Mr. Gardiner and the Governess


Mr. Gardiner and the Governess: A Regency Romance (Clairvoir Castle Romances Book 1) by [Sally Britton]

Title: Mr. Gardiner and the Governess
Series: Clairvoir Castle Romances
Sally Britton
Publisher: Pink Citrus Book
Release Date:
November 25, 2020
Genre: Regency Romance

A duke’s governess, a gentleman entomologist, and a castle full of flowers is the perfect setting for a summer romance. 

As the new governess to the duke’s family, Alice Sharpe must learn to control her impulsiveness. Employment in the duke’s household is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and could mean living in comfort the rest of her days. Unfortunately, her first encounter with the duke’s houseguest, a handsome gentleman obsessed with insects, proves she may not be ready for the austere role of governess. 

Rupert Gardiner has one goal: to have his work in entomology and botany published by the Royal Society. He is fortunate that the Duke of Montfort, believes in him and enlists Rupert to make a record of all the flora on the castle grounds. But Miss Sharpe’s spontaneity and continual appearance during his work is an annoying distraction. At least, that’s what he tells himself.

While Alice struggles to adapt to her new role, constantly striving to go unnoticed while still being herself, she cannot help but admire Rupert’s intelligence and focus. The more often they fall in together, the more her admiration deepens. But could a gentleman such as he ever fall in love with the governess?

Book Review:

This was such an adorable book! I was so excited to read it, because I have so enjoyed Ms. Britton’s Branches of Love series and more recently A Haunting at Havenswood. This book was just as sweet and charming as the others. Alice Sharpe has just gained a position as governess to the duke’s family. This is a once-in-a-lifetime position and she is determined to curb her impulsiveness and keep out of notice. However, after bumping into the duke’s houseguest, a gentlemen studying insects, in the gardens, she realizes she still has far to go to be the perfect governess. Rupert Gardiner has a goal, he wants to have his etymology and botany work published by the Royal Society. Thankfully, his work for the duke’s commission in his gardens  for flora encourages his interest in insects. Upon meeting Alice, he is at first distracted, though as they are further pushed together he is taken by her spontaneity and knowledge. Although Alice’s focus is on finding the balance between going unnoticed, while still being herself, she is struck by his focus and intelligence. Is there too far a distance between them?

I liked this so much! Alice was really kind, she truly cared for her charges and wanted them to learn. She had never felt settled anywhere and really wanted to keep her position. She was not sure if she could truly be herself and trust anyone. However, Alice found herself admiring and enjoying spending time with Rupert. She was very hesitant to invest too much or let go of her control. As she discovers her place at the duke’s family and builds relationships, Alice finds companionship and understanding in Rupert. As for Rupert, he was really focused on his studies. He was so interested in his insects, but could not help being intrigued by Alice. She understood his work and was interested in it in a way that very few else were. They could talk and help one another. I really enjoyed seeing them grow closer and how much they noticed about one another. There was a certain trust and certainty with the other, each thought so well of the other. It was so cute!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It was also a great first book! While it did not feel like just set up, I was able to meet so many characters that I hope to see in their own stories! It was a sweet clean Regency romance that makes me excited for the series!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, I was not required to write a positive review.

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