Blinding Beauty

Brittany has done it again, she has given more depth to her characters and weaves a story that grabs a hold of you. Blinding Beauty is the second book in the Classical Kingdoms series. Blinding Beauty is a retelling ofThe Princess and the Glass Hill. This was a really good book that allowed you to see more of the characters you have grown to love.

The second book in a series is usually hit and miss, sometimes the sequel is better than the first book, but oftentimes it is not as good. Blinding Beauty was amazing. I loved seeing Isa and Everand again. I felt so bad for them as they had to go through trials yet again. But in order to learn they need to overcome obstacles. Blinding Beauty brings back some of the characters you love and it introduces you to new characters.

Isa had grown since the first book, Before Beauty, but she still had much to learn. She feels the heavy weight of what it means to be queen and what it means to stand by Ever’s side. However, marriage is something you need to work at, and Ever and Isa still don’t know how to let each other in. Isa never thought that it would be so hard to be married to Eve, she loved him and he loved her what more could they need. Isa was so used to not being enough that it made things hard for her and Ever. She will have to overcome her doubts and learn to trust both Ever and the Fortress. 

Ever had his own problems to deal with. Ever was the man his father had raised him to be and that was the type of person who wasn’t around and tried to do everything on his own. He tries to love Isa the best way he knows how, but it is hard for him. Everything in him screams for him to protect her and to him protecting her means leaving her out. But in order for him to protect his wife, he will have to learn how to let her stand by her side and let her help him. 

This time Isa and Ever will have to fight a different kind of villain. A villian who believes that he is doing good. This time Isa and Ever will have to learn what it means to trust each other and to lead a kingdom together. Learning to trust each other and the Fortress is harder than they think but if they want to defeat the evil that is threatening their kingdom they are going to have to learn that they are not strong enough on their own. 

I loved seeing characters like Gigi and Garin again. Garin is once again a sense of comfort and wisdom to both Isa and Ever. However you get to see more of Isa’s brother Launce in this book. Launce loved his sister and wanted to prove himself so badly. He was so fun to read about and I really enjoyed seeing him interact with Isa and Ever This was another great book by Brittany Fichter. I loved seeing Isa and Ever again, they have become some of my favorite characters. I am really excited to read the final book in Isa and Ever’s books, Beauty Beheld.

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