Miss Trailerhood

About the Book:

Miss Trailerhood (Fake It Book 2) - Kindle edition by Taylor, Carina.  Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Title: Miss Trailerhood
Author: Carina Taylor
Release Date:
September 30, 2020
Genre: Rom-com

She disappeared from our lives without a word. I never expected to run into her at a Quik Mart in between jobs. What’s a guy to do when he finds his first crush? Follow her home, of course, and remind her of all the things she’s missing.

I didn’t know that holding onto Riley would involve living in a trailer park. Or keeping it a secret from my sister—her best friend.

Riley is completely at home with lawn-mower racing, beer-guzzling exhibitionists. She doesn’t think I can handle it.
Well, I’m going to show Miss Trailerhood that I’m here to stay—no matter what trailer-park mayhem she puts me through.

Love is patient, love is kind, love means buying a single wide


I loved this! It was funny, sweet, and I read it in like 2 hours! I have not read many of her books, but I am definitely reading more after this. It was so fun!

Nate is shocked when he runs into Riley at the supermarket. She disappeared from the lives of his family without a trace. After the shocking meeting, he follows her, determined to figure out why she left and convince her to let him back in. He never expects to find himself in a trailer park keeping Riley a secret from his sister, her best friend. No matter what, Nate is determined to show Riley that he is here to stay.

Riley was hilarious. I loved how she took care of her sistren. She sacrificed so much to make a place for herself and Wren. Even though she had fears and regrets, she was surviving. When Nate came into her life again, she was shocked and a bit scared. She had to deal with insecurities and fear. Nate was so stubborn. Riley was trying so hard to get him to see that he didn’t fit in the trailer park and he was trying just as hard to prove her wrong. He was so willing to try almost anything. I loved their relationship. They had already known each other, being childhood friends (and in Nate’s case childhood crush). So they could still read each and they had so many memories. 

All the supporting characters were hilarious! The trailer park was full of quirky and entertaining characters. They definitely made the book more fun. There was some very funny dialogue!

I would totally recommend this book! It is a lighthearted read that will make you laugh! It is very clean, but with one or two innuendos. It is for anyone looking for a rom-com in a book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion


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