Who hasn’t read at least one book where it’s extremely obvious that two characters like each other, but one of the characters just does not realize it? Spelled is one of those books. First, a little backstory on the book. This is the second book in The Kingdom Chronicles series which is about four kingdoms. They are all inspired by fairytales and they can be read as standalones. But I would read each book in order, because it gives the books more depth. Spelled is about a girl named Rosie who you met previously in the first book, as the best friend of the main character.

Rosie is a romantic and a dreamer. She is obsessed with falling in love and certain that she will fall in love with a prince. However, her downfall is that she is also very stubborn. Despite the fact that there is growing attraction and even love between her and a guard named Alistar she is unwilling to let go of her beliefs, since the heroine always gets the princes.

I think that while Rosie was a bit annoying she did grow on me through the book. While her dreaminess could be a bit trying, it also was a part of who she was. Even though Rosie had to grow on me, I absolutely loved Alistar. He was so sweet, and I really liked how he played along with Rosie. He grounded her while she gave him an opportunity to be funny and sweet.

The story was definitely interesting with enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I don’t want to tell any spoilers, but I think that the ending will certainly surprise you. While the end of the story was surprising, the beginning and middle were as awkward as you would expect. Beside that Spelled was a wonderful book with very full characters. It was really clean, and I would definitely recommend it to teenagers of all ages!


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