organized crime, adorable children, and a wedding.

Just another day in Clementville.PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | IndieBound


Author Interview:

  1. What first made you start writing?

    Would you believe writing fan-fiction? I found a site with readers and writers of like mind, writing about the early 2000s television show, “Sue Thomas: FBEye.” In about two years time, I wrote the equivalent of three novels over two dozen short stories, novellas, poems, and scenes, using the characters and putting them in new settings and adventures. I was hooked! When I received positive feedback for those stories, it dawned on me that if I could write that much in that length of time, maybe I could write a whole book.
  2. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

    The hardest thing about Rebuilding Joy was the suspense element. It was my first foray (except for fan-fiction) into romantic suspense, and I had to make sure the mystery made sense, no loose ends were dangling out there, and it had to be SOLVED!
  3. How did you come up with the story?

    Later on, you’ll see the connection with the book one in the RenoVations series, Heart Restoration, but the evolved with my plan to show how people in a rural community, in this\ case, a family by the name of “Reno,” have the same trials and tribulations as those in the big city. Del struggles with the idea that he has settled for the comfortable existence he’s always had, and Darcy gave up her dreams to move home to raise her kids as she juggles running a café. All it takes, from that point, is a few “what ifs” and you have the beginnings of a story.
  4. Which was your favorite character? Is it the one you most related to?

    I really, really love Darcy Emerson Sloan in Rebuilding Joy. She appears in book one, but this is her story, along with Del’s. She’s been through a lot in her young life, but she is tough, feisty, and determined to make a good life for herself and her twins—with or without a man. I can’t imagine going through some of the things she’s experienced, and can totally understand the bitterness that can come with overwhelming loss. I’m so glad God loves us through it!
  5. Have you worked in a restaurant?

    I’ve never worked in a restaurant, but when I was a teen my parents ran a church camp, and I helped serve, refill drinks, field questions, and a little cooking, as well, for groups that used the facility. I hope I didn’t get it all wrong, and for those of you in the food service industry, I apologize ahead of time!
  6. Did you have this story in mind from the first book?

    Most definitely. The beginnings of the story came with book 1 in the RenoVations series, Heart Restoration. I planned, then, for the next book to be Del Reno’s story, but I wasn’t sure who his love-interest would be. In book one I introduced all the characters and set the stage for the mystery with a system of tunnels running from the Ohio River to the fictional town of Clementville. Bringing in the café was simply a happy plot-point, and I felt that I had to redeem Sheriff Clay Lacy! I gave him a bit of a raw deal in Heart Restoration, but he was one of the stars of my Christmas novella, “The Twelve Days of Mandy Reno!”
  7. Do you think that the cover matches the story and what was your favorite part of the cover?

    I love the cover. Roseanna White designed it, and she comes highly recommended. My goal in working with her was to have the cover of Rebuilding Joy coordinate with Heart Restoration as much as possible, and I think we succeeded. I love the little strip of buildings, including the café, and I think it’s a good representation of a tiny little country town in Kentucky. Honestly, the fonts had me from day one—how’s that for extreme nerdiness!


Regina Rudd Merrick

Regina Rudd Merrick is a multi-published writer, church musician, wife, mother, former librarian, lover of all things beachy and chocolate, and grateful follower of Jesus Christ. Married to her husband of 35-plus years, she is the mother of two grown daughters, and the keeper of a 100-year-old house where she lives in the small town of Marion, KY. Connect with Regina on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on her website at

CONNECT WITH REGINA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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