World’s Worst Boyfriend

About the Book:

World's Worst Boyfriend: A Romantic Comedy Adventure (Fake It Book 3) by [Carina  Taylor]

Title: World’s Worst Boyfriend
Series: Fake it #3
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date:   
March 31, 2021
Genre: Clean Rom-Com

Fletcher is the “World’s Worst Boyfriend” and I have the trophy to prove it—along with the consolation gift card I’ve already spent.

Entering him into the anonymous contest was cathartic and eye opening. It’s obvious I need to end this farce of a relationship… so, I do.

Too bad I’m still comparing every man I meet to Fletcher.
Too bad I can’t get him out of my mind—or my house, for that matter, with the way he’s always stopping by to ‘fix’ something.
And it’s especially too bad that I’m learning not everything is as it seems, and that maybe, just maybe, Fletcher had a good reason for his actions. (Although, there is no justification for the moldy laundry.)

What’s a girl to do? He says he’ll explain everything soon. But am I ready to face that explanation? What if he’s really not the worst—what if I am?

Book Review:

The 3rd book in Carina Taylor’s Faking It series, The World’s Worst Boyfriend is funny, sweet, and so much fun! It is a perfect spring-time read, a light-hearted, feel-good book! Fletcher is the world’s worst boyfriend, Saidy has the trophy to prove it. Although she is tired of Fletcher’s canceling plans and vague excuses, she finds herself conflicted. Fletcher seems to be intent on winning her back, although he still seems to be hiding something. 

This was super fun! Saidy was such an entertaining character! I definitely felt bad for her as Fletcher flaked on different events on her. She had no idea what was wrong with him! However, I thought it was really cute when they were together. They enjoyed each other’s company and appreciated each other. Even though they had to learn more about one another, there were definitely some secrets that needed to be revealed, they learned to love one another as they are. 

Poor Fletcher! He had to keep his secrets to protect Saidy, but it was very strenuous on their relationship. He truly loved Saidy though, he wanted to protect her and take care of her. I thought that he was really sweet, even though he could be a bit overprotective. I loved watching the progression of Saidy’s uncovering upon Fletcher’s world.. It was funny and well-paced. I also liked seeing Saidy’s growth in learning how to decide who she allowed to influence her life. She had to examine and evaluate her relationships, instead of just listening to everything/everyone around her. 

Overall, this was a cute clean rom-com, for fans of funny feel-good books! This is probably a teens and up book, with some language and innuendos. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

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