Awaken (The Kingdom Chronicles Book 7) by [Camille Peters]

Title: Awaken
Series: The Kingdom Chronicles #7
Author: Camille Peters
Publisher: Rosewood Publications
Release Date:   
April 21, 2021
Genre: Fairytale Retelling

Princess Reve of Malvagaria has no idea who she truly is. Hidden away in a cottage in the mountains, she believes she’s a peasant girl named Primrose, a reality frequently challenged by confusing snippets of forgotten royal memories. For there’s a darkness inside her head, one that is slowly claiming her identity memory by memory.

Everything changes when Reve encounters a rugged hunter, a man who offers her a hopeful future despite her blank, forgotten past. However, their blossoming love soon becomes tainted not only as the curse afflicting Reve’s mind grows worse, but as she recalls memories she’d do anything to leave behind—memories of sadness, guilt, the sharp prick of a spindle…

The more of her past Reve recovers, the more she wants to forget. She soon wonders if remembering may come at too high a price, for reclaiming her stolen memories could cost her not only all she’s become, but the man she loves.

Book Review:

Wow! I am continually amazed by each book that Camille Peters writes, they keep on getting better and better! Awaken is the 7th book in Camille Peters Kingdom Chronicles series and we get to read about Princess Reve of Malvageria, Drake and Briar’s sister. The characters, the story, the adventure, it was perfect!!

Princess Reve of Malvegeria doesn’t know who she is. Her memories are gone and she truly believes that she is a peasant girl, named Primroses. But as her memories start to seep in, she learns that she is not who she thought she was. However, when she encounters a rugged hunter, he offers her a hope for a future. But Reve’s past won’t stay hidden forever, what will they do when Reve starts to remember more while losing onto the memories that she holds dear?

Reve was such a complex character. She was struggling to figure out who she was. Her memories were fighting against her. I loved Reve. She was super sweet, and I liked how she wanted to be a better person. She didn’t remember much, but she knew that she wanted to be someone who was kind. Reve had to learn to face her past and learn from the mistakes that she had made.

Okay, when I saw who the hunter was, I squealed, I was so happy! I loved Archer and I so wanted him to find his happy ending. Archer was an awesome character. He was kind of gruff and shy, but I loved him. He was jaded about those in power because of what had happened to his sister. I loved reading about Archer interacting with Reve. He was so kind and awkward. However, he needed to learn how to get over his prejudices if he wanted a hope of a future with Reve. 

Archer and Reve were super cute together! He helped her when her memories fought against her. And she helped him learn to love and helped him step out of his comfort zone. I loved the progression of their relationship and reading about them falling in love. I also enjoyed seeing the side characters, Reve’s “Aunts’ ‘ were super funny and I loved their personalities!

Awaken was simply amazing! I loved everything about it! I would definitely recommend it! Awaken is a clean fairytale retelling so I would recommend it to those 13 and up. I can not wait for the next book, please write fast!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

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